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Publication numberUS3512297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1970
Filing dateJun 7, 1967
Priority dateJun 7, 1966
Publication numberUS 3512297 A, US 3512297A, US-A-3512297, US3512297 A, US3512297A
InventorsAthis Suzanne Jeanne Marie Mal
Original AssigneeSuzanne Jeanne Marie Malherbe
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Child's toy for use in feeding
US 3512297 A
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SUZANNE JEANNE MARIE MALHERBE d'ATHIS BY IRONS, BIRCH, SWINDLER & MOKII'I ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,512,297 CHILDS TOY FOR USE IN FEEDING Suzanne Jeanne Marie Malherbe dAthis, 46 Rue de Rome, Paris 8, France Filed June 7, 1967, Ser. No. 644,341 Claims priority, application France, June 7, 1966,

4,418 Int. Cl. A63h 33/00 US. Cl. 46-1 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION Applicant claims priority from corresponding French application Ser. No. 64,418, filed June 7, 1966.

DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a toy intended to occupy the attention of young children, especially those aged six to twelve months, while they are being fed, in the course of which operation the child tries to snatch the spoon offered to him, or the plate placed in front of him. The problem is essentially to distract his attention and occupy his hands, so as to be able to feed him without any commotion. The toy that is the subject of the present invention answering to this need is characterized in that it comprises a box with a transparent lid. It can be attached to a table, particularly fitting into the tray on a childs chair. The box contains balls, rattles, figurines or other similar objects, and it presents on the side turned toward the child openings for his hands, preferably furnished with sleeves of flexible material such as plastic.

The box is preferably fixed permanently on a pinafore that protects the child, or it has means for hooking the lower edge removably to the bottom of the box near the rear edge thereof. The pinafore can be furnished with a removable sponge napkin.

As example, there is described below and illustrated in the attached drawing a form of embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 1 shows in perspective a childs chair on which the toy of the invention has been installed;

FIG. 2 is a plan view of the box;

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along line 3-3 of FIG. 2; and,

FIG. 4 is a view similar to that of FIG. 3, of a modified form of the invention.

As shown in FIGS. 1 to 3, the toy which is the subject of the invention comprises a box 1, preferably of semirigid plastic material such as polyethylene, furnished with a transparent lid 2 made of a similar material and fitting elastically into the upper end of box 1. Said box 1 can, for example, have a substantially circular external configuration which allows it to fit onto a tray 4 which has a raised edge 5, of a child's chair as shown in FIG. 1. However, it is of course understood that the configuration of the box is not an essential characteristic of the invention.

3,512,297 Patented May 19, 1970 On the side 6 of box 1 which is turned toward the child there are two openings 7, 7' which allow the child to introduce his hands to grasp objects such as colored balls 8, 8', 8" which are arranged in it and preferably fixed to the interior of the box, e.g. by means of elastic threads 9, 9', 9", which objects the child sees through the transparent lid.

The threads can pass through the wall of the box and be furnished with knobs or grips 17, 17', 17" so as to form pulls, allowing the person who is working with the child to cause the balls to move and thereby attract the childs attention.

Instead of balls, it is likewise possible to furnish rattles of any configuration, figurines, small rubber or plastic animals or any other light toys that would attract a child of this age. Openings 7, 7' are preferably furnished with sleeves 10, 10" of flexible material, e.g. made of a sheet of thin plastic material, which will somewhat restrain the abrupt movements of the childs hands.

The box is preferably made integral with a pinafore that is attached to the neck and to the belt of the child, the pinafore being permanently attachable to the bottom of the box near the rear edge thereof, or being made so that it can be hooked removably to the box by any appropriate means. The pinafore must be long enough not to be stretched, and also long enough to form a trough 12, to catch food that the child may let fall from the spoon.

In order to allow the child readily to see the toys contained in box 1 through transparent lid 2 without making it necessary for him to lean forward, it is preferable that the said lid or the box as a whole be tilted toward the child. Thus, for example, in the embodiment shown in FIG. 3, the bent side wall 13 of the box extends beyond the bottom 14 with a height that decreases from front to back, to give to base 14 and lid 2 a sloped position when the edge of side wall 13 rests on a horizontal surface.

In the modification shown in FIG. 4, the desired slope of box 1 can be attained by means of a foot 15 fixed on base 14 of the box near its front edge, the said foot being furnished at its extremity with a suction cup 16 that allows fixation of box 1 on its support.

Box 1 can be easily manufactured from a relatively thin plate of polyethylene, bent or folded to the desired configuration and held in shape by its welded base and by the lid which is elastically and removably fitted into the upper edge of the box, like the lids of boxes intended to contain food, particularly in refrigerators.

It will of course be understood that many modifications could be made in the embodiment herein described, without departure from the scope of the invention.

I claim:

1. A toy particularly intended to distract the attention of young children while they are being fed comprising a box containing a plurality of attention-attracting objects and having a transparent lid to permit viewing those objects, said box being of size and configuration suitable for placement on the tray of a childs high chair, the box having openings into said space of a size such as to permit a child to insert his hands into said space to grasp the toys, said attention-attracting objects having flexible threads attached thereto which extend through said box at the side thereof opposite said openings to permit manipulation of the toys by the person feeding the child.

2. The toy of claim *1 having flexible sleeves surrounding and extending outward of said openings to guide the childs hands into said space.

3. The toy of claim 1 in which said box has a bottom wall and said lid is tilted downwardly from front to back toward said openings so that the contents of the box may readily be seen by the child.

4. The toy of claim 1 having a suction cup support at the bottom front end thereof to releasably secure the box to the tray of the high chair and tilt the box upwardly for ready viewing of the contents by the child.

5. The toy of claim 1 including a pinafore having one end thereof attached to the bottom end of said box below said openings, said pinafore having a head opening for the child and operable to extend between the child and the toy to catch food not consumed by the child.


F. BARRY SHAY, Primary Examiner 10 J. A. OLIFF, Assistant Examiner US. Cl. X.R.

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