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Publication numberUS3499443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1970
Filing dateApr 8, 1968
Priority dateApr 8, 1968
Publication numberUS 3499443 A, US 3499443A, US-A-3499443, US3499443 A, US3499443A
InventorsScheerer Ernest O
Original AssigneeScheerer Ernest O
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Combination drawers and supporter
US 3499443 A
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March 10, 1970 E. o. SCHEERER 3,499,443

COMBINATION DRAWERS AND SUPPORTER Filed April 8, 1968 3 I6 7 lllmllllllllllllllldlly uulmumnmum I NVENTOR. ERNEST O. SCHEERER BY9f2.

ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,499,443 COMBINATION DRAWERS AND SUPPORTER Ernest 0. Scheerer, 777 Vaughn Ave., Toms River, NJ. 08753 Filed Apr. 8, 1968, Ser. No. 719,308 Int. Cl. A61f /40 US. Cl. 128159 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE In combination with a pair of mens drawers, a supporter or suspensary including a bag-like member adjustably attached to and suspended from what may be termed the front wall of the drawers, that is, the front portion which extends vertically between the waist band and the horizontal level of the crotch. The attaching and adjusting means consists of snap buttons partly on the supporter and partly on the said front wall, whereby the supporter may be selectively attached in any of a plurality of relatively lower or higher positions to suit the wearers convenience. Thus the supporter functions without the need of an elastic waist band such as is necessary as part of the common type of separate supporter and which is generally uncomfortable to wear and likely to cause skin irritation.

Referring briefly to the accompanying drawing;

FIG. 1 is a front elevational view, with parts broken away of a combination drawers and supporter embodying features of the invention.

FIG. 2 is a partly diagrammatic view taken on the line 22 of FIG. 1, showing the drawers in phantom and the supporter in full lines.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged perspective view of the supporter per se.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral designates a pair of mens drawers which may be of the shorts type illustrated, or of the long type, not shown. The legs of the drawers are shown at 11' and the front wall, above the legs, is shown at 12. The supporter 13 per se, includes a receptacle-like bag 14 preferably made f a net-like material having a degree of elasticity and other characteristics of such material. The bag 14 is shaped, deformed or cut away in its front wall 25, to provide the equivalent of a depression or notch 15 in the upper edge thereof.

Wing-like bands 16 and 17 are secured along top edges 18, 19 respectively, of the front wall 25 of the bag on either side of the notch 15. A strip 20 of substantially less width (or height, in the drawing) than the wings 16, 17, bridges the two opposed relatively vertical edges 21 of the wings above the notch 15, whence there is a forward passage through the front of the supporter defined by the notch 15, the edges 21 and the strip 20.

The wings 16, 17 are shown extending both upward and outward in opposite directions as well as tapering toward their outer extremities; the latter are provided with female snap buttons 22. From positions near the opposite ends of the rear wall 26 of the bag 14, upwardly extending and outwardly diverging straps or tapes 23 3,499,443 Patented Mar. 10, 1970 ICC are provided, and they also have snap buttons, 24, at their outer extremities.

On both sides of the crotch of the drawers the front wall thereof is provided with rows of vertically spaced male snap buttons 27. The supporter is attached to the drawers by engaging the snaps 24 in one pair of horizontally opposed snaps 27 and engaging the snaps 22 in another such pair, preferably a lower one. Obviously the supporter as a whole may be lowered from the position thereof shown in FIG. 1, or it may be vertically elongated by, for example, engagin the snaps 22 in the next lower pair of snaps 27 while retaining the snaps 24 in engagement with the top pair 27. Of course the male and female snaps may be interchanged, if desired.

Thus the supporter may be detached for separate laundering thereof, while, once it is attached in a position suitable to the wearer, it may be left attached so that upon dressing the next time the supporter goes on together with the drawers. In the case of the common type of separate supporter, putting it on or taking it off is a separate and additional operation to the putting on or taking off of the drawers.

Any or all of the parts of the supporter may be made of elastic or non-elastic material, as a matter of choice.

What is claimed is as follows:

1. In combination, a pair of mens drawers, a supporter including a bag-like member having a front wall and a rear wall, the bag having substantially intermediate the width of said front wall a notch in the upper edge thereof, two wing-like bands extending upward and in laterally opposite directions from the portions of said upper edge on both sides of said notch, a strip bridging the upper edges of said bands and spaced above said notch, said rear wall of the bag having two tapes extending upward and laterally outward from the upper edge thereof, the supporter being suspended behind the front wall of the drawers with said notch positioned adjacent the crotch of the drawers, and adjustable means partly on the ends of said bands and tapes and partly on said front wall of the drawers for releasably suspending the supporter from said front wall of the drawers.

2. A combination according to claim 1, said adjustable means comprising a plurality of two-part snap buttons, said front wall of the drawers having laterally spaced rows of vertically spaced halves of said snap buttons attached thereto, said bands and said tapes having complementary halves of said snap buttons attached to the ends thereof.

3. A combination according to claim 2, said bag being made of a net-like material.

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U.S. Classification602/68, 602/73
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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/40
European ClassificationA61F5/40