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Publication numberUS351655 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1886
Filing dateApr 29, 1886
Publication numberUS 351655 A, US 351655A, US-A-351655, US351655 A, US351655A
InventorsDavid Savage
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US 351655 A
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SPECIFICATION forming partrof Letters Patent No. 351,655, dated October 26, 1886.

Application tiled April 29, 1886. Serial No. 200,582. (No model l To all whom it may concern.-

Beit known'that I, DAvID SAVAGE, a citizen of the United States; residing at Bloomsburg, in the county of Columbia. and State of ,Pennsylvania have invented a new and useful Improvement in Churns, of which the following is a specification.

My inventionrelates to improvements in reciprocating churns; and it consists of the peculiar combination and novel construction and arrangement of the various parts for service, substantially as hereinafter fully set forth, and particularly pointed out in the claim.

The object of my invention is to provide an improved churn which shall be very simple and strong in construction; which shall secure a violent agitation' of the cream in the receptacle, to effect the operation of churning in a very short space of time; to provide animproved dasher which xcan be operated with great ease and a minimum of power, and thus lighten the labor of the operator; to provide means for easily and readily cleansing the churn after the churning operation has been completed.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a vertical longitudinal sectional view,through a churn embodying my invention, on the line Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view thereofon the line y y of Fig. 1. Figs. 3 and 4 are detached perspective views of the dasher and one of the removable partitions.

Referring to .the drawings, in which like -letters of reference denote corresponding parts in all the gures, A designates the body or vessel of a churn embodying my invention, which 'is prefer ably square or rectangular in cross-section, and provided at or near its upper edges with an inwardly-projecting iiange or ledge, c, on which a removable cover or lid, B, rests, and is thereby adapted to close the open upper end of the vessel o'r body A, one edge of the cover being fitted beneath an inwardly-proj ecting fiange, a', that is arranged a short distance above one of the ledges a on .one of the side walls of the churn-body, as

will be readily seen by reference to Fig."l of the drawings, whereby the cover is prevented from accidental displacement by the action of the contents of the vessel or the verticallymovable dasher C, that reciprocates therein. The vessel or'body A is further provided on its inner faces with vertically-arranged ways or cleats D, that are'suitably secured in place against the inclosing-walls ofthe churn` opposite to each other. These ways or cleats are Varranged in pairs, and the ways or cleats of each pair are arranged a short distance from and parallel with each other. to provide an intermediate space or groove, d, in which. slides or ts one edge ofa removable partition; E. I provide four pairs of these cleats or ways D, and two pairs of ways are provided for each of the partitions E, and the partitions are arranged within the inclosing-vessel, near the side walls thereof, to provide a central large chamber, F, and two auxiliary chambers, F, at opposite sides of the vessel or body. These partitions are provided with handles e, that project above the same, so that the partitionA can be very readily removed or detached from the vessel to clean the latter and the partition; and the said partition is provided, further, with a sen ries of openings or apertures, e', which permit of the free passage .of the cream from the main chamber F into the auxiliary chambers, and serve to collect and retain the butter.

C designates the reciprocating dasher, which is arranged to move vertically between the pairs of ways and within the main chamber i F of the churn-body. This dasher comprises the vertical rod c and the beater or blade U',

that is made of a shape at its lower end to completely ill the space between the removable partitions E, the upper edge of the blade or beater being inclined or made wedge shape iu cross-section, so that the dasher can be elevated very easily, and thus adapt the churn to be operated with a minimum of power. The ends of the dasher-beater Cf are notched to provide the guiding-shoulders h, which bear against the edges of the ways or cleats D, and prevent the dasher from lateral or sidewise play or movement and compelit to move in astraight line up and down. -The upper end of the dasher-rod passes through a suitable opening or slot in the cover B, and is pivotally connected to an operating lever or handle, I, by means of a transverse removable pin, t, and the lever is fitted at one end between the bifurcated-arms of a bracket or standard, J, and pivoted therein by a detachable pin, the free end of the lever being adapted to be operated by hand, and the standard being secured to the churn body or vessel in any suitable manner.

This being the construction ofmyinvcntion, the operation thereof is as follows: The cream is first placed in the main chamber F of the body of the vessel, and the dasher is then adj usted therein,so that its sh oulders bear against the ways or cleats, after which the cover B is fitted in place, the lever pivoted to the standard or bracket J and the dasher-rod connected t0 the lever, when the machine is ready for use. The free end of the handle-lever is now moved up and down to reciprocate the dasher vertically, and the beater thereof acts upon the cream inthe main chamber F, and forces the same through the perforated partitions, which thereby creates a violent agitation in the vessel, and serves to gather the particles of the butter thereon, whereby the churning operation will be very quickly and easily accomplished. After the churning has been completed the parts are removed to gather the butter, and the perforated partitions are detaclled,` to clean the same and permit free access to the vessel to clean the latter.

My improved churn is very simple and strong in construction, and can be manufactured at a reduced cost, thus making it an inexpensive and desirable article.

I am aware of Patents Nos. 46,202 and 175,043, which show a churn provided with two perforated partitions to provide chambers O1' spaces in which reciprocate the dashers; but my invention differs from these devices from the fact that I arrange my partitions between parallel cleats, so that they are very firmly held in place, and employ a single dasher, which is arranged in the space between the two partitions and notched at its corners, so that thc dasher will impinge against the cleats and be guided thereby in its vertical movements to prevent any side play. My improved dasher is also beveled or inclined on its upper surface, so that it will move freely through the cream on its upstrokc to lighten the labor of the operator.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, iS-'- In a churn, the combination of the body, the vertical strips D, secured to the body and arranged parallel and out of contact with each otherto provide the intermediate grooves, d, the perforated partitions E,tted in the said grooves and arranged near opposite sides of 55 the body to provide the main and auxiliary compartments, a solid dasher working in the main compartmenaand having the inclined or beveled upper side, and the notched corners It bearing against the cleats D, which serve to guide the dasher, and a pivoted lever connected to the dash er-staff for reciprocating the dasher, all arranged and`combined substantially as described, for the purpose set forth.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own .I have hereto afxcd my signature in presence of two witnesses.



1 vAnios SAVAGE,


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