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Publication numberUS347682 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1886
Publication numberUS 347682 A, US 347682A, US-A-347682, US347682 A, US347682A
InventorsJoseph P. Buckingham
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US 347682 A
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(Nb Model.) 1 sheens-sneet'l," J. P, BUCKINGHAM GOLLAPSIBLB TOY HOUSE. j .I Y

lnnnnnnummnm vf u nmmmnnnnmm 75 HUD [IDU www.

(No M0881.) `2 sheetssheet 2.


' No. 847,882. Patentd Aug. 17, 1888.



' SPECIFIATION forming part of ALetters Patent No. 347,682, dusted August 17,1886.

' Awin-minn-fnmi .Timmy anni. sesamo. mimo. Notion-i.)

Toall whom it 'mayconcern.- Be it known tliatl, JOSEPH P. BUCKING- HAM, a citizen of the United States, anda resident,of the cit-y of Brooklyn, in the county proved lcollapsible house. view of the'base. Fig. 3 is-au end view of the v a perspective view showing thereof portion in' position-"for application to thebody. Fig. 7 is4 l,of Kings and State of 'N ew .York,ha've invented certain new and useful' Improvements in Colaspeeiication.` 'i 'I v i o Y My invention is acollapsible toy house; and it consists of a fiat base provided with strips lapsible Toy Houses, of which the following is,

er tongues, capable of being folded down or turned up, and of collapsible body, roof, chinl-a ney, and feuceportions constructed and adapt ed for being folded'down and erected, as fully described hereinafter, and as illustratedin the accompanying drawings, in wheh- Figure 1 is a perspective view of' my im- Fig. 2 is a plan base.l Fig.l 4 is a view showing the body pertion collapsed. Fig. 5 is a.perspective view showing the body portion erected. z Fig. 6 is an invertedplan view of the roof portion.

The base consists of a f l at .piece of card-board,

ends of. whi'chjbeyond the poi nts 2,. are free,

. erected upon thefonndation,fo1mi n glugs4,`that 'serve to center the body portienfof lthe house upon the base. l The said body'po'rtion B-conso that they may be turned down Ajat, as shown 1 in Fig. 2, when theartiele is Vtobepackezhand .so that they may be turned upat right angles,

as shown in, Fig. 3, when the house is to be sists ofthe side pieces, b b', and the end pieces,

- ce', hinged together' by suitable flexible eenneetion's'or by formingsceres of bldsiatthe- Y cerner-lines in the cardfboard ofjwhich the bodylis made, 'so that the "said'bod-yfportion n'ay be folded fiat uponitsel f, asshown in Fig.

4,1m" packing, 'o'r may be brought .with the parts-at righ-t angles to eacli f other, l:1s-shown -in Fig-5," when thehonse is to be erected.' In A vthe latter case the bodylportion is' placed vupon 5o the-base to Aiuclose the 'turned-np ends 'orlugs 4, which serv-e to held itin turned down fiat-when desired.

posit-ion and pre-A vent it from collapsing.

The reefzl')- consists ef a single-piece of pasteto each other, as shown in Fig. 6, and to the lboard scored 'along the central 1ine,', so that .the oppositesidcs maybe brought to an angle 5 5 under-face of eaehside are secured twopasteboard strips, d d, the fre'e ends 5 of which may be-'foldcd-iiat upon the boardfor packing', as. -shownin Fig'. 7, or' may beturned down at an angle, as shewn in Fig. 6,`so.that when 'the .roof Aisapplied to the body portionfassliown in Fig. 1,- the ends. 5, fitting within the body ,portion,' will serve as lugs to prevent the 4displacement ofthe roof. L The chimney E consists of four sides joined at their edges so as to form ac ollapsible square tube, two of the sides being prolonged to form lips'e e, and the alternate sides having notches '70 in Figs. 7 and 6,. so that'the lips -e may be w, andthe'roof portionis slit at y y, as show-n passed through the slits until the notched ends ofthe otl-ler-side restupon the. peaked roof,'as showninFig. 1.: l j

When desired, a .collapsible fence is secured to the base Az, the-same consistingol sections J, eachl section composed of a strip', f, scored-v aleng one edge,.at fv, to forni a1ip`,6,which is -guinnied orv otherwise fastened to thebase, and

also scored along the llinea/n at right angles to the linej'v, -to form a tong'ne'or extension, g. y lVhenthe article is to beY stowedor transj ported ,the strip fis turned down flat'np'on the base,` together 'with .the extension' g;4 but when the fence-is to be erected the strip fis turned upntrright angles l-to the base, andthe extension g is turned outward at right angles nto lthe strip f to the side 'opposite to that on whichjthe strip 6. is situated, tlie saidexten sion the-n forming a buttress 'which prevents 'the folding down of thestrip.

' When the ends of the'twostri ps f f are tebe joined, .one of the stripsf, Fig. 11', is provided with a tongue, 171 having notches or. 'slots S 8,

vand the other'. is provided'with lipsf) i), which #enter the note'hesS, as shown in Fig'. 11 so that the two strips are thuslocked in their vertical-positions,but so that they may be .thiis locking lthe contiguousstrips togetlgier,

Instead ofl i the left in Fig. 2.

I base provided with strips connected thereto,

the-adjacent ends 'of the strips may be provided with folding extensions g g,"as shown at- I'n some instances the tongues or lugst may be formed by slitting the base A, as shown in Fig. 12,'and turning up the partially cut-away portion', and the strips'f may be jointedto the base by means of narrow bands or stripsv of muslin or tape,4 instead of by lip-extensions 6. ,i Without limiting myself to the precise construction-and arrangement of parts shown, I

1. Acollapsible toy house consisting of a t0 be folded flat or turned upward' at right angles, af collapsible body consisting of 4four jointed. sides adapted to fit upon said lugs, a roofportion consisting of a strip capable of bei ngfolded along acontral line, and provided withstrips having free ends 5 and with slots. y, and acollapsible chimney consisting oivfour v `joined sides, two of which are notched and` two of which are prolonged to forni lips c,

adapted to the slits y, substantially as set forth.

2.. The combi-nation, with the base A, of a collapsible fence consisting of strips f, joined to the'base, folded down or erected thereon,and provided with extensions g, capable of 'being turned at right angles tothe strips to brace the latter, substantially asset forth..

; 3. u The combination, with the base, of strips,

ff,'joined to the base', to be folded down 'or erected thereon, one having a slotted tongue, .111, and the' other provided with lipsV il 9, substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof I have signed my manie '4 to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.- i y y JOSEPH P. BUCKNGHAM. l



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