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Publication numberUS3504386 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1970
Filing dateSep 20, 1966
Priority dateSep 21, 1965
Publication numberUS 3504386 A, US 3504386A, US-A-3504386, US3504386 A, US3504386A
InventorsRossi Guido
Original AssigneeGeneray Gen Radiologica
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X-ray table,having a removable and replaceable patient-supporting board
US 3504386 A
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April 7, 1970 G. Rossl 3,504,386

X-RAY TABLE, mwme A REMOVABLE AND REPLACEABLE PATIENT-SUPPORTING BOARD Filed Sept. 20, 1966 United States Patent 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An X-ray table comprises an articulated framing with guideways adapted to removably receive a patient-supporting board which is carried on a rollable supporting carriage.

In conventional X-ray tables, the patient-supporting board is always integral with the structure which carries the X-ray source and the patient-holding straps, arranged opposite said board.

This circumstance is such as to limit the performance of the X-ray table, in that it cannot be otherwise used, in the time intervals which are necessary forrsetting the patient and for all those complementary operations which, temporarily, have nothing in common with the X-ray examination proper. The fact that the board is non-removable does not allow, or anyhow is a considerable hindrance against, the use of specific accessories which are often required for a proper operation of the X-ray table.

It is an object of the present invention to, provide an X-ray table characterized in that the patient-supporting board is mounted between specially provided guideways of the supporting structure so as to enable said board to be readily inserted or removed, by a supporting carriage which is allowed to slide on the fioor in the same direction as that of said guideways.

The above suggested arrangement, which enables .the board to be removed, affords the advantage that the patient can be set in particular postures, by employing, for example, an articulated chair, as well as by inserting, in lieu of the board, special supporting flats equipped with specific apparatus, such as urological, gynaecological and other implementations and various devices such as seriographs, amplifiers and the like.


The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing which shows a perspective view of the table. T generally indicates an X-ray table wherein the framing 1 which carries he patient-supporting board 2 has an elongated berth-like shape and is equipped with horizontal guideways 3-4 at the extremities thereof whereinto the head portions of said board are simply inserted as the table is in readiness for operation and wherefrom said board can be slipped out to remove same from the X-ray table. To remove the board from, or to insert it in, the supporting frame a conveying carriage can be used, such as shown at 5 in the accompanying drawing.

As seen in the drawing, the guideways occupy raised positions at the extremities of the framing whereby when the supporting board is mounted in the guideways, a clearance space is provided beneath the board for receiving various apparatus and equipment.

What is claimed is:

1. An X-ray table including an elongated, berth-like, articulated framing with at least one pair of horizontal guideways at the extremities thereof and an elongated patient-supporting board removably mounted in said guideways, said board including means cooperating with said guideways.

2. An X-ray table as claimed in claim 1 comprising a supporting carriage for said board which is rollable along the fioor.

3. An X-ray table as claimed in claim 2 wherein said guideways occupy raised positions at the ends of the framing whereby with the supporting board mounted in the guideways a clearance" is provided beneath the board.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61B6/04
European ClassificationA61B6/04