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Publication numberUS3476257 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1969
Filing dateAug 10, 1967
Priority dateAug 10, 1967
Publication numberUS 3476257 A, US 3476257A, US-A-3476257, US3476257 A, US3476257A
InventorsRaymond F O'connell
Original AssigneeRaymond F O Connell
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Surface attachable receptacle
US 3476257 A
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Nov. 4, 1969 R. F. OCONNELL 3,476,257

S URFACE ATTACHABLE RECEPTACLE Filed Aug. 10, 1967 INVIENTOR. Raymond ['7 06010162] 3,476,257 SURFACE ATTACHABLE RECEPTACLE Raymond F. OConnell, 327 Goodrich St., Hamden, Conn. 06514 Filed Aug. 10, 1967, Ser. No. 659,623 Int. Cl. A47f 7/00 U.S. Cl. 211-13 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A receptacle for holding a plurality of articles in respective compartments having a resilient surface engaging position for adapting itself to the contour of the surface to which the receptacle is to be attached and means for securing adhesion to the surface as for example the cowl of an automobile.

This invention relates to a receptacle which is attachable to a plane or contoured generally rigid surface and in particular to a receptacle which is readily attachable to the dashboard of an automobile, a shelf, or wall of a building.

In the case of the automobile where with the heavy congested and high speed automobile trafiic of today the driver must constantly be on the alert and cannot divert his sight from the roadway ahead of him while the vehicle is in motion and at the same time the driver often needs information such as road directions, street names, building numbers, and the like. He may on occasion need coins for toll collectors. He may also need personal conveniences as for example sunglasses, matches, cigarettes or a cigarette lighter.

In order that such needs maybe conveniently available so that the driver may not take his view from the road, I provide a receptacle which is available within easy reach for holding such types of articles.

It is, therefore, a primary object of my invention to provide a receptacle which is easily attachable to a convenient location such as the dashboard or cowl of the vehicle.

Similar to the location on an automobile there is a need for my invention in providing a receptacle to hold articles to be dispensed as for example brochures, time tables or articles for sale in supermarkets which receptacle may be attached to a wall, a cabinet or a shelf.

Another example can be found where the workman such as an electrician needs to have his tools close by so that a suitable tool holder receptacle could be temporarily held to a wall surface.

It is also an object of my invention to provide such a receptacle which can be securely and indefinitely attached if desired to the convenient location surface with or without the use of screws, rivets, bolts.

As a further object, I provide a receptacle which may be attached to a rigid surface whether plane or contoured.

As a still further object, I provide a receptacle which can be molded from the available plastic materials.

As another object, I provide a receptacle which may be molded of elastomeric material so that the compartments or bins may exert a slight pressure on the desired objects to retain them in place while the vehicle is in motion.

Other objects, advantages and novel features of the invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of the invention when considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of my invention having compartments for various articles;

FIGURE 2 is a sectional elevation taken on line 22 of FIGURE 1;

i United States Patent ic'ie FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of another embodiment of my invention;

FIGURE 4 is a section elevation taken on line 44 of FIGURE 3; and

FIGURE 5 is a horizontal cross sectional view taken on line 5-5 of FIGURE 3.

Referring now to the drawings, FIGURES 1 and 2 show ,one of the embodiments having a receptacle 10 formed of a rigid material as for example a block of wood with compartments excavated therein or it may be formed of a molded thermoplastic or thermoset plastic material with the compartments preformed in the process of moldmg.

The example shown in FIGURE 1 is mounted ona contoured cowl 11 of an automobile and for this purpose I provide the bottom of the receptacle 10 with a layer of resilient material 13 such as foam rubber to shape itself to the contour of the cowl surface 11.

On the bottom of the resilient material 13 there is mounted a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive tape 18 having a protective sheet or skin 19 until the user is ready to attach to the desired location at which time the protective skin 19 is peeled oif and the receptacle firmly pressed against the surface to which the receptacle 10 is to be secured. The properties of the pressure sensitive adhesive will hold the receptacle 10 in place as long as desired.

In another embodiment I may furnish my receptacle without any attached resilient material layer 13 and depend on the resilience of the pressure sensitive mounting tape, which is a standard article of manufacture, having one side protected with a sheet corresponding to skin 19 as shown in FIGURE 2.

Instead of using the pressure sensitive adhesive tape 18 I may coat the bottom of the resilient layer 13 with the pressure sensitive adhesive material and cover the exposed area with a sheet 19 of protective material. When it is desired to attach the receptacle 10 to the desired surface 11 the protective sheet 19 is pulled off and the receptacle 10 pressed against the surface 11 as previously described.

In another embodiment, FIGURES 4 and 5, of my invention I mold the receptacle 10 of an elastomeric material as for example urethane. By using an elastomeric material whether it be a natural polymer such as rubber or a synthetic plastic it should have a Shore durometer index ranging between 20 and 70 so that the body 12 will shape itself to the contour of the surface 11 to which it is desired to be attached or in other words it should be capable of being shaped at approximate room temperature. Examples of such materials comprise natural rubber, synthetic rubber (neoprene), polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, acrylic, melamine, nylon, vinyl, polyurethane, and other natural or synthetic elastomeric materials. Furthermore if desired the adhesive tape may be omitted and the pressure sensitive material applied directly to the bottom of the receptacle body as in the case of the previous embodiment.

In still another embodiment I may furnish my rcceptacle without any adhesive material and when mounting to apply a suitable attaching means. This attaching means may comprise an adhesive substance as for example silicone adhesive to be applied to either surface or container or it may comprise a combination of resilient material and adhesive.

The use of the elastomeric material presents a still further advantage as will now be described. In molding the compartments I provide a bulge 11511 on the interior surface of coin compartment 115, clearly shown in FIG- URE 5, which exerts a retaining pressure on the coin 21. In a like manner a bulge 114a is formed on the lower portion of the cigarette compartment 114 wall as clearly shown in FIGURES 3 and 4 to apply a retaining pressure to a cigarette reposing therein. In a similar manner bulges 116a and 117a can be provided in compartments 116 and 117 if desired.

In addition to the foregoing materials I may use a foamed plastic either solid or flexible. As examples of resilient material I may use flexible plastic foam consisting of rubber, polyurethane, vinyl, polyethylene, silicone, or any other material or synthetic resin that can be produced as foam. In connection with the foregoing plastics, I may incorporate luminescent material therein so that my receptacle will be more visible in the darkness.

In another embodiment of my invention I may use an elastomer to form the body of my receptacle or a portion thereof which may be treated with a solution at the time of mounting to the desired surface which will render the contact area adhesive or in the same vein use an elastomeric material which will be rendered adhesive by the application of heat at the time of mounting. As an example of the former I may treat the contact area of natural rubber elastomer with a solvent of the hydrocarbon family. As an example of the latter I may heat the contact area of the receptacle formed of acrylic or isocyanate elastomers and secure the required adhesive eifect.

While waiting for the various forms of adhesive means to set, I may provide my receptacle with a suction cup means which will retain its vacuum at least until the adhesive has set. In place of a suction cup I may use a magnetic material such as alnico to provide at least a temporary 'hold until the adhesive means has set as might be the case of a rough or porous surface where the suction cup would not hold.

I do not wish to limit my inventions to adhesive materials as I may desire to attach my receptacle by means of screws or rivets or a companion tongue and groove dovetail.

While I have described my invention as used on an automobile I do not limit myself to automobiles per se as the invention may be used in many other places such as stores, shops and household places.

Although I have described my invention with a certain degree of particularity, it is understood that the present disclosure has been made only by way of example and that numerous changes in the details of construction and the combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and the scope of the invention as hereinafter claimed.

1 claim as my invention:

1. An article dispensing receptacle attachable to a desired surface area, which receptacle comprises a body portion having a top wall, a bottom wall, end walls, and side walls; said top wall comprising a first portion downwardly inclined in the direction of one of the end walls and a second, generally fiat portion, terminating at the opposite end wall; said first portion having a plurality of horizontally and vertically aligned open ended, cylindrical shaped article receiving compartments formed in the body portion of the receptacle; said second portion having a plurality of open ended downwardly extending, substantially rectangular shaped article receiving openings formed in said body portion; and pliable means mounted on the bottom wall of the receptacle, constructed and arranged to conform to the contour of the desired surface when said receptacle is operatively supported thereon.

2. An article dispensing receptacle in accordance with claim 1, wherein a portion of a wall of each of the article receiving compartments is formed with an inwardly bulging portion comprising an elastomeric material, constructed and arranged to engage an article reposing in the compartment, whereby to detachably retain the article therein.

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