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Publication numberUS3484052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1969
Filing dateJul 11, 1968
Priority dateJul 11, 1968
Publication numberUS 3484052 A, US 3484052A, US-A-3484052, US3484052 A, US3484052A
InventorsClarke Robert E
Original AssigneeClarke Robert E
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Paper dispenser
US 3484052 A
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Dec. 16, 1969 R. E. CLARKE PAPER DISPENSER Filed July 11, 1968 INVENTOR 505.55 T 15 CZAWAE A! EN? United States Patent 3,484,052 PAPER DISPENSER Robert E. Clarke, 1410 Saratoga Drive, Bel Air, Md. 21014 Filed July 11, 1968, Ser. No. 744,030 Int. Cl. 1365b 19/04 US. Cl. 24255.42 3 Claims ABSTRACT 0F THE DISCLOSURE A toilet tissue dispenser having a casing of a size to contain several rolls of tissue one above the other, an Opening in the lower side wall portion of the casing through which the tissue on the lower roll may be withdrawn and mechanism within the cabinet and manually operable from the exterior thereof to allow the core element of the lower roll to be removed from the casing when the tissue thereon has been expended and simultaneously to permit the upper roll to drop to lower position to allow its tissue to be dispensed through the opening.

The present invention relates to a dispenser for toilet tissue and more specifically to dispenser of the magazine type or one capable of storing a number of rolls of tissue, with provisions for positioning one roll for use or for withdrawal of the tissue therefrom and upon exhaustion of the tissue thereof of provisions whereby another roll may be moved into position for use.

Among the objects of this invention is the provision of a device of the above mentioned character which is simple and foolproof in operation, economical to manufacture and therefore one which can be marketed at a reasonable price.

Other objects are to provide a tissue dispenser which presents a neat appearance and one which may be readily attached to a wall or other support in a bathroom.

The above objects have been realized by providing a cabinet or container of a size to hold several conventional rolls of tissue one above the other with their axes aligned in a vertical direction, with an opening in the casing to permit withdrawal of sheets of tissue from the lowermost roll and a manually operable means to permit a second or superimposed roll to move downwardly into position to permit withdrawal of sheets therefrom upon exhaustion of the sheets on the first mentioned roll and simultaneously permit withdrawal of the core of the first roll from the cabinet.

The objects above mentioned and other objects and advantages will become more apparent from the description which follows with reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, in which like parts are referred to by like characters of reference. In said drawing FIGURE 1 is a perspective view partly broken away of a toilet tissue dispenser according to my invention; and

FIGURE 2 is a sectional view of the central support for the rolls of tissue and the manually operable releasing means employed to effect change of rolls.

Referring in detail to the drawing, 1 represents a cabinet or casing which, although shown clindrical, could obviously be made some other shape so long as it is capable of containing several rolls of toilet tissue therein. This cabinet may be made of any suitable material such as metal or plastic and is provided with a bottom 3 having a central opening 4 the purpose of which will be later described.

The cover 5 closes to top of the cabinet and is preferably made to rather tightly fit the top of the casing so that it may be securely held thereon. The cover is cen- 3,484,052 Patented Dec. 16, 1969 See trally provided with an upstanding cylindrical closed projection 6 forming an internal socket therein. A tube 7 is fitted tightly in the socket within the projection 6 and extends downwardly therefrom and to the bottom 3 of the casing when the cover is in place on the casing.

A leaf spring 8 is attached within the tube 7 at 9 near the top thereof and extends downwardly and out the lower end of the tube. This leaf spring is provided with two detents 10 and 11. The detent 10 is located about midway of the length of the spring and the tube 7 is provided with an opening 12 through which this detent projects. The detent 11 extends outwardly and projects beyond the outer surface of the tube 7 below the lower end thereof. The lower end of the spring is provided with a handle 13 so that it may be deflected to retract the detents 10 and 11 inwardly of the outer surface of the tube 7.

The cover 5 may be placed to close the top of the casing with the tube 7 and spring 8 fitting down in the cabinet or casing as shown in FIGURE 1. The tube extends substantially to the bottom 3 of the casing when the cover is properly in place and the handle 13 projects below the bottom of the casing through the opening 4.

Prior to placing the cover on the casing two rolls of toilet tissue 2 may he slipped on the tube 7 to a position where the upper roll is held by the detent 10 and the lower roll held by the detent 11.

The casing 1 is provided with an opening 14 through which the tissue may be withdrawn from the lower roll until it is completely exhausted, whereupon depressing the spring 8 inwardly of the tube 7 will simultaneously release the detent 10 from the upper roll and the detent 11 from the core of the lower roll allowing the core to be withdrawn through the opening 4 in the bottom of the casing and the upper roll to slide downwardly to a position opposite the opening 14 in the casing and be retained by the lower detent 11 ready to be dispensed through the opening 14.

A bracket 15 attached to the casing may be provided if it is desired to mount the device to a wall or other support.

Having described in detail a preferred form of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not desire to be limited thereto but to include all modifications as fairly fall within the definition of the invention.

I claim:

1. A toilet tissue dispenser comprising:

(a) a casing of a size to contain at least two standard rolls of toilet tissue;

(b) a cover closing the top of the casing;

(c) a tubular member fixed to the cover and extending downwardly within the casing and adapted to receive a number of rolls of tissue thereon;

(d) means within the tubular member and having a portion to engage each of the rolls of tissue and retain said rolls on the tubular member one above the other;

(e) an opening in the casing opposite the lowermost roll through which tissue from said lower roll may be withdrawn; and

(f) manually operable means for releasing the retaining means for said rolls whereby an upper roll may be released to permit the same to drop to lowermost position for use after the lower roll has been exhausted and simultaneously permit the core of the exhausted roll to be removed from the bottom of the casing.

2. The structure defined in claim 1 in which the cover and tubular member fixed thereto are removable from the casing as a unit whereby the rolls of tissue may be slipped on the tubular member from the bottom thereof.

3 t 4 3. The structure defined in claim 1 in which the means References Cited within the tubular member having a portion to engage UNITED STATES PATENTS each of the rolls of tissue comprises a leaf spring fastened to the tubular member adjacent the top thereof, the lower 2,726,824- 12/1955 Birr 242-5542 end of said spring being resiliently inwardly deflectable 5 3,019,997 2/1962 Wooster 242-6542 and said manually operable means comprises a handle 3,217,998 11/1965 Schwartz 242-5542 on the lower end of said leaf spring projecting from the lower end of said tubular member. R E F. MAUTZ, Primary Examiner

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