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Publication numberUS3504169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1970
Filing dateOct 17, 1967
Priority dateOct 17, 1967
Publication numberUS 3504169 A, US 3504169A, US-A-3504169, US3504169 A, US3504169A
InventorsBarron H Freeburger
Original AssigneeBarron H Freeburger
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Electric light string kit
US 3504169 A
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March 31, 1970 B. H. FREEBURGER 3,504,169


ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,504,169 ELECTRIC LIGHT STRING KIT Barron H. Freeburger, 6637 24th Place, West Hyattsville, Md. 20782 Filed Oct. 17, 1967, Ser. No. 675,813 Int. Cl. A47g 33/16; F21p 1/02 US. Cl. 240- 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A sectionalized string of lights consisting of a supply line section, a plurality of socket sections, and extension sections for increasing the spacing between adjacent socket sections. Each socket section has a base member with two pairs of terminal wires extending in opposite directions therefrom. The terminal wires have complementary connector elements on the ends thereof for electrically connecting the socket section to an adjacent socket section or extension section. The extension section is made up of a pair of wires having complementary connector elements at each end thereof for electrically connecting the extension section to an adjoining socket section or extension section. The supply line section has a pair of wires with complementary connector elements on one end thereof for electrically connecting the supply line section to a socket section or extension section, and a plug on the other end which is connected to a power supply. The various sections are electrically connected in parallel with each other and can easily be interchanged, removed or added at any point along the string without effecting the voltage supplied across the sections of the string.

This invention comprises a new electric light string kit for stringing up a multiplicity of lights, as eg on a Christmas tree, which includes separable sections of the string, which may be easily coupled together, section by section, as the lights are being hung in a desired arrangement on the three or other structure, and which sections may be just as easily uncoupled, when the string is being taken down, or when it is desired to move, replace or insert additional sections in the string, without encountering any entanglement with the branches or other structure because of length of the string sections, and without disturbing other section couplings.

The object of this invention is to sectionalize the commonly used continuous one piece strings of lights for tree lighting or other decorations, to facilitate its handling as well as permit alternative designs in its make-up during assembly, as may be desired.

Another object is to provide electric wires of various suitable lengths with terminal connector means to make up extension or spacing sections, connected between other sections, each carrying one or more lights and being provided with complementary connector means at its opposite ends to form a continuous supply line for all the lights when all the connector means are coupled up.

A further object is to make the individual light sections of a string of lights easily separable from adjacent portions of the electric supply lines across which each light circuit is tapped by providing terminal connectors in said lines at each side of said tapped points, and to provide various lengths of extension wires with similar connector means at their opposite ends for making up the portions of the supply lines forming the string between the individual light sections and at the ends of the string.

A further object is to provide individual light sockets having a pair of supply line portions extending therefrom, one portion being adapted to be connected to an electrical supply outlet, and the other being adapted for connection 3,504,169 Patented Mar. 31, 1970 ice to further extension portions, including similar light socket carrying portions and other extension portions.

A further object is to make a composite string of lights which may be easily assembled as it is strung in any design or arrangement of lights around a tree or other structure, and just as easily disassembled as it is taken down piece by piece, without getting entangled in the tree branches or otheri structure, which may have other decorations draped over the string.

A further object is to provide a sectionalized light string or cable kit comprising a plurality of light socket carrying supply line sections, a supply line terminal section, an extension terminal section and a suitable number of extension wires of various lengths for making up supply line extensions between the light socket carrying sections and/or between the end light sections and their adjacent terminal sections.

Other and more specific objects will appear in the following detailed description of the invention as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 indicates how a string of five lights may be assembled from the several sections shown,

FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of one of the light sections,

FIG. 3 shows an enlarged view of the supply line terminal section,

FIG. 4 shows an enlarged view of the extension terminal section,

FIG. 5 shows an enlarged view of an extension wire, and

FIG. 6 is a sectional view showing details of the wire connector means that may be used for coupling the sec tions together.

The commonly used Christmas tree light strings are presently made up of a number of lights on one continuous pair of supply lines having a plug type terminal connector at one end for plugging into a supply line outlet, and an outlet terminal connector at the other end for receiving another extension line plug thereinto. When long strings of this type are draped around a tree, especially with other decorative material, it is often difficult to remove them from the tree without entanglement with other branches and danger of upsetting the tree or damaging the branches and other frangible decorations.

The present invention is a complete answer to these difficulties while providing versatility in the design of the string as to the desired number of lights and their spacing arrangement to suit any particular taste.

As illustrated in FIG. 1, the present string is sectionalized. Each light socket 10 has its own supply line portion made separable from the rest of the string by cutting off short supply end and extension end portions 12 and 14 respectively, extending in opposite directions from the socket, and fitting their terminal ends with complementary quick-connect-disconnect connector means 16 and 18.

The supply end plug 20 has its own portion of the supply line with a short extension end portion 22 fitted with connector means 24. The extension end outlet 26 has its own portion of the supply line with a supply end portion 28 fitted with connector means 30.

Pairs of supply line extension wires 32 of various lengths are fitted with similar connector means 34 and 36 for making up suitable extension portions spacing other portions of the supply lines wherever desired.

While only one extension 32 and five individual light socket portions are shown in the sectionalized string kit illustrated, it is to be understood that any other number of lights and any additional spacing extension portions can be provided in a fit for coupling together in a string in any other arrangements as may be required, as the string is made while the lights are being suitably spaced on the tree or other structure.

The connector means may be made as shown, or any other type of quick-connect-disconnect connectors may be used for coupling the portions of the supply lines together. The type here shown have male and female terminals 38 and 40 with crimp type inner ends for crimping over the ends of the respective wires, such as 12, 14, 22, 28 and 32. The terminals are provided with flanges 44 and 46 respectively for mounting with a force fit on the shoulders 48 and 50 the cylindrical insulator sleeves 52 and 54 respectively. The head of the sleeve 52 fits telescopically over the head of the sleeve 54 which has a pair of diametrically opposite radial projections 56 for engagement with complementary bayonet slots 58 in the head of the sleeve 52. g Thus the connection may be quickly made by a simple 1 A slidable ball bead or ring 62 may be used to facili tate fastening the socket 10 over a branch or other projection.

The Wire insulations and other parts may be of variegated colors for decorative purposes.

Many other obvious modifications in form and arrange:- ment of parts may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, as defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A sectionalized electric light string comprising a supply line section having a connector at one end for plugging into a standard outlet,

at least one light socket section,

each section having connector means adapted for joining adjacent ends of said sections together, at least one pair of extension wires of suitable length and having detachable connector means for use as spacing extension sections between other sections of said string,

said connector means comprising complementary quick- 4 connect-disconnect male and female plug connectors at each end of said light socket sections, and at one end of the supply line section and of the end extension section,

said male and female plug connectors comprising a prong terminal having an external flange at its base with a crimp type inner end extending therefrom for crimping over a stripped Wire end,

a socket terminal having an external flange at its outer end and a crimp type inner end for crimping over a stripped wire end,

a cylindrical insulator sleeve having an internal shoulder facing its outer end for receiving said base flange of the prong terminal with a force fit, and

a cylindrical insulator sleeve having an internal shoulder facing its outer end for receiving said end flange of the socket terminal with a force fit,

the heads of said cylindrical sleeves being telescopically fitted and provided with a bayonet slot and pin connection for coupling the terminals together.

a 2. An electric light string as defined in claim 1, including five of said light socket sections,

five light bulbs for said socket sections, and

said one pair of extension wires being of suitable length for insertion between the supply line section and the first of said light socket sections.

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Cooperative ClassificationF21S4/001, Y10S362/806
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