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Publication numberUS34976 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1862
Publication numberUS 34976 A, US 34976A, US-A-34976, US34976 A, US34976A
InventorsHeney G. Nicholson
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Improved cover for fruit-jars
US 34976 A
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No. 34,976. Patented Apr. 15, 1862.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No.34,976. dated April 15, 1862.

have invented a new and useful Hermetical (lover for the Mouths of Fruit-Jars and other Preserving-Vessels; and I do hereby declare the iollowing to be a full, clear, and exact description of the nature, construction, and operation thereof, referencebeing had to the annexed drawings, making part of this specification.

The object of my invention is the provision of a simple, cheap, and effective'hermetical cover for fruit-jars, 850., whiclf can be easily made or repaired by any tinsmith.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is an axial section of my improvement. Figs. 2, 3, and 4 are perspective representations of the ring, the cover, and the jar-mouth. Fig. 5 shows a modification of the ring.

A is ajar having around its neck a groove,

3, with a beveled upper side, I).

C is a circular disk of tin, which may be struck up in a suitable die so as for its upper surface, 0, to be convex, and so as to have a flange or lip, 11, around its margin. From ,1 equidistant parts of the cover-margin depend ears D, which widen downward and terminate on their inner sides in spurs d.

l) is a gasket of gum-elastic or other suit-- I able material,which, being interposed between thejar-rim and the cover, enables the closure of the joint.

' F is a broad and somewhat flaring ring, which, on being pushed down over the ears, acts to press their spurs against the chamfer b, and thus forcibly andwith greatpower to draw the cover tightly down uponthe gasket, and thus to close the mouth of the vessel.

It will be seen that when the ring is pressed down until it acts upon the tips 1 of the ears it tends-to bend their extremities inward, thus exerting a leverage force in addition to the inclined place or wedge force of the cham- -fered neck, resulting in a very efi'ectual pinching of the gasket between the jar and the cover.

It will be seen that the inclined. planes may be wholly on the jar and the ring, or (as in the present illustration) on the ears in addition, or on either member of the combination in varying forms and degrees to suit the taste of the maker; also, that the ring may be adapted to vessels of different sizes by a form simi:

lar to F, Fig. 4, or the eqnivalentthereot'.

1 claim as new and of my invention- The arrangement of beveled neck B I), cover 0, ears D d, ring F, and a suitable gasket, the whole being combined and operating substantially as described."

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my hand.


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