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Publication numberUS348510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1886
Filing dateDec 8, 1885
Publication numberUS 348510 A, US 348510A, US-A-348510, US348510 A, US348510A
InventorsWillard P. Brooks
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US 348510 A
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(No Model.)



No. 348,510. Patented Aug. 31, 1886.

DI WITNESSES INVEN R Ag ATTORNEYS N. PETERS, Phnmmhu m mn wmirim 0.6:.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 348,510, dated August 31, 1886.

Application filed December 8, 1885. Serial No. 185,092. (No model.) I

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, XVILLARD P. BRooKs, a citizen of the United States, residing at T- peka, in the county of Shawnee and State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in GlothesRacks; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to letters or figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

Figure 1 is an end view of the frame in a 1 closed position. Fig. 2 is a side view of the same. Fig. 3 is an end view of the frame with parts broken away. Fig. 4 is a transverse vertical sectional View of a modification. Fig. 5 is a sectional detail view of the main frame A, and Fig. 6 is a sectional detail view taken on the dotted lines of Fig. 5.

My invention has relation to clothes-racks; and it consists in the construction and novel combination of parts, as will be hereinafter fully described, and particularly pointed out in the claims.

Referring by letter to the accompanying drawings, A and B designate the two main frames of the clothes-rack,which are each composed of a number (four or more) of parallel horizontal bars, 0, the ends of which are secured between pairs of vertical strips or bars D D by nails, pins, or screws, or glued. The lower ends of the vertical bars D D are brought together and secured by nails or otherwise to form the feet for the clothes-rack. The two main frames A and B are hinged at the upper ends of the vertical bars D D to the vertical bars E E of a third orintermediate frame, F, which is also provided with horizontal bars 0. This frame F is shorter than the two frames A and B, but is also provided with feet, which will rest on the floor or ground with the feet of the other frames when the rack is opened or extended, and will be held between said frames A and B when the rack is folded. The frame F is designed to strengthen the rack when used as a fruit-drier. Otherwise said frame F can be dispensed with. The extension-bars 50 K K are pulled or slide out beneath the main bars, not on top, so that they do not interfere with the shelving, and blocks inserted between the uprights forming the legs are used for rests for the sliding bars; but the rack maybe made with or without the sliding bars. The upper shelf, M, may be used to form a clothesbasket. Each of the frames A and B is provided with a hinged slat wing or frame, H, which may be opened or folded at pleasure. Cords may connect the hinged slat-wing to the no main frames and limit the distance to which the latter may be opened. The legs or vertical bars D D are also provided with ropes or cords J J, which limit the distance to which the frames may be spread apart when extended for use. The slat wings or frames H may be attached at the top of the frames A and B and fold together against thesides of the frames A and B in the same direction as the main frames. The slat-wings H are raised from the bottom and held in position by wire loops X, which are attached to the wings and slide up and down in the space between the slats forming the legs, to allow the adjustment of the wings. The top of the rack, at the intersection of the main frames and wings, is provided with tape or elastic braid to cover joints and help support the slats H when open and in use. Horizontal extension-bars K K are also employed with the main and intermediate frames, and may be pushed in and drawn outin the spaces between the vertical rails of the main frames and the vertical rails of the intermediate frame. The sliding bars K K are attached to the stationary bars by galvanized wire loops L, which guide the extension-bars and limit the distance to which they maybe drawn out. The cords employed in connection with the rack are secured in place by staples.

The rack is so constructed that clothing can be fastened to the horizontal bars and sliding bars with any clothes-pins, which is very important in drying collars, cuffs, and handkeu chiefs.

Having described this invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s-

1. The improved article for the purposes described, consisting of the main frame composed of the bars D D, forming the sections A B, hinged together at their upper ends, the clipped to the horizontal bars of said frames 1c intermediate and similar section, F, of less and adapted to slide between the vertical bars length than the outer sections, and the longiof said frames, substantially as specified.

tudinal bars secured between the vertical bars, In testimony whereof I affix my signature 5 the hinged wings H H, links X X, connecting in presence of two witnesses.

the same with the outer sections of the frame, WILLARD P. BROOKS. and the ropes J, substantially as specified. \Vitnesses:

2. The combination, with the main frames WV. WV. SMITH,

and intermediate frame, of the extension-bars D. ELLISON.

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Cooperative ClassificationD06F57/08