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Publication numberUS348164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1886
Publication numberUS 348164 A, US 348164A, US-A-348164, US348164 A, US348164A
InventorsFrederick Henry Judson
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Frederick henry judson
US 348164 A
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SHOW CASE. No. 348,164. Patented Aug. 24, 1886.

J.' E96 v N. PETERS. Phnkvlithuglzphar Wadn an. D C




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 348,164, dated August 24, 1 B86.

Application tiled May 19, ISES. Serial No. 202,690. (No model.) Patented in Engand February 16, 1886, No. 2,294.

ToaZZ whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK HENRY J UDsoN, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, residing at IzIarewood, Deepdene Road, 5 Streatham, Surrey, England, have invented a new and useful Improved Construction and Arrangement of Show or Exhibit Cases as Receptacles for Small Articles with Easy Means for their removal, (for which I have obtained a patent in Great Britain, No. 2,284, bearing date February 16, 1886,) of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to construct and arrange show and exhibit eases for the reception of small articles, said cases being partitioned in any desired manner or according to the sizes of the articles to be placed in them, preferably superposed, and with flaps, shutters, or sliding plates, which are suspended or otherwise affixed, to enable,say, the bottom article of the series to lbe removed by simply drawing it out from the front, from the bottom, or from the sides or ends. The cases can be made to be hung against a wall or to stand on a counter at an incline, or not, and have preferabl y a glass front,throngh which the articles can be seen, the front being otherwise sectioned for the` display of inscriptions or announcements of the contents with prices or other indications.

This invention is represented in the annexed drawings.

The case A, shown in perspective at Figure 1, is made of square, rectangular, or other 3 5 desired shape, in metal, or other material in eombination,but preferably with a metal back, B, and metalV projectingframe C, of open or skeleton form for the reception of glass D, so that the articles placed in said ease A can be .te seen from the outside. The projecting frame C is divided or partitioned into compartments or receptacles E E,-the lower parts, F F, of which can be saddle or trough shape, as shown, for retaining a number of articles superposed, the bottom part of the case being provided with one .or more ilaps, GG, or shutters G G',

(see Fig. 2,) which yield when the bottom article ofthe series has to be ren1oved,those above following in succession. The compartments 5o marked E E are for replenishing thosein the front of the cases.

Fig. 3 shows a casefor standing on a counter, with glass in front only. If the case A is intended to stand upon a counter or in, say, a shop-window, the goods themselves are not only exhibited, but indications as to their quality and prices are also shown, and in some instances the upper part of the case can be arranged for the easy removal of the artieles,par ticularly if the front portions of the case be 6o slotted t0 allow of the articles being lifted. W'hen sliding plates are tted, they can be in the form of shelves or trays II, (see Fig. 4,) into which an article can be arranged to fall on the tray, being returnid to position after the previously-exposed article has been removed.` Springs I I, orinclined surfaces, may be arranged, as at Fig. 5, within the case to keep the articles in their respective positions, and thus the articles can be removed without 7o opening the case.

The ease A may have the internal portion, J, made circular, as shown at Fig. 6, to rotate or be rotated, and partitioned off, so that any article can be brought opposite an opening, K, in the exterior' or face plate, L, to be removed.

Fig. 7 shows a modified arrangement which has several series of compartments E E, one above the other, the lower parts, F F, being trough-shaped and having a space below for 8O the easy removal of articles, the lowest of which are drawn out by moving the finger from the back toward the front along the slit M.` Each series is inclosed by a horizontal glass slide or shutter, N, and the compart 8 5 ments E E are provided with projecting ribs P P, to prevent the articles from falling -out when the shutter N is moved along.

As an example of the utility of this invention, many distinct articles can be arrangedin 9oV 'series in one of my improved cases with the prices exhibited upon the outside,with floral or other decorations or indications, and one compartment may contain dyes, another gold paint, another marking-ink, another cement l of Pompeii, and so on.

What I claim, and desire to secure by Let` ters Patent, is-- 1. The exhibit-case A, having aback piece, B, and provided with a series of partitions to roo form separate chambers, the bottom of each one of which is curved and slotted, said case having openings in front of said curved and slottedbottoms for the separate withdrawal of the articles from the chambers, substantially as described.

2. The exhibitcnse A, having vertical` partitions dividing it into separate chambers, the lower end of each of which is provided with :t l curved slotted bottom, F, said case having openings in front of 'the slotted bottoms, and movable doors for covering and uneoverinv1 said openings, substantially' as described.

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name' in the presence ot" two Subscribing witnesses.



A. W. GUNNELL, 435 Romolo Road, Herne IHN, S. E.

Ton. Gl RIDGWMU o g Not. Pub., 19 Uhmige Alley, E. C., London.

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