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Publication numberUS3514154 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1970
Filing dateAug 14, 1968
Priority dateAug 14, 1968
Publication numberUS 3514154 A, US 3514154A, US-A-3514154, US3514154 A, US3514154A
InventorsKotler Aaron L
Original AssigneeGoshen Mfg Co Inc The
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Picnic table and bench assemblies
US 3514154 A
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May 26, 1970 A. L. KOTLER 3,

PICNIC TABLE AND BENCH ASSEMBLIES Filed Aug. 14, 1968 ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,514,154 PICNIC TABLE AND BENCH ASSEMBLIES Aaron L. Kotier, Glencoe, 11]., assignor to The Goshen Manufacturing Co., Inc., Goshen, Ind., a corporation of Indiana Filed Aug. 14, 1968, Ser. No. 752,524 Int. Cl. A47b 1/04, 39/00 US. Cl. 297--159 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A picnic-type table having supporting elements for removably suspending a pair of benches beneath the table top for compact storage, the top of said table being pivotal and hinged to permit the overhanging portions thereof to be folded down in a compact position concealing said suspended benches when the table is not in use. In its open condition said table provides relatively unobstructed leg room beneath the table top, and also provides stored as a compact, integral unit.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Field of the invention The present invention relates to a new and improved portable picnic-type table and bench assembly that can be stored as a compact, integral unit.

Description of the prior art Heretofore there have been a number of knock-down table and bench assemblies, as well as units wherein the seats can be removably supported beneath the table top for compact storage, but none of said prior table and bench units anticipate the present structure, not do they include all of the advantageous features incorporated in the present invention. Examples of such prior structures are disclosed in the following US. patents: No. 2,109,869; No. 2,461,385; No. 1,992,434; No. 2,655,983; No. 2,661,- 792; No. 2,457,411; No. 1,697,427; and No. 2,613,728.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a novel picnic-type table and bench assembly wherein means are provided on the underside of said table for suspending the benches beneath the table top in an out-of-the-way position, and wherein said top can be pivoted 90 and folded downwardly to conceal said suspended benches and to reduce the size of the unit for storage or transporting.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a novel picnic table and bench assembly wherein said table can be provided with wheels to facilitate the movement of the same from place to place.

Still further objects of the present invention are to provide a novel and improved table and bench assembly which is mgged and durable in construction, attractive in appearance, relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and which is otherwise particularly well adapted for its intended purposes.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING In the accompanying drawing, wherein there is illustrated one preferred embodiment of the invention, and wherein the same reference numerals designate the same parts in all of the views:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the picnic table and benches arranged in their normal position of use;

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of one side of the unit showing one of the benches suspended beneath the table top;

FIG. 3 is an end view showing both of the benches supported beneath the table top;

Patented May 26, 1970 DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring now more particularly to the drawing, the numeral 10 designates the table member of the present table and bench set, and the numerals 11 and 12 designate the benches. In the illustrated form of the invention said table and bench members are constructed of stained or varnished wood, with spaced slats, but this is not essential and the invention is by no means to be limited in this respect. Within the scope of the invention said table and benches could be formed of metal, plastic, or other material, they could be of solid rather than slatted construction, and said members could be of any desired style, size, or color.

The bench 11 includes an elongated seat portion 13 having side boards 13" supported by legs 14 at each corner, and the bench 12 includes a similar seat portion 16, side boards 16, and supporting legs 17. As appears in FIGS. 1 and 2, the table 10 is provided with a top 18 having overhanging end portions 19 and 19, there being a top-supporting frame including a pair of parallel rails 21 interconnected by cross rods 22, 22. Said table top 18 is pivotally supported by a central stud 15 projecting upwardly from said top-supporting frame and having a recessed head, the purpose of which pivotal mounting will be described hereinafter. Pairs of legs 23, 24 diverge downwardly from the central portion of said top-supporting frame, and in the illustrated form of the invention one pair 23 of said legs have wheels 26 mounted on the lower ends thereof, the function of which will also be hereinafter seen.

Although the invention is by no means to be limited in this respect, the table and bench set comprising the present invention is particularly well adapted for outdoor use as a picnic table for a yard or patio. In its open condition said table provides relatively unobstructed leg room beneath the top 18, and seating capacity is available at both ends of the table.

In accordance with the present invention when it is desired to store the table 11] and benches 11, 12 away, as for the winter, said members can be arranged as a compact, integral unit adapted to be fitted into a relatively small space, as will now be described.

Referring again to FIG. 1 of the drawing, it will be seen that an L-shaped bracket 27 projects laterally outwardly from each of the table legs 23, 24 a short distance below the table top 18, the outwardly-projecting legs of said brackets being several inches in length. As shown in FIG. 3, when it is desired to arrange the present unit in compact form the benches 11 and 12 can be positioned sideways and suspended from said brackets 27, the bench side boards 13, 16' engaging said brackets, and with the bench legs 14, 17 extending horizontally beneath the table top.

With the benches 11 and 12 suspended beneath the top of the table, as described, said table top 18 is next pivoted in a horizontal plane about its center pivot mounting 15 to a position where the end portions 19, 19' thereof project transversely beyond the sides of said table. Said table top is hinged along lines 28 and 29 spaced inwardly from and parallel to the outer ends thereof, and when said top 18 has been pivoted to the position described said end portions 19, 19' thereof are no longer supported on the frame rails 21 and said hinged end portions fall downwardly to a vertical, non-projecting position, as appears in FIG. 5. Thus the benches are not only suspended in an out-of-the-way position beneath the table, but the hinged 3 table top can be arranged in a compact, non-projecting position concealing said benches. In this condition the entire set can be readily stored in a relatively small space, as in the corner of a garage or porch.

As is shown in FIG. 5, when the illustrated table and benches have been assembled as an integral unit with the ends of the table top hanging downwardly, as described, the cross bar 22 at the end of the supporting frame can be used as a hand grip to permit the unit to be pushed about on the wheels 26. Such a wheeled unit can be easily manually transported to and from its storage location, which is a distinct advantage, but it is to be understood that said wheels are not a critical feature of the invention.

From the foregoing detailed description it will be seen that the present invention provides a novel picnic-type table and bench unit having means for suspending the benches in an out-of-the-way position beneath the table top, and wherein said hinged table top can be pivoted sideways and folded downwardly to hide said benches and to reduce the size of the unit for convenient storage or transporting. In addition, said novel table and bench unit is rugged and durable, and it is relatively inexpensive in design and construction.

It is to be understood that while a preferred embodiment of the present invention has been illustrated and described herein, numerous variations or modifications of said structure are possible. It is contemplated, for example, that while the illustrated table is particularly well suited for use as an outdoor picnic table, a different type of stain or finish could be employed and the table used indoors. In short, what is intended to be covered herein is not only the illustrated form of the invention, but also any and all variations or modifications thereof as may come within the spirit of said invention, and within the scope of the following claims.

What I claim is:

1. A table and bench assembly, comprising: a table having top-supporting means; a table top shiftably mounted on said top-supporting means and having hinged end portions; table legs; bench-supporting elements associated with said table beneath said table top; a plurality of benches having legs; and means permitting said benches to be removably suspended beneath the table top by said bench-supporting elements when the assembly is not in use, said table top being shiftable to a transverse position Where the hinged end portions thereof are not supported by said top-supporting means and hang downwardly over the sides of said table in covering relationship to said suspended benches.

2. The table and bench assembly recited in claim 1 wherein wheels are carried on the lower ends of two of said ta'ble legs to facilitate the transporting of said assembly.

3. The table and bench assembly recited in claim 2 and including hand grip means associated with said table to facilitate the manual transporting of said wheeled assembly.

'4. The table and bench assembly recited in claim 1 wherein said benches may be suspended with their legs extending substantially horizontally beneath said table top.

5. The table and bench assembly recited in claim 4 wherein said benches are suspended at slightly diflerent elevations to provide clearance for and between said horizontally-disposed legs.

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