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Publication numberUS3500995 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1970
Filing dateJun 13, 1968
Priority dateJul 14, 1967
Also published asDE1761783A1
Publication numberUS 3500995 A, US 3500995A, US-A-3500995, US3500995 A, US3500995A
InventorsForman Michael Ralph
Original AssigneeForman Michael Ralph
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Numismatic storage devices
US 3500995 A
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March 17, 1970 M. R. FORMAN 3,500,995


A rm iyr United States Patent Office 3,500,995 Patented Mar. 17, 1970 1 Int. Cl. B65d 335/00, 1/34, 85/02 US. Cl. 206-034 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A numismatic storage device made of flexible transparent sheet material includes a coin pocket and an index card pocket the opening of which is opposed to the opening of the coin pocket. The two pockets have a single rear wall. A closure flap integral with the front wall of the index card pocket extends over the opening of the coin pocket.

This invention concerns numismatic storage devices and an object thereof is to provide an improved device for the indexing and preservation of coins whilst in store.

Hitherto, it has been usual to store coins in simple envelopes of paper, tissue, cloth or plastics foil material, with the latter in recent favour because an index slip or card can be struck onto or inserted into the envelope with the coin, which is partly visible through the envelope. However, with the envelopes at present in general use, it is necessary to remove the coin from the envelope for an examination to be made.

With the foregoing object in mind the present invention provides an improved form of numismatic storage device of flexible transparent sheet material, which comprises a first or coin pocket and a second or index card pocket the mouth of which is opposed to the mouth of the coin pocket, there being a back wall respective portions of which serve as rear walls for the pockets, and there being a closure flap which extends from the front of the index card packet and which is able to overlie the entrance between the pockets.

The index card pocket is preferably of the same width as, but lesser depth than, the coin pocket.

The device may include an index card shaped to fit the index card pocket.

The invention also provides a storage assembly comprising a container provided internally with locator means to receive a plurality of the devices of the invention whereby they are held upright in series one behind the other with the closure flaps in position to overlie the respective entrances of the devices, the container and devices together com-prising this assembly.

The locator means preferably comprises pairs of opposed parallel upright ribs, the distance between the ribs of each pair being less than the width of the devices to be located by said pair of ribs.

FIGURE 1 of the accompanying drawings is a front elevation of a device constructed in accordance with the invention, said device being shown by way of example.

FIGURE 2 is a sectional view of the device on the line IIII of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view of the device represented in FIGURES 1 and 2, but showing the device opened for access to the interior thereof.

FIGURE 4 is a perspective diagrammatical illustration, on a smaller scale, showing a simple form of storage assembly including devices each constructed in accordance with FIGURES 1 to 3.

FIGURE 5 shows, in section, a member of the storage assembly, corresponding to the line V--V of FIGURE 4.

FIGURE 6 is a section similar to FIGURE 5 but showing a modified form of the member.

Referring to FIGURES l to 3 of the drawings the numismatic storage device 10 shown therein is of sheet plastics material, e.g. glass clear semi-rigid P.V.C., which is transparent and comprises a first or coin pocket generally indicated by reference numeral 11 and a second or index card pocket 12 of equal width, but of slightly less than the depth of the coin pocket 11.

Between the two pockets 11, 12 lie an entrance 13 thereto, the respective mouths of pockets 11, 12 being opposed at the entrance 13.

The device 10 has a back wall 14, respective portions of which serve as rear walls for the pockets 11, 12 there being a small intermediate portion 15 which serves as a hinge between the pockets 11, 12.

The front wall 16 0f the index card pocket 12 is provided with a closure flap 17 which extends downwardly over the mouth of the pocket 12 to overlie the entrance 13 when the device 10 is in the storage position shown in FIGURES 1, 2 and 4.

In the drawings the coin pocket 11 is shown with a coin 18 in place and the index card pocket 12 is shown as containing an index card 19, which has dimensions commensurate with the pocket 12 so as to be a close fit therein.

To give access to the pockets 11, 12 the entrance 13 is opened by bending the index card pocket 12 back about the hinge portion 15, as shown in FIGURE 3. Both the coin 18 and the index card 19 are thereby rendered accessible.

During manufacture three preshaped sheets of the material (to form the back wall 14, the front wall 16 and flap 17, and the front wall of the coin pocket 11) are welded together along the margins 10a of the device 10 to form the device 10.

The welding is carried out with the sheets held flat so that the natural resiliency and stillness of the material tends to keep the device flat and to cause the index card pocket 12 and flap 17 to return to the fiat position after any displacement.

In use, a plurality of the devices 10 can most conveniently be stored in a container 20, of a strong material such as polyethene or polypropylene, which together with the devices forms a storage assembly, as shown diagram matically in FIGURE 4. The container 20 is provided with locator means which comprises a pair of parallel upright wall members 21, the opposed faces of the wall members 21 being moulded so as to be vertically ribbed so as to provide pairs of opposed vertical ribs 22, the distance between ribs 22 of each pair being less than the width of the device 10. The wall members 21 are spaced so that the distance between the opposed surfaces 23 of any one pair thereof is commensurate with the width of the device 10. The height of the wall members 21, in the region of the ribs 22 is approximately equal to the depth of the coin pocket 11 so that, in use, the index card 19 and pocket 12 can be displaced by a light touch to facilitate visual inspection of the index card 19.

As shown in FIGURES 4 and 5, the spacing, along the wall members 21, between adjacent ribs 22, and therefore the length of the surfaces 23, is commensurate with the devices 10 being located in groups of five or six depending upon the thickness of the coins contained therein, or in groups of ten or more if the devices are empty of coins.

However, it is possible to modify the wall members 21 so that, as shown in FIGURE 6, the ribs 22 are closer together and define grooves 22a, the spacing between the wall members 21 being sufficient to ensure that the storage assembly can be used to store reasonable large oins 18, such as British five shilling pieces, and still not .inder the insertion and withdrawal of the devices 10 ato or from the container 20.

In the storage assembly, the devices 10 are held by he locator means in an upright series one behind the ther so that the closure flaps 17 are generally held in he position shown in FIGURES 1 and 2 by the back valls 14 of the preceding devices 10. The natural reilience and the stiffness of the devices 10 assists greatly r1 keeping the flaps and index card pockets upright. In his embodiment the wall members 21 are of an overall ieight commensurate with the depth of the coin pocket .1 and such a simple form of the container 20 can be used .s a drawer of a composite multidrawer storage unit or may be used as an open storage case.

However, the container may, if desired, be of a more omplete form with the locator means serving to re- :eive several parallel series of the devices 10. In such a orm those wall members 21 which lie between adjacent eries, have ribs on both sides and serve as partition members. The front, side and back walls of the container 20 may also either be thickened, shouldered or otherwise idapted to serve as abutments for a closure lid, or have l. raised periphery, so that the container may form part f a lidded box or a full depth drawer for a cabinet vherein the drawer has a depth at least as great as the lverall height of the device 10. Also, the raised periphery may provide an abutment for a lid or like closure member. The device of the invention offers several advantages n that the index card and particularly the coin can be examined in detail on both sides without being removed 'rom the device, both the card and the coin are inlividually protected from dust and physical abrasion, and he closure flap will substantially seal-off the entrance minimise atmospheric attack, whilst permitting the :oin and the card to be radially accessible. Also, should he device accidentally be inverted the flap will prevent he coin falling out of the device. The insertion of a coin ncreases the effective stiffness of the device. Furthermore, in the storage assembly of the type decribed the devices are held in the aforesaid storage posiion wherein the closure flaps are constrained to overlie 1nd substantially seal the entrances, Whilst the index ;ards are held upright so as to serve as a very readily accessible visual indexfor the coins. This enables a par- .icular device with the coin concerned to be selected from he storage assembly with speed and convenience. This s obviously advantageous to collectors and dealers, but t also enables security to be improved by minimising the ime which a strong room or safe or the like has to be eft open when a valuable coin is required therefrom.

The invention is not confined to the details described iereinbefore andvariations are possible within the scope )f the invention as defined by the appended claims. For.

example, in the device any suitable material may be used. Any suitable pocket dimensions may be 'used and the device may be fabricated by any suitable method and means.

The storage assembly may be of an suitable form and may comprise a plurality of containers each having respective locator means. The storage assembly may be formed as a strong box or comprise part of a safe, strong room or showcase.

What is claimed is:

1. A numismatic storage device, comprising a flexible transparent smooth back wall having a top, a bottom and two sides, a flexible transparent front wall of lesser height than the back wall and attached thereto along the bottom and portions of the two sides, whereby an opening is formed at the top of the front wall for the insertion of a coin, another flexible transparent front wall of lesser height than the back wall and attached thereto along the top and portions of the two sides, whereby an opening is formed facing the opening of the first-mentioned wall and used for the insertion of an index card, the second-mentioned front wall having an integral flap devoid of connections to the rear wall and adapted to extend 4 over the opening of the first-mentioned front wall.

2. A device in accordance with claim 1, wherein the walls consist of semi-rigid glass clear P.V.C.

3. A storage assembly comprising one or more storage devices as claimed in claim 1 and a container provided internally with locator means to receive a plurality of the device whereby they are held upright in series one behind the other with the closure flaps in position to overlie the respective entrances.

4. An assembl as claimed in claim 3 wherein the locator means comprises pairs of opposed parallel upright ribs, the distance between each pair being less than the width of the devices.

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