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Publication numberUS3497905 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1970
Filing dateDec 11, 1967
Priority dateDec 11, 1967
Publication numberUS 3497905 A, US 3497905A, US-A-3497905, US3497905 A, US3497905A
InventorsPflum August S
Original AssigneePflum August S
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Combination drapery support
US 3497905 A
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4000.57 5 PF; UM

ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,497,905 COMBINATION DRAPERY SUPPORT August S. Pflum, 3528 W. 59th St., Chicago, Ill. 60629 Filed Dec. 11, 1967, Ser. No. 689,492 Int. Cl. A47h 1/06, 13/12 U.S. Cl. 1687.2 8 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A combination drapery supporting rod has functionally integral tracks for under drape slides and over drape slides, with the combination rod concealed by the under drape heading and the over drape slides overriding the top edge of the heading.

This invention relates to the hanging of drapery, and is more particularly concerned with a novel arrangement for hanging under drapes and over drapes.

In the hanging of drapery it has heretofore been necessary to provide functionally separate rods for the under drapes and the over drapes. For the most part, the rods have required separate mounting structure with the over drape rod located inwardly relative to the under drape rod. It has been proposed to provide common mounting bracket structures for the two rods, but the relationship has always been with the over drape rod located inwardly from the under drape rod and thus exposed to view at the inside of the room when the over drape is drawn open.

According to the present invention, a new and improved relationship is provided wherein the over drape is supported in a manner such that its supporting means are concealed by the heading of the closed under drape.

An important object of the present invention is to provide new and improved means for supporting drapery in such a manner that when the over drape is drawn open or removed its supporting rod structure remains concealed behind the under drape.

Another object of the invention is to provide new and improved means for supporting an over drape such that the over drape can be opened or removed without exposing its supporting rod structure.

Still another object of the invention is to provide new and improved functionally combined under drape and over drape supporting rods structure.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide a novel means for supporting over drapes and under drapes in combination enabling installation as a single drapery rod structure.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a novel combination drapery rod structure which lends itself readily to sheet metal fabrication or extrusion manufacture.

Other objects, features and advantages of the invention will be readily apparent from the following description of certain preferred embodiments thereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing although variations and modifications may be effected without departing from the spirit and scope of the novel concepts of the disclosure, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a fragmental isometric view of a drapery mounting embodying features of the invention.

FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary end sectional, elevational view of the mounting of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a transverse sectional view through a modification of the combination drapery supporting rod structure.

FIGURE 4 is a similar view showing another modification and FIGURE 5 is a similar view showing a further modification.


On reference to FIGURES 1 and 2, novel means are depicted for supporting an under drape 11 and an over drape 12, wherein, as is usual, the under drape is disposed outwardly relative to the enclosure or room and nearest a window while the over drape 12 is located inwardly to be located in front of and in concealing relation to the under drape. Although both of the drapes 11 and 12 may be adapted to be drawn closed and open at will, the under drape may, if preferred, be of the non-drawable type while the over drape 12 may be of the drawable type, or the relationship may be reversed to meet any desired decorator preferences.

According to the present invention the construction and relationship of the drapery supporting means 10 are such that when the over drape 12 is opened, removed, or absent the means 10 remain concealed behind a heading 13 on the under drape 11. In a desirable construction, an under drape supporting track channel portion 14 and an over drape supporting track channel portion 15 are mounted, preferably together, in a position to be concealed behind the heading 13. In a rolled sheet metal structure, the under drape track 14 comprises a generally box-transverse cross section flanged configuration, horizontally elongated and having a horizontal slider slot 17 for appearance sake opening outwardly, that is, being located along the outer side of the track. Drawing of the under drape 11 between open and closed conditions is enabled by sliders 18 riding the track 14 through the slot 17 and having forwardly under-slung respective arms 19 onto which drapery hooks 20 are engaged and support the under drape 11 in suspended relation through a heading liner 21. Although the under drape may be supported for manual drawing, draw cords 22 may 'be provided for the purpose and operating in the customary manner.

Desirably, the track bar 15 is located immediately above and, as shown, with its back contiguous to the top of the track bar 14. Along its top, the track bar 15 has a longitudinal slot 23 to accommodate over drape suspending means comprising sliders 24 each of which is part of one end portion of an inwardly extending drapery arm 25 of suitable length to overlie and adequately clear the top of the under drape heading 13, its length being sufficient for adequate interference-free clearance between the drapes. Mounting of the over drape 12 on the arms 25 is by suitable means such as drapery books 26 removably engaged with respective inner end portions of the arms 25 which are provided for this purpose with hook apertures 27, and the hooks are engaged in the usual manner with a heading backing 28 on the over drape. While the over drape may be manipulated manually, draw cords 29 may be provided in the usual pereferred manner for this purpose.

In a convenient and efiicient construction, the track sections 14 and 15 are preferably in mutually supporting relation and are connected together at least through common end mounting bracket structure 30 by which the combination bar or rod unit is adapted to be secured as by means of one or more screws 31 to a support 32 such as a room surface. It will be understood that similar bracket structure 30 is provided at each opposite end of the drapery bar structure, whether the bar structure is of the single length type or of the telescopically adjustable type to accommodate mounting in or across window openings of variable width.

As a variation in construction of the rolled sheet metal combination bar, the assembly 10' of FIGURE 3 may be used, in which the under drape track bar 14 and the over drape track bar 15 are substantially identical track bar sections in which the slider slot 17 of the track bar 14' opens downwardly and the slider slot 23' of the-track bar 15 opens upwardly. In this form the track bars 14 and 15 are in substantially coextensive back-to-back relation.

An extruded section form of drapery rod combination is shown in FIGURE 4 wherein both of the track sections 14" and 15 are part of a one piece, common extrusion and, in this instance, with the slider slots 17" and 23". opening downwardly and upwardly, respectively.

In another one piece extrusion form of the combination drapery rod identified as 10", the under drape rod portion 14" has the slider slot 17" opening toward one side, desirably the outer side, and the over drape rod portion 15" has the slider slot 23" opening upwardly.

While the specific arrangements of the rod or bar sections depicted are considered desirable forms, other preferential specific relationships as to section size, configuration, slot orientation, and the like, may be adopted as desired, while attaining the same new and improved results of the present invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. A combination drapery support comprising:

means for supporting an under drape with a heading in concealing relation to said means;

and means, located to be concealed by the heading on the under drape, for supporting an over drape across the under drape;

the respective supporting means comprising elongated track portions disposed in contiguous relation.

2. In a combination drapery support according to claim 1, the track portions comprising respective rolled sheet metal bar sections having respective longitudinal drapery hanger slots therein.

3. In a combination drapery support according to claim 1, said track portions comprising respective sections of a unitary bar extrusion and each having a longitudinal drapery hanger slot.

4. A combination drapery support comprising:

means for supporting an under drape with a heading in concealing relation to said means;

means, located to be concealed by the heading on the under drape, for supporting an over drape across the under drape; and

over drape hanger means extending from said over drape supporting means in overlying relation to the upper edge of the under drape heading.

5. In a combination drapery support according to claim 4, said hanger means comprising substantially rigid arms extending inwardly from said over drape supporting means 6. A combination drapery support according to claim 5, said arms having on one of their end portions respective apertures to receive drapery hooks and on their opposite end portions slider means in engagement with said over drape supporting means.

7. A combination drapery support according to claim 6, said over-drape supporting means comprising a track having an upwardly opening longitudinal slot within which said slider means are engaged.

8. A combination drapery support comprising:

means for supporting an under drape with a heading in concealing relation to said means;

and means, located to be concealed by the heading on the under drape, for supporting an over drape across the under drape;

said supporting means comprising respective elongated track sections in mutually supporting relation to each other.

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