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Publication numberUS3483658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1969
Filing dateMar 12, 1968
Priority dateMar 14, 1967
Also published asDE1683389A1, DE1683389B2, DE1683389C3
Publication numberUS 3483658 A, US 3483658A, US-A-3483658, US3483658 A, US3483658A
InventorsRaymond M Dallaire
Original AssigneeP H Plastics
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Header track
US 3483658 A
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Dec. 16, 1969 R. M. DALLAIE 3,483,658

HEADER TRACK Filed March 12, 1968 /0 /e /8 'was 9 f /9 /5 /9 Fg.]. /4 l, 7 /7 f/ /4 i: n E F795.

Unted States Patent O f IUS. Cl. 49-419 3 Claims ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE A header track system for a double glazed sliding window is disclosed consisting of a box member fastened to the wooden header of the window and retaining a pair of movable pane-receiving portions in recesses in the box member. The movable pane-receiving portions are retained in the box member by flanges overlying lips of the recesses and are urged against the lips by resilient foam strips.

The present invention relates to window units, and in particular to a novel form of header track for window units. In my prior British specitication 1,065,854, there is disclosed a window structure in which plastic extrusions are used in conjunction with a wooden frame to `form sliding windows, and in which a sill track and a header track are provided along which the sliding panes of the windows may be moved. In my prior specication a one piece header track is used which is constructed to tit within a recess formed in the wooden header of the window, and a resilient foam member is positioned between the header track and the header to form a draft stop therebetween.

The present invention provides a new and improved header track structure for use in windows of the type shown in my prior specification. This new header track in contrast to the header track disclosed in my prior specication is not formed of a Single extrusion which is installed in the header with a resilient foam block above it, but rather is formed of several portions which cooperate together to provide the advantageous features of the invention.

In accordance with the present invention a header track for installation in the header of a wood lframe double glazed sliding window comprises a box member extending the length of the header and provided with a pair of downward opening longitudinal recesses. Each recess has a pair of lips at the lower end thereof defining a slot. A resilient foam strip is retained in each recess and a movable pane-receiving portion having a pair of horizontal anges overlying the lips to retain the movable pane-receiving portion in the slot is also provided. Each of these movable pane-receiving portions has a pair of longitudinally extending pane-receiving slots to receive the glass panes of the sliding window. The resilient foam strips in the recesses urge the flanges of the movable pane-receiving portions against the lips of the recesses.

In the accompanying drawings,

FIGURE 1 is a. cross section through a header track assembly mounted in a window pursuant to the present invention,

FIGURE 2 illustrates the use of a header track of FIG- URE 1 in conjunction with a header covering section,

FIGURE 3 is a cross section of the box member of the header system of the present invention,

FIGURE 4 is a cross section through a movable panereceiving portion of the header system of the invention, and

FIGURE 5 is a cross section through'a resilient foam strip used in the header system of the present invention.

Patented Dec. 16, 1969 ICC Referring to FIGURE l, there is shown a vertical crosssection of the header of a window unit incorporating the header system of the present invention. A header 10 is shown which is provided with a recess 11 in its lower surface in which the header track system of the invention is mounted. The header system of the invention consists of a box member 12 adapted to tit in the recess 11 and to be fixed therein by means such as screws, or nails (not shown). Resilient foam strips 13 are positioned within a pair of recesses in the box member 12, and a movable pane-receiving portion 14 is positioned beneath each resilient foam strip 13. Each portion 14 is provided with a pair of pane-receiving slots 15 and in which the panes 16 of the window may run. The pane-receiving slots 15 are provided on one side with an undercut channel 17 in which a suitable weather strip may be tted to reduce the infiltration of air through the window. It will be noticed that each of the portions 14 is provided with horizontal anges 1S which abut against the lower lips 19 of the box member 12, the flanges 18 being urged against the lips 19 by the resilient strips 13. Preferably the box member 12, and the movable portions 14 are formed by extrusions of a plastics material such as for example a vinyl resin, which extrusions may be formed continuously and cut into lengths suitable for the window unit under construction.

FIGURE y2 illustrates the header track system of FIG- URE l used on the header of a window which is further provided with an additional vinyl covering 20 which interlocks with the upper member 12 through the overlapping portion 21 of the upper member 12, and the overlapping portion 22 of the plastic covering 20. It will be appreciated that where the exterior of a building is covered with an exterior panelling formed for example of vinyl, that it is desirable that the exposed portions of the window unit be provided with a covering which matches the eX- terior panelling to provide a uniform appearance. When such is required the plastic coverings 20 may be assembled together with the header system of the invention to the header 10 to provide a uniform appearance to the exterior of the building.

FIGURE 3 is a cross-section of the box member 12 of FIGURES l and 2, clearly showing the structure thereof, including the lips 19, the overlapping portions 21, and a hollow portion 23 which is provided so that the header until when assembled with the movable portions 14 will provide a relatively smooth lower surface except for the pane receiving slots 15.

FIGURE 4 is a cross-section of a movable portion 14 showing the pane receiving slots 15, the undercut channels 17, and the horizontal anges 18. It will be appreciated that the members illustrated in FIGURES 3 and 4 may readily be extruded on modern plastics extrusion machines, and may be cut into suitable lengths for use in window units.

FIGURE 5 is a cross-section through the resilient foam strip 13, which may be cut from a suitable piece of synthetic foam or like material, the only limitation on it being that it must be substantially draft proof, and must be resilient and light in weight so that it may serve to form a seal between the movable portion 14 and the box member 12 of the header system.

I claim:

1. A header track for installation in an opening formed in the lower surface of the header of a wood frame double glazed sliding window7 said header track comprising a box member tting in said opening and extending the length of said header, and provided with a pair of downwardly slotted longitudinal recesses, each recess having a pair of lips at the lower end thereof defining a slot, each recess containing a resilient foam strip, and a movable panereceiving portion having a pair of horizontal flanges overlying said lips to retain said movable pane-receiving portion-in said slot, each movable pane receiving portion having a pair of longitudinally extending pane-receiving slots to receive the glass panes of said sliding window, said resilient foam strips urging said anges of said movable pane-receiving portions against said lips.

2. A header track as claimed in claim 1, each panereceiving slot of each movable pane-receiving member being provided with at least one undercut channel for retaining a pile weather strip.

3. A header track as claimed in claim 1 wherein said box section and said pane-receiving members are vinyl extrusions.

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