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Publication numberUS3479101 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1969
Filing dateApr 19, 1967
Priority dateApr 19, 1967
Publication numberUS 3479101 A, US 3479101A, US-A-3479101, US3479101 A, US3479101A
InventorsJohn H Poor, Charles H Logan
Original AssigneeJohn H Poor, Charles H Logan
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Automatic dispenser
US 3479101 A
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NV. 1.8, 1969 J; H, PooR ET AL 3,479,101

AUTOMATIC DISPENSER Filed April 19, 1967 :5 Sheets-Sheet 1 JOHA/ H /QoofP (ff/4545s /LX 4064A/ E O Illa-4' Nv. 18,'1969 J.'H. PooR ETAL AUTOMATIC DISPENSER 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed April 19. 1967 MoH/V Poo/Q 7e/4&5@ 0cm/v INVENTOR.


Nov. 1s, 1969 Hmm am.

AUTOMATIC DISPENSER 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed April 19. 1967 dof/A/ Poo@ CHA/w56 //QGA/t/ INVENTOR.

BY ro/P/Vf/ United States Patent O 3,479,101 AUTOMATIC DISPENSER John H. Poor, Northridge, Calif. (32582 Crete Road, Laguna Niguel, Calif. 92677), and Charles H. Logan,

4828 Tilden Ave., Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91403 Filed Apr. 19, 1967, Ser. No. 632,020

Int. Cl. B6Sg 57/20; A47f 1/00; A63h 13/16 U.S. Cl. 312-73 10 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An automatic cigarette dispenser in the form of a miniature coffin having a hinged cover which is linked to support means within the coflin which carries a cigarette holder, the support means including a transverse rockshaft supporting a rotatable structure resembling the head and torso or body portion of a recumbent cowled skeletonlike figure and having arms which carry the cigarette holder, gearing operable to rotate the structure with rocking of the rockshaft, and creaking sound-making means operable upon opening of the cover; whereby opening of the cover actuates the sound-making means and rocks the rockshaft for causing the body portion of the cowled skeleton to rise from the recumbent position and turn to present the cigarette holder to the opener of the cover with accompanying weird sound effects.

The present invention relates to an automatic dispensing device and more particularly to a novel cigarette dispenser. I

The dispenser of the present invention is constructed with certain novel features to present to the user a holder containing small items such as cigarettes, matches, toothpicks and the like. Preferably, the dispenser is intended for use with cigarettes and will be so described herein.

The cigarette holder is housed within a container or receptacle resembling a miniature coiiin and is supported by a structure mounted for combined pivotal and rotational movement, the structure being in the form of a head and torso or body portion of a miniature skeleton-like gure wearing a hooded'garment such as a cowl or the like. The mounting means for the structure includes a longitudinally extending shaft or rod on which the structure is rotatably mounted and which is fixed to a transverse rockshaft and pivotable therewith. The cover of the coin is hinged and is linked to the rockshaft so that the rockshaft is rocked simultaneously with complete opening of the cover for causing the head and body portion of the skeleton-like figure to rise from the re'cumbent position and turn to profer or present the cigarettes in the holder to the user of the dispenser. The above-described action of the dispenser is unique and startling to a firsttime user of the dispenser or When a cigarette is first proffered in this fashion to a guest. It is often a conversation piece at social gatherings, such as card .parties and the like, and serves to initiate informal talk among the guests. Added effect is obtained by means actuated with the opening of the cover for producing creaking noise or weird sounds.

Other features, objects and advantages of this invention will become better appreciated by reference to the following detailed description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein:

FIGURE l is a front elevational view, partly in section, of the dispenser of the present invention, showing the disposition of the parts with the cover in closed position;

FIGURE 2 is a plan View of the dispenser with the cover removed and parts broken away;

FIGURE 3 is a sectional end View of the dispenser showing the lost-motion linkage;

FIGURE 4 is a sectional end view showing the cover 3,479,101 Patented Nov. 18, 1969 rice in open position and the article holder in raised and turned position;

FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary front elevational view of the dispenser of FIGURE 4;

FIGURE 6 diagrammatically illustrates certain operating mechanism embodied in the dispenser;

FIGURE 7 is an enlarged section taken on line 7-7 in FIGURE 2; and

FIGURE 8 is an enlarged section taken on line 8 8 in FIGURE 2.

Referring now to the drawings, wherein like reference characters refer to like or corresponding parts, there is shown in FIGURE 1 an embodiment of the present invention designated generally by reference numeral 10 and compirsing a container or receptacle 12, which preferably takes the form of a miniature colin, having a 4cover or lid 14 with a hinge 15. The container or coffin 12 is formed with a bottom tray section 16 on top of which is secured a support section 18.

Turning to FIGURES 2 and 3, it will be seen that section 18 is formed with bearing supports or retainers 20 and 22 in which bearings 24 and 26 are supported, the latter journaling a rockshaft 28. Fixed to shaft 28 is a bevel gear 30 which meshes with a bevel gear 32 secured to a rockshaft 34 which is journaled in bearings 36 and 38 supported in retainers 40 and 42 formed in section 18, the ratio between gears 30 and 32 being about two-toone. Fixed to shaft 34, and rocking or pivoting therewith, is a shaft or rod-like member 44 to the end of which is secured a bevel gear 46 meshing, in about one-to-one ratio, with a bevel gear 48 secured to a rockshaft 50. Shaft 50 is journaled in a rotatable structure designated generally by reference numeral 52, the structure being mounted on shaft or rod 44 for rotational movement, such movement being imparted thereto, during pivotal movement of shaft 44, by means of a bevel gear 54 fixed to the structure and meshing, in about a one-to-one ratio, with a stationary bevel gear 56 fixed to bearing support 42.

Structure 52 is outwardly formed to resemble or suggest a skeleton-like gure having a head or skull 58 and a torso or body portion 60 wearing a hooded garment 62 such as a cowl or the like. It Will be noted that shaft 50 is journaled in that part of structure 52 that is representative of the shoulder portion of the torso or body portion 60 and has fixed to its ends rigid, elongated members made up of elements 64, 66, 68 and 70, elements 64 and 66 being representative of the upper arms of the skeletonlike figure, members 68 and 70 representing the lower arm and hand bones.

Secured to elements 68 and 70, and movable therewith, is an article container or holder 72 formed with a pair of compartments 74, 76 (FIGURE 5), each of which is provided with a plurality of ribs 78 and is adapted to hold 'a plurality of cigarettes or other elongate articles 80.

Viewing FIGURES l and 2, it will be noted that section 18 is fashioned so as to resemble the quilted lining 82 of a coflin and to give the effect of a drape 84 over the lower extremities or legs of the skeleton-like figure, the head and body portion 60 reclining on lining 82 in the recumbent position of the figure. Secured to the underside of drape 84 is a hook or anchor 86 to which one end of a tension spring 88 is attached, the other end of the spring being hooked to an extension or arm 90 rigid with shaft or rod 44, the spring serving to urge rod 44 and the body portion 60 mounted thereon to the generally horizontal or reclining position.

Turning now to FIGURES 2, 3 and 4, the linkage for rocking rockshaft 28 will be described. Fixed to shaft 28 is a rockarm 92 the free end of which is received between the legs of a forked link 94 formed with slots 96,

the arm 92 having a pin 98 xed thereto and extending into the slots 96, thus providing a lost-motion connection between the arm and the link. The other end of link 94 is connected by a pivot pin 100 to an arm 102 secured to cover 14.

METHOD OF OPERATION With the holder 72 loaded with cigarettes or other articles it is desired to dispense and with the parts disposed as shown in FIGURES l and 3, the cover or lid 14 is swung upwardly and travels through an arc of about 45 degrees, or to the position shown in phantom in FIG- URE 3, without rockshaft 28 being actuated because of the lost-motion connection between rockarm 92 and slotted link 94. However, continued movement of cover 14 rocks arm 92 and rockshaft 28 clockwise as viewed in FIGURES 3 and 4 which, in turn, rocks shaft 34 by means of gears 30 and 32 in the direction of the arrows A in FIGURES 4 and 5. Rocking of shaft 34 swings rod or shaft 44 in the direction of the arrow B in FIGURE 5 from the position shown in phantom and causes the structure 52, and the head 58 and torso 60 of the skeleton-like ligure which it comprises, to rise from the recumbent position to a substantially vertical position as shown in FIG- URES 4 and 5. Simultaneously, spring 88 is stressed, structure 52 is turned in the direction of the arrow C in FIG- URE 4 through the action of stationary gear 56 on rotatable gear 54, and the action of gear 46 on gear 48 during turning of the structure 52 causes shaft 50 to rock in the direction of the arrow D in FIGURES 4 and 5 and raise the arm elements 64, 66, 68 and 70 and the holder 72 connected thereto. Thus, the head and body portion of the skeleton-like gure and the holder are given a combined pivotal and rotational movement which proffers or presents the articles in the holder in a dramatic and startling manner.

For added effect, hinge may be fabricated so that relatively movable parts rub and are treated or are made of materials which produce a creaking noise or weird sound as the cover or lid 14 is swung open. If desired, the same eiect may be obtained by the use of a suitable ratchet mechanism or a member drawn across treated material or a plurality of reeds and operatively connected to the cover for activation thereby.

Additionally, instead of elements 64 and 66 being rigid with elements 68 and 70` respectively, the respective elements may be pivotally connected in order to give the effect of arms bent at the elbows in the recumbent position of the gure, the holder being suitably connected so as to be properly proffered with raising and turning of the figure.

There has thus been provided a cigarette dispenser which is unique and has appeal in proffering cigarettes in a dramatic and startling maner.

Obviously many modifications and variations of the present invention are possible in light of the above teachings. It is therefore to be understood that the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically described.

What is claimed is:

1. In an automatic dispensing device, the combination comprising:

a receptacle having a cover;

support means supporting an article holder within said receptacle for combined pivotal and rotational movement; and

actuatable cover means for causing said combined movement of said holder substantially simultaneously with complete uncovering of said receptacle.

2. The combination according to claim 1 wherein:

said suport means includes a rotatable structure having a longitudinal axis about which said rotational move-ment of said holder takes place, said longitudinal axis intersecting a transverse axis with respect to which pivotal movement of said structure takes place.

3. The combination according to claim 2 wherein:

said structure includes a movable member supporting said holder for movement relative to said structure.

4. The combination according to claim 3 wherein:

said movable member is rotatably mounted.

5. The combination according to claim 1 wherein:

said suport means includes a member fixed to a rockshaft and rotatably supporting a structure carrying said holder.

6. The combination according to claim 5 wherein:

said structure has a cross shaft journaled therein and suporting said holder for swinging movement; and

means interconnecting said cross shaft and said member for imparting swinging movement to said holder with rotation of said structure.

7. The combination acording to claim 5 wherein:

said structure has gearing in engagement with stationary gearing for rotation of `said structure with rocking of said rockshaf't.

8. The combination according to claim 7 wherein:

said receptacle resembles a miniature cofln;

said holder is adapted to carry cigarettes;

said structure resembles the head and torso of a miniature cowled Skelton-like figure;

said cover is hinged for swinging movement and operates through said actuatable means to rock said rockshaft upon swinging the cover to open position;

whereby swinging said cover to open position serves to raise said head and torso of the skeleton-like gure and turn the same to proffer the cigarettes in the holder.

9. The combination according to claim 8 wherein:

said receptacle carries weird sound-producing means operatively connected to said hinged cover for actuation by swinging of said cover;

whereby proffer of the cigarettes is accompanied by weird sound effects.

10. The combination acording to claim 8 wherein:

said cross shaft is disposed across the shoulder portion of the torso of said skeleton-like gure; and

carrying means connected to the ends of said cross shaft and to said holder, said carrying means resembling the upper extremities of said skeleton-like figure.

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