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Publication numberUS3489150 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1970
Filing dateDec 29, 1967
Priority dateDec 29, 1967
Publication numberUS 3489150 A, US 3489150A, US-A-3489150, US3489150 A, US3489150A
InventorsGlaude Leopold F
Original AssigneeGlaude Leopold F
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Urinal bag
US 3489150 A
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Jan. 13, 1970 L. F. GLAUDE 3,489,150

URINAL BAG Filed Dec. 29. 1967 Zegogid BY W Q%1M// W-ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,489,150 URINAL BAG Leopold F. Glaude, 4850 W. Bercnice Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60641 Filed Dec. 29, 1967, Ser. No. 694,527 Int. Cl. A61f 5/44 US. Cl. 128295 8 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A urinal bag assembly for a male person having a harness for supporting the bag in the area of the male genital organ. The assembly includes a receptacle having an upwardly extending sleeve that receives the male organ and a strap attached to the sleeve to hold the sleeve on the organ. The harness includes a body bandand leg straps which pass through the groin and over the shoulder. Hooks are provided on the body belt to maintain the straps in a spaced relationship to each other after they pass through the groin.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Field of the invention This invention pertains to a urinal bag and particularly to one which is worn by a male person.

Prior art In the urinal bag assemblies presently available and shown by the prior art, the person wearin such a. bag is continually faced with the problem of maintaining the male organ or penis in the bag or receptacle. Since the bag is usually wet, the organ will slip out of the bag and cause wetting of the clothes of the person who is wearing the urinal bag assembly. This is not only embarrassing to the person, but causes repeated changes of his garments. The problem of maintaining the male organ in the bag or receptacle has been in existence for many years as recognized in the disclosure of the United States Patent No. 1,105,488 to Clare which discusses the problem and which presents a possible solution.

Another problem commonly found with the prior art urinal bags is that the fluid received in the bag can be forced or spilled therefrom when the person wearing such a bag performs some movement or motion such as sitting in a chair or bending over. Thus, a person who wears a urinal bag is restricted in his movements to prevent his garments from becoming wet or soiled by the spilling of the fluid from the bag or receptacle of the assembly.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an urinal bag assembly having a receptacle which has an upwardly extending sleeve connected to the upper end of the receptacle. The sleeve which is adapted to receive the entire penis has attached a support means to maintain the open end of the sleeve adjacent to the root or junction of the penis and the body of the person who is wearing the assembly. The urinal bag assembly of the present invention further includes providing a harness having a body belt or band coupled with a pair of leg straps which extend through the groin and pass over the shoulders of the person to hold the receptacle in place regardless of the persons movements. The body band has spacer means to maintain the spaced relationship of the straps after they pass through the groin.

Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a urinal bag assembly in which the male organ is prevented from accidentally slipping out of the bag.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a urinal bag assembly which prevents the discharge of fluid 3,489,150 Patented Jan. 13, 1970 On the drawings FIG. 1 is a front view of the urinal bag assembly;

FIG. 2 is a side view with parts in cross section for purposes of illustration of the urinal bag assembly as fitted on a wearer; and

FIG. 3 is fragmentary enlarged cross section of the sleeve of the urinal bag assembly.

As shown on the drawings The principles of the present invention are particularly useful when embodied in a urinal bag assembly generally indicated at 10, and is illustrated in FIG. 2 as being supported on a body of a male person generally indicated at 11.

The assembly 10 is made up of a receptacle or bag 12, a body member 13, a sleeve 14, a support means generally indicated at 15, and a harness means generally indicated at 16.

The receptacle 12 is made of water tight material such as flexible rubber and has at one end a tape ring portion 18 which forms a joint with an apertured plug 19. As illustrated, the plug 19 has threaded thereon a cap 21 to prevent fluid from passing through the plug. It should be noted that the cap 21 may be removed and a tube attached to the threaded plug 19 to extend to a flask or receptacle attached to a leg of the person who is wearing the assembly 10.

At an end opposite the tapered end 18, the receptacle 12 has an opening 22 wihch has a continuous edge 23. The body member 13 which is made of a flexible material such as rubber has an aperture or opening whose edge is secured and bonded to the continuous edge 23 to form a tight joint between the receptacle 12 and the body member 13.

The sleeve 14 which is made of flexible resilient material such as rubber has one, or proximal, end 25 bonded or secured to the receptacle 12 adjacent to the continuous edge 23 to form a fluid tight joint therebetween. The proximal end 25 can be secured as illustrated in FIG. 3 to form a fold 25a, or secured so that no fold is present. The sleeve 14 has the other, or distal, end opened at 26 to form an aperture which telescopically receives a male genital organ or penis 27. The sleeve 14 may be tapered with the end 26 having the smaller diameter. By trimming a portion off the end 26, the diameter can be enlarged to obtain a comfortable but tight fit with the organ 27.

To prevent the organ 27 from slipping out of the sleeve 14, the support means 15 has a strip 28 attached to an outer surface of the sleeve 14 for maintaining the aperture or open end 26 in an upward position with respect to the receptacle 12 and to the root or junction of the male organ 27 with the body 11. The attachment of the strip 28 to the sleeve 14 is preferably spaced a short distance from the end 26 to provide a free end portion which may be on a pin 31a of the connecting device 31 and which allows adjustment between the strip 28 and the body band 29. The body belt or band 29 is provided with a buckle 33 which allows adjustment and attachment of the band which as illustrated is a fabric band; however, it could be made of any suitable material.

To support the receptacle 12 adjacent to the male organ 27, the harness means 16 has a body belt or band 34 which is attached to an upper edge 35 of the body member 13. The belt 34 can be made of elastic material or other material and has a buckle 36 and adjustment means adjacent to the buckle 36. The harness means 16 includes a pair of leg straps 37, 37 which are attached to respective corners of a lower edge 38 of the body member 13. Each of the leg straps 37, 37 is of sufficient length to pass through the groin of the wearer up his back over his shoulder and down his front to be connected by a buckle 39 on the front side of the body band 34. The body band 34 is provided with a pair of spacer means 41, 41 which are hooks that engage each of the leg straps 37, 37 and maintain them in a spaced relationship with each other while being extended across the back side of the body 11. Each of the straps 37, 37 is forced by their respective hook 41 to pass around the buttocks 42 of the wearer even if the straps are crossed in back and on the chest as illustrated in FIG. 1. By having each of the straps 37, 37 passing around the respective buttocks of the wearer, the straps are maintained in a position in which they do not interfere or become soiled as the wearer relieves himself of intestinal waste.

When the urinal bag assembly is WOIIl by a person, the harness means 16 supports and positions the receptacle 12, the body member 13 and the upper sleeve 14 adjacent the male organ 27. The support means maintains the aperture 26 of the sleeve 14 in the upwardly extending position and adjacent to the root or junction of the male organ 27 and the body 11 of the wearer. Thus, because of the maintaining force of the support means 15, the male organ 27 is prevented from slipping out of the sleeve 14 even when the wearer sits down or bends over. Furthermore, because of the fit between the sleeve 14 and the organ 27, bending over or sitting down by the wearer will not cause fluid contained in the receptacle 12 to be spilled out onto his clothes. Since the aperture 26 is firmly held at the root or junction by the support means 15, the sleeve 14 will be maintained in a tight but comfortable fit on the organ 27 regardless of any changes in size or shape of the organ.

Although various minor modifications might be suggested by those versed in the art, it should be understood that I wish to employ within the scope of the patent warranted hereon, all such embodiments as reasonably and properly come within the scope of my contribution to the art.

I claim as my invention:

1. urinal bag assembly to be worn by a male person compnsmg:

a receptacle having an opening with a continuous edge;

a body member secured to said continuous edge and extending outwardly therefrom;

4 a tubular sleeve having its proximal end secured to said continuous edge to form a fluid tight joint between said receptacle and said sleeve, the distal end portion of said sleeve being open to form an aperture to receive the male genital organ; harness means attached to said body member for supporting and positioning said assembly on a person adjacent the male organ; and

support means attached to said sleeve adjacent said distal end portion for holding said distal end portion out of the receptacle and for maintaining said distal end portion as it is received on the male organ adjacent to the junction of the body and the male organ to prevent the organ from slipping out of said sleeve.

2. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 1, wherein said support means comprises:

a body belt; and

a strap attached to the outer surface of said sleeve,

said strap being connected to said belt.

3. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 2, wherein said strap is adjustably connected to said body belt.

4. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 1, wherein said harness means comprises:

a body band attached to an upper edge of said body member; and

a pair of leg straps attached to a lower edge of said body member, said straps passing through the groin and connected to said body band.

5. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 4, wherein said leg straps are of a length to extend over the shoulders and an end of said straps are connected to the body belt adjacent said body member.

6. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 5, wherein said body band includes spacer means to engage each of said leg straps and to space said leg straps with respect to each other so that said leg straps pass around the respective buttocks as said straps pass between the groin.

7. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 6, wherein said spacer means comprises hooks attached to said body band to engage said straps.

8. A urinal bag assembly according to claim 6, wherein said support means comprises:

an additional body band; and

a strip secured to the outer surface of said sleeve and connected to said additional body band.

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ANTON O. OECHSLE, Primary Examiner 0 PAUL E. SHAPIRO, Assistant Examiner

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