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Publication numberUS348782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1886
Publication numberUS 348782 A, US 348782A, US-A-348782, US348782 A, US348782A
InventorsFrancis A. Sawvnu
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Francis a
US 348782 A
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www! AU 93 U #TMG XR 345,782

(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.


RUBBER STEP 0R CARPET. No. 348,782. Patented Sept. 7, 1886.



(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.



No. 348,782. Patented Sept. 7, 1886.

I c' l x c' 1 I C J 1 l c' i l C I FTS. 5

f be a resilient surface.

U NIT no STATES PATENT (burnin),


l-FClfPl'I-'A'll'ON forming part of Letters Patent No. 348,782, dated September 7. 18936Y To all whom it may concern.-

Ie it known that l, hamers A. SAwvun, of loston, in the county ol' Hull'oik and State of' Massachusetts, a citizen of the llnitei l vStates, have invented anew and nscf'ul Improvement in .ltnbber Steps or Carpets, of' which the fol lowing;l isa full, clear, and exact description, reference bei ng had to the accompanyine,- drawings, f'orining'a part of' this sliecification, in explaining' its nature.

It is desirable in rubber steps, carpets7 and other like articles iliade of' rubber, adapted for use upon slcps, either stationary or of vehicles, or f'or use upon iloors, that the treading or upper surface ol1 said step or carpet should be so made as to lie flatly upon thc surface to which it is secured, and so remain unaffected by the influences ol' the weather. It is also desirable that the step or carpet be provided with means whereby it may be firmly fastened in place and held so fastened. lt is also essential that these elements be combined in the step or carpet in a cheap and du rablc form. The wearilig-surface of the step or carpet must For resi liency it is neccssary to use a fair grade ot" rubber stock, and

consequently it is desirable to use as little of this stock in the manufacture of the step or carpet as possible; consequently this better grade of stock is used for'the upper surface of the step or carpet; and l have ascertained that by forming this upper surface with projcctions, preferably in the form of short isolated knobs arranged closel y together, the stoel; is best disposed to resist wear, and vat the saine time provides the best forni of wearing-surlacc and requires the least amount of the best grade ol' stock. V

To give the steps stability, I use below the surfacing above described a layer of canvas, duck, gunnycloth, or other suitable fibrous material, and to the under surface of this scction there is secured a lower section of cheap rubber stock, or stock containing a considerable ainount of liber, which may be continuous in thickness or may be pancled, as hereinafter described.

Referring to the drawings, Figure l is a view in perspective of a carstep having the features of my invention. Fig. 2 is a cross-section of the ste a. Fie. Il is a ciosssection of the ste i,

Serial No, isfll?` (No modil'i representingl a modification and as applied to a car-step. Fig. A't is a cross-section illustratingl another inmlifiiiiution. Fig. 5 is a view inverted of' the step shown in VFile'. l. Fig. (i illustrates in plan a matm'ial used in the man uf'acture of' the step. Fig. 7 is a vertical sec tion of a step having said material employed or used in its construction.

rlhe continuous upper surface, a, ol` the step is made up of' a very thin layer or film of rub ber stock of goed quality, from which rise the projections, knobs, or protuberances a',ofstock ol' similar quality. rlhesc protnberances forni the wearing-surface ol' the tread or carpet. I) is the layer ol' canvas, duck, gunny-cloth, or other fibrous material, upon which the upper surface is vulcanized and united by pressure. To the under surface of this fibrous section is secured by pressure and vulcanization the base or lower section7 c, which is of rubber stock containing considerable fiber and lunch less resilient and less expensive than the surfacing ol' the tread or carpet. It may be ofuniforln thickness throughout; but for most uses it will be desirable to provide itwith pau cls c', as by so doing a saving in stock is obtained and the resiliency ol" thc mat or carpet increased. V\Vhen used for a carstep or any other exposed step, it will be desirable to form upon its under surface, slightly removed from the edge, a V-shapcd or rounded rib or projection, d, which is adapted lio enter a V- shaped or rounded recess, d', of corresponding,` size in the step-support, and act as a joint in preventing water, dirt, &c., from getting under the step,

It will be seen that asi-,ep or carpet niadcin this way has all its parts arranged to do special service and at the same time provide a cheap or economical construction. The principal surfacing of good stock arranged in the form of projections provides the best form of Wcaringsurface. The canvas, duck, or other fibrous material immediately beneath it gives the step strength and provides means whereby it can be fastened iirmly in place. The lower section. of" cheap vnlcanizablc stock gives sufficient thickness to the step and adds to its stability and protects the intermediate canvas section from moisture and otherde stroyiug influences. The intermeifliate fibrous luerton muy hure :L l'rietionsiii-lilou, or it muy be ol' eouruely or loosely woven nutterinl, in whiell (time the rubber will be by I'il'essure thoroughly ineorporutinl with its tllrezut' :tnd liber.

'lhe step or enrprt muy be lin-med or slumped in molder or b y rolling'.

lt will be seen tluit by providing the slop with the poneis e not only is lessi stoel: employed, but the resiliency ol' the Step is iuereusrul, ou the wem-ing,r proieetions :tre `not then supported by u continuous support, so tlurt :1 yielding (-fl'eet is obtained, not only duo to the resiliency ol' the proieetions, but :deo to the construction ol' the Siep.

Hoving thus inlly described my invention, l l eluim und desire to secure by Leiters lutent of the United States@ 1. ln rubber Steps, carpets, mul other like rubber goods, the combination of a Surliieing 0i' resilient stock arranged in the form of n thin film or body und projections, us described, nn intermediate fibrous section from which seid projections extend, und covered between the projections by the thin iilm or surfacing of rubber, und the lower or bese section of rubber or fibrous rubber stock, all substantially es described.

2. AS :tu improved :rrtiele ol' unnnll'ueture, the rubber Step or .utep uniteriul, rurpetine', or other like rubber goods, eomprisingg the surfacing ol' resilient rubber Stor-,k urrenged in the form ol' projeetions, the intermediair librouS seetion roni which the proieetions extend, :uni covered between the proieetions with :1. thin lilm or Surl'zieing ol' rubber, und the buse or lower ls'eetion ol' vulezmimbie fibrous Stoet", ull united by vulennizfition :md pressure, Substuntiully as described.

rial, or carpeting, ol` nurfzieing ol' resilient rubber Stock ori-:urged in the l'orln ol" proiee tions, the fibrous eentrul or intermediate section, and u. lower section ol' vuleunif/.uble fibrous stoel; having poneis in its under sur I'uee, all Substantially es described.

ll. The step or step materiel having a resit ient upper surface und u downwmdquojeeting narrow V-Shaped rib upon the under Snrfuee, near the outer edge thereof, substantially as described.



F. F. RAYMoND, 2d, FRED. B. DoLAN.

o. rlhe combination, in :L Step, step mnleH

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Cooperative ClassificationE04F15/10