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Publication numberUS3506033 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1970
Filing dateAug 25, 1966
Priority dateAug 25, 1966
Publication numberUS 3506033 A, US 3506033A, US-A-3506033, US3506033 A, US3506033A
InventorsHaney John W
Original AssigneeHaney John W
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Remote control means for shut-off valve
US 3506033 A
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April 14, 1970 J. w. HANEY 'REMOTE CONTROL MEANS FOR SHUT-OFF VALVE Filed Aug. 25, 1966 NN @N WWW:

QM. l.

` United States Patent O U.S. Cl. 137-624.11 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A shut-off control system which automatically operates under pressure with a preset device having a normally closed circuit from an electrical source to energize it and which is automatically opened when a Water line is subjected to rising pressures due to the closure of a faucet.

The present invention relates to a shut-off control system including remote control means for a shut-off valve, and more particularly, the invention relates to a shutaoif control system in which automatically operated and pressure preset devices which are electrically operatedV remotely by control means in which a normally closed circuit from an electrical source is automatically opened when a water line is subjected to rising pressures due to the closure of a faucet.

An object therefore of the present invention is to provide a remote control for a spigot or faucet, so that when the faucet or spigot is closed, the pressure on the line is reduced by closure upstream of the spigot or faucet, of a solenoid so that the water pressure projected upon the faucet or spigot valve is substantially and effectively reduced.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a shutoff control system for water valves that may be separately coin-operable r actuable, and which are capable of being auXiliarily manually operable from the faucet.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a new and improved pressure control shutoff control system that is remotely operable by'electric circuit means.

The above and other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon full consideration of the following detailed description and accompanying drawings, in which:

FIGURE l is a circuit diagram showing the shutoff control system prior to actuation in accordance with a preferred embodiment and construction of the invention, and

FIGURE 2 shows a circuit diagram showing the circuit of the remote shutoff control system in operation after having been initiated by depression of a pushbutton switch in accordance with the teachings and advantages of the present invention.

Referring now to the drawings, there is shown a water main or pipe having a solenoid valve 12 which is normally closed and disposed in communication with the pipe 10 and in which there is also a pressure sensitive switch means 14 which is normally open in communication with the line 10, and there is shown a faucet or spigot 16 at the terminal end of the main or pipe 10.

There is also provided in connection and as adjunct to the shutoff control system ofthe invention, a power source 20 compris-ing a pair of terminals or conductors providing 120 volts of 6.0 cycle house current or the like, and in which is connected thereto a transformer 22 for stepping down the current and characteristics to a rectifier 26 which provides 24 volts of electrical energy to the power lines 30. Across the lines 30 there is connected a push button 32 and a start relay or solenoid 34 which is provided to energize the solenoid valve 12 upon energization of the start relay 34 by means of the relay contacts and switch ICC 36. In this way, upon depression of the push button switch 32, the momentary depression provides conduction across the contacts 38 of the push ibutton switch 32 and forms a series circuit across the terminals 30 from the contacts 38, 38 to the start relay 34 to the other side of the line 30'. In this way the start relay is energized and the contacts and switch 36 is closed for energizing the solenoid valve 12. Upon release of' the push button 32, the delayed opening of 36 provides a current across the other contacts 42, 42 of the push button switch, and conduction continues across the contacts and switch 36 to energize the solenoid relay valve 12. Actuation of the solenoid valve 12 opens the line 10 so that water is communicated through the `main 10 to the spigot 16 which has been opened manually prior to actuation of the push button switch 32.

It is seen by the passage of Water through and beyond the pressure sensitive switch means 14 that the switch contacts 48 are closed as shown in FIGURE 2 upon passage of water therethrough, similar to the closing of a solenoid such as used in disposal systems for kitchen sinks in Iwhich the disposal is actuated upon the flow of cold water therein. The switch means 14 and contacts 48 are similar further to a pressure responsive flow switch of a Reid Patent 2,772,409. Therefore, upon closure of the switch `48, there is provided a holding circuit across the lines 30 through the contacts 48 and the start relay 34 so that it is maintained energized and across the mains or lines 30. In this way, water continues to flow through the main 10 to the spigot or faucet 16 as desired. Upon the condition prevailing where sufficient Water has been drawn off, then the spigot 16 may be closed manually. Upon manually c'losing `the spigot 16, the pressure sensitive switch means 14 is actuated to open the electrical contacts 48 so that the switch hereof is opened and the start relay 34 is deenergized. Deenergization of start relay 34 causes the relay swi-tch 36 to correspondingly open as shown in FIGURE l and the initial or static condition of the system is again reached. This includes the solenoid valve 12 again closing so that water is not caused to ow through the pipe 10 to the faucet 16. T'hus it is seen that the remote control shutoff control system for water valves is a simply constructed system and is adaptable to be used in installations where there are coin operable water spigot control systems, or where it is desired to control the use of water in arid or drought areas such as New York City and the like. It is also within the purview of this application and invention to use a shorting element across the normally closed contacts of pushbutton 32 so that the contacts 36 need be the only switch in that line across power lines 32 that need be closed upon starting the shutoff control system.

It may also be within the purview and contemplation of the present invention to arrange the solenoid 12 and the pressure sensitive switch means 14 so that their con'- tacts are in series relation across the lines 30 and in which there may be a push button switch to momentarily shunt out the contacts 48, and thus eliminate most if not all of the remainder of the control system.

Additional embodiments of the invention in this specication will occur to others and therefore it is intended that the scope of the invention be limited only by the appended claims and not by the embodiments described hereinabove. Accordingly, reference should be made =to the following claims in determining the full scope of the of the start relay by said push-button switch, a holding circuit connected from said push-button switch to said source terminals and including contacts of a pressure sensitive switch means which is connected downstream of said solenoid valve, and said pressure sensitive switch means holding its contacts closed until static water pressure is applied to the pressure sensitive switch means when said contacts then open, and thereby holding in circuit the start relay so that the solenoid Valve is continued in its energized state, and a faucet at the end of said water line adapted to be manually closed, so that when the faucet is closed, the solenoid valve is electrically de-energized upon said static pressure being applied to said pressure sensitive switch means to open its contacts as -a result of pressure rise in said Water line.

2. A shut-off control system comprising a water line, a start relay having a start switch, a serial arrangement in said water line of a solenoid valve, a pressure sensitive switch means, and a faucet at the terminal end of the Water line, said solenoid valve and said pressure sensitive switch means adapted to be connected in parallel upon depression and closure of a pushbutton switch,

closure of said start switch and upon passage of Water through said water line through the open faucet, closure means on said faucet and, upon release of the pushbutton switch and closure of the faucet closure means, the contacts of said pressure sensitive switch means break the closed circuit formed between the start relay and the pressure sensitive switch means so that the water in said line is turned off by the solenoid valve of the control system thereof.

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