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Publication numberUS349611 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1886
Publication numberUS 349611 A, US 349611A, US-A-349611, US349611 A, US349611A
InventorsWilliam Stanley
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US 349611 A
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(No Model.)



No. 349,611. Patented Sept. 21, 1886:

wi/lmeooeo a'l vuewboz William Ls'zmze fi; @31 (MW aflozlmm o N. PETEns, PhomLimo ra her, Washingiom D. c.

3 The extent of this separation is rendered vari- UNITED STATES \Yllil'ilaid'. STANLEY. JR, OF GRFAT PATENT OFFICE.


Application tiled October 23,1885.

T0 (LZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that LWTLLIAM S'JFANLEY, Jr., a citizen of the United States, residing in Great Barrington, in the county of Berkshire and State of Massachusetts, have invented con tain new and useful Improvements in Induction-Coils, 01' which the following is a speciiieation.

My invention relates to the construction of induetioneoils or imiluetoriums.

The objectof the invention is to so construct an imlnetion-eoil that from a given weight of metal in the primary and secondary eonductors and in the core a higher eleetro-motive force will he developed than in the ordinary l'orms and the eonsetpient el'iieieney of electric conversion per unit of weight oi apparatus will be inereased; and a thriller object of the invention is to provide convenient means for modil'ying the electro-1notive l'orce developed in the secondary coils.

The invention eonsists in giving to the eore ol'ihe eoils an annular l'orn'nthe ends eonl'ronting eaeh. o'ther,but separated by a small space.

able by means ol'an adj listing-screw otnon-magnotie material acting upon the respeeiive ends. so as to cause them. to ap n-oximate or reeede from each other, as desired.

A speeial application of the invention is in the ease of inductoriuins employed in certain systems ol' eleelrieal distribution, for ineandescent electrical lighting. in which intermittent or alternating electric currents are transmitted through the primary cireuits ol the coils. the lamps being placed in. the secondary circuits. Theconversionol'eleetro--motiveloreel)ymeans of sueh coils .is not only rendered more eeonomieal and praetieal. by this inventiombutby varying the distance between the ends of the core, and thus varying the eleetro moiive force of the seeomlary. the intensity of the lights maybe easily and conveniently modified and the brillianey olj' illuminationi 11 different lamps may thus be rendered unil'orm. The primary and secondary coils may be superposed one uponihe other. or they may be wound parallel with each other. or their difi'erent layers may alternate. according to circumstances.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is Serial No. 180,737. (No model.)

an elevatioin artlyin section, of an inductioneoil embodying the features olmy invention. Figs. 2 and 3 show a modifieationot the same.

lel'erring to the drawings. A represents an annular eore having its ends at ct a conl'ro'nting each other. The core is formed. as usual. of soft .iron and may consist either of a single piece, of metal, or of a bundle of separate wires or strips, as found desirable. A primary coil. 1/. encircles this core, the terminals of whieh are shown at e and 0-. The secondary eoil If is shown in the drawings as superposed upon and exterior to the primary eoil; but its situation in reference thereto may be varied. as 'already stated. 'Iis terminals are shown at e" and a. The ends oi'lhe (-ore may be lel't tree; but prel'erahly they are provided with nonnmgneiie projeetions f through suitable holes in whieh extends a twoway adjustingserew, f. By means of this serew the proximity of the two confronting ends ol' iheeore may be readily varied.

In Fig. 2 a slightly-modified l'orm of coil is shown its core beingsomewhat rectangular in form, having curred angles g, 9", and g. The primary coil Z) is shown in this instance as bei ngwou ml with alternate layia's ol'the secondary eoil If. The confronting ends oi the core are provided with non-magnetic pieces j andf" and the adjnstingserew extends through one piece, 0, and bears against the other c". the core being eonstrueted. so that its ends tend to spring toward each othen while the screw serves to separate them, as required.

Instead of adjusting the ends of the core to ward and away from each other, a movable sol't-iron piece, h, may be employed, as shown in $3. This may be moved away from or into greater proximity to the poles by means of a screw. it.

I claim as my invention 1. An indnetion-coil oriiuluetori um eonsistingot parallelprimary and secoiulary eondnetors, an ,iron core within the same, forming an approximatelyclosed magnetic circuit, and means for modifying or varying the magnetie resistance of the closed magnetic .i' ruit.

2. An induetion-coilorindnetorium provided with a core having its ends confronting, means l'or varying the distance of said ends LEGO from each other, and primary and secondary scribed my name this 19th day of October, A. coils upon said core. 1). 1885.

3. In combination with an induction coil /having the ends of its core confronting each WILLIAM STA) 5 other, a non-magnetic device for adjusting the Witnesses: distance of said ends from each other. -DANL. \V. EDGEcoMB,

In testimony whereof I have hereunto sub- )HARLES A. TERRY. I

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