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Publication numberUS348603 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1886
Publication numberUS 348603 A, US 348603A, US-A-348603, US348603 A, US348603A
InventorsEdwaed Jv Wessels
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US 348603 A
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' TTEs-r:

(No Model.) 3 Sheets-Shet 1/ E. J. WES SEL$. ELECTRIC RAIIIWAY GAR ILLUMINATION. No. 348,603. Patented Sept. '7, 1886.


WW 1 I 6M75%%m 3 Sheets-Sheet 2.



Patented 89.1312. 7, 1-886.

VENTDR Edward J Ill @6 63 (No Model.) 3 SheBtS -Sh et 3.



No. 348,603. Patented Sept. 7, 1886..


EDWARD lwnssms', or RosEL JNEWJERsnv.


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 348,603, dated September 7, 1886.

Application filed March 26, 1886. Serial No. 196,693; (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it know-n that I, EDWARD J. VVESSELS,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Roselle, in the county of Union and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Im nation, of tion; I My invention relates to an attachment for the seats of rai1way-cars, so that passengers may be able to read atany time they may desire, it being very inconvenient for them to do so in cars asat present equipped on'account of the comparatively great distance bewhich the following is a specificatween themselves'and the light, which-is suspended in the roof of the car.-

The object of the invention is to providea simple device whereby the lampmay be supsance'to passengers rather than an ad ing the lamps to any position sponding elements,

' in the socket ported near the head of any person or persons sitting in the seats, and'may in the day-time be removed to a receiving-closet on the side of the car with very little trouble either by the porter, conductor, or passenger.

'It has been my object to make the mechanical construction so easy and simple .as

to the means for adjusting the-lamp that thedevice may not become a hinderance and a nuivantage. My invention consists in the combination, with the seats of a railway-car, of incandescent electric lamps containing boxes upon the side panels and devices for adjusting the desirable. In order to illustrate the. practical manner of carrying out the invention, drawings are hereunto annexed and described, in which similar letters of reference represent correand in which each part referred to is designated by a single letter. Y

Figure 1 shows a general view of the lamp and fixtures when ready for use. Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the lamp, the slotted tube J, which is of insulating substance, and the reflector Q. Fig.3 shows R, shown in position in Fig. 1. Fig. 4 shows aspring-catch, (not shown in other'figures) and is for the purpose of holding the tube G v D. Fig. 5 shows a top view'of that shown in Fig; 2. Fig. 6 is the same as Fig. 2, except that portions are in cross-section. Fig. 7 shows the lamp and its socket. The socket S has a loose ring, T, secured to provements in Railway-Oar Illhmitwo views of thesocket G andsocketD, and Fig.11 isia .in'candescent lamps,

cated upon said socket D,

"should be stated that the the reflector, so that the same maybe rotated Fig. 8. is a cross-sectional view of the socket shown in Fig, 7, U being tubes which slide 5 upon'the wires E and F, and whichare the terminals of the lamp and rigidly attached thereto. Fig. 9is across-sectional view of the plug 0. Fig. 10 is a sectional view ofthetube top view of the lamp H and socket-tube J 1F Thedevi'ce conforiningto my claim consists of the combination of .one or more car- -seats, A, a side-panel, B,'a receiving-box, (l, upon said side'panel, a socket, D; upon said box, containing'terminals E and]? of an elec-- tric eircuit, a tub e,; also containing termi nals o'f a circuit which includesone or more 'H, a spring-catch, I, for pressing-thesaid terminals together and 10- V a tube, J, supporting said lamps and provided witha slot, K, running practically throughout its f entire length, and with .wires E and F, the lamps being in circuit and being adapted to move in .75

said slot, and two hinged joints, L and M, at each end of said tube, one joint, L, being fixed to the said first-mentioned tube and the other, M,'to a-rod, N, detachably fixed. to that'end of the seat opposite said panel, each-joint hav- 8o ing insulating rotatable plugs 0, and having metallic rings P, which are continually in .circuitwith said'lamps. By movingthelampsocket along the tube J the lamp may be put into anyiposition likely to be desired bythe 8 5 passenger. By raising the tube N the parts N, J, and H may be stored in the inclosure O.- The switch V serves to turn they lamp in and out of a closed circuits i The, principles of construction and opera- 9o tions involved in the above are evidently at- .tained in many'variationsin the specific jcharacterof the devices employed without departing 'from the-spirit of the invention. v 7- The lampmay be supported upon a rod projecting frpm'a' universal joint, as shown at W inFi.1.-

In rder that the application of my invention maynot be considered extravagant, it

ordinary roof-lights :00 maybe entirely omitted, as several of theselittle incandescent lamps distributedabove the seats throughout the cars will be amply suflicient. Y v

Having now stated the-title, object, and re lates'to accomplish the said object, what I consider to be novel and original, and therefore claim as my invention, secured to' me by the hereinbefo-re in part recited application for Letterslatent of the United States,

1. In a railway-car, the combination, with the seats therein,of adjustable incandescent electric lamps located above said seats and in equitable electric circuits, the said lamp being supported upon a frame which hasa detach able connection with said seats and a perina nent and hinged connection with the side panels ofsaid car. v 1 v 2. In a railwaycar, thecombination, with the seats and side panels therein, of an incandescent electric lamp adjustable in one or more directionsabove said seats, a hinged support way-train, incamlesccntelectric lampsadj ustto'said laurp,,and a box or other'suitablegrc.

u ceiver for said support and lam'pfl-ocated I upon the said side panels, electric-circuit wires passing from the side panels of said car through said hinged supportjand to the leading-in-wii es of said lamp, as and for the purpose-described. 3. In a railway-car,'.in combination with a seat therein,.of an incandescent electric lamp ported upon-one end of the seat and the other 'adjustably supported upon an adjustable and detachable frame, one Vend'of which is sup:

panels of said car, electric-circuit wires passing from the side panels ofsaid car through said .i'rame and to the leading-in-wircs otfsaid lamp, as and for the purpose described.

4. In a railway-car, the combination of a seat, a side-panel, a receiving-box upon said panel, a socket upon saidbox, containing the terminalsof an electric circuit, a tube, also containing terminals .of a circuit which includes oneor more incandescent electric lamps,

a spring-catch for pressing the said terminals together andlocatcd upon said socket, a tube supporting said lamps and provided with a slot and wires, thelamp being in circuit with said wires and adapted vto move in said slot, and two hinged joints at each end of said rod, one-joint being fixed to said first-mentioned tube and the other to a rod detachably fixed' to that end of the scat opposite said-panel, each joint beingof insulating substance provided with nictallic portions, which are continually in circuitwith said lalpps. 1 a

5. In combination with the seats of a railably supported upon a frainc secured to said seats and included in an electric circuit which passes 'th rough said frame.

EDWARD J. WEss-ELs. [11. s] j Witnesses:



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