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Publication numberUS347638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1886
Publication numberUS 347638 A, US 347638A, US-A-347638, US347638 A, US347638A
InventorsE. Pettit
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US 347638 A
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(No Model.) E; E. PETTIT.


N-0.. 347,638; Patented Lllhogmpher wmingvm n. c.




EEPECIPICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 347,638, dated August 17.1886.

Application filed December 21, 1885. Serial No. 186,344.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that], EDWARD E. PET'IIT, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city of Belvidere, in the county of Boone and Stateof Illinois, have invented a new and useful Cabinet, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a case of parcels arranged in a manner for the ready transaction of business, but more especially in the case of parcels and the transaction of business in jewelryjob or repair shops.

Its obj cct is a systematic arrangement in the storage and care of parcels or orders for repairs, or construction of articles for customers, or like purposes; and it consists, essentially, of a case provided with removable receptacles arranged in numerical order fitted with tag, check, or card holders, and a suitable system of tags, checks, or cards, all of which will be hereinafter more fully described.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is an isometrical representation of one form of a cabinet embodying myinvention. Fig..2 is an isometrical representation of one of the receptacles with end removed. Fig. 3 is an isometrical representation of the removed end of the receptacle. Fig. 4 is a representation of one face of a card or check. Fig. 5 is a face representation of a price-tag.

The case of my improved cabinet represented in the drawings is of rectangular box form with open front, and is provided with a cornice for appearance. This case is divided in its heightinto apartments by means of transverse shelves a, with their front edges preferably fiush with the front of the case.

Receptacles b, rectangular in form and'of suitable dimensions to be placed in the several divisions of the case, are constructed with a removable end, 0, provided with a tag or check holding spring-clasp, and a knob, d,

projecting from its outer face. The tag or check holding clasp in this instance is produced from a single piece of plate material, and consists of a base-plate, e, with its central or check-holding tongue, h, out free on its edges and raised to secure and hold the tag or check between it and the base. This tag or check holding clasp is fixed in place on the removable end of the receptacle by means of the knob d, passed through its end portion and (No model.)

into the removable end of the receptacle. The outer end of the knobs d of the several receptacles are numbered in numerical characters, consecutively, and the receptacles are placed in the case preferablyin the order of their consecutive numbers. Checks 7c of card or plate material are provided with numerical numbers corresponding to the numbers on theknobs of the removable ends of the receptacles, and

in addition to the numbers thereon these checks may contain the name and place of business of the owner of the case, or other advertisi ng matter, or matter convenient in thetransaction of the business for which the case is intended, either on the numbered side of the check or on the opposite side thereofias shown at Z. Thesechecks are placed in the checkholding clasp on the removable end of each receptacle,when euipty,with the number thereon corresponding to the numbers on the knob of the removable end. Blank price-tags m are also employed in connection with my improved cabinet. 7

In the use of my improved cabinet with the numbered checks kin place in the check-holdi ng clasp, on receipt of a repair job or other order a numbered check is removed from the check-holding clasp and delivered to theparty furnishing the work or order. The article with the order is then placed in the receptacle from which the check was removed and which is then closed and returned to its place in the cabinet, and the omission of a tag or check shows (or by which it is understood) that the receptacle contains an order of some character. When the job is repaired or order filled, it is returned to, put in, or replaced in the receptacle. The price or charge for the job is placed on a tag, which is then placed in the tag-holding clasp of the receptacle. The contents of the receptacle containing the pricetag are thenready to be delivered on the presentationjof the proprietors check of a number corresponding to the number on the knob of the receptacle. The returned check is then placed in the check-clasp of the removableend, and the receptacle is returned to its place in the case. The price-tag is then placed on file, in this instance, ona receiving-hook, n, projecting from the edge portion of the case. A summing up of the sums upon the tagsthus placed on file will give the receipts of the ICL business transaction of the cabinet during the period of the filing of the tags.

The cabinet-case represented at Fig. 1 is provided with transverse divisions to contain the receptacles; but in connection therewith vertical divisions may be employed to separate the receptacles.

I claim as my invention- 1. A cabinet, substantially as described, consisting of a case containing removable recep tacles, each having a removable end provided with a check or tag holding clasp, substantially as described.

2. The combinatiomwith the exposed end of a removable receptacle, of a check or tag hold ing clasp, a knob or pull projecting from the exposed end thereof, said receptacle containing its number on its knob or exposed end, substantially as and for the purpose set Forth.

3. The combination, with the exposed end of a removable receptacle, a check or tag holding clasp iixed thereto, and a knob or pull projecting from the exposed end, of a check supported in the clasp fixed to the receptacle, said knob or receptacle and check containing the number of the receptacle, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

1-. The combination, with the receptacle, a cheek-holding clasp fixed to the exposed end thereof, and a knob or pull projecting from its exposed end, of a price-tag and a check, said knob or receptacle and cheek containing the number of the receptacle, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.


\Vi tnesses:

THOMAS M. .lIANNAlI, DANIEL 1;. Pn'riri'r.

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