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Publication numberUS3525333 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1970
Filing dateOct 5, 1967
Priority dateSep 4, 1967
Publication numberUS 3525333 A, US 3525333A, US-A-3525333, US3525333 A, US3525333A
InventorsSamuel A Mencacci
Original AssigneeMencacci Samuel
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Device to stimulate peristaltic movements
US 3525333 A
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United States Patent Inventor Samuel A. Mencacci 30 Ahornenlaan, Wilrijk, Belgium App]. No. 673,108 Filed Oct. 5, 1967 Continuation-impart of Ser. No. 433,996, Feb. 19, 1965. Patented Aug. 25, 1970 Priority Sept. 4, 1967 Belgium No. 47164 DEVICE TO STIMULATE PERISTALTIC MOVEMENTS 6 Claims, 7 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl

[51] lnt.Cl A61h 23/00 [50] Field ofSearch 128/24. 24.1, 24.2, 64, 28, 30.2, 55, 64

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,027,893 4/1962 Darphin 128/64 3,120,228 2/1964 Huxley 128/302 3,244,168 4/1966 Bayard l28/24UX Primary Examiner L. W. Trapp Attorneys Richards and Geier ABSTRACT: A device to stimulate peristaltic movements including a fluid filled bladder having inlet and outlet conduits, the latter comprising a valve operated at a desired frequency.

Patented Aug. 25, 1970 3,525,333

S.A-. M e n cu. cctINVENTOR.

DEVICE TO STIMULATE PERISTALTIC MOVEMENTS This application is a continuation-in-part of my copending patent application Ser. No. 433,996 filed Feb. 19, 1965.

In my U.S. patent application Ser. No. 433,996, I have disclosed a device to stimulate the peristaltic movement comprising an impact head and actuating means therefor, said head and actuating means being carried by a support adapted to locate said head in front of the 1-5 lumbars of the user, said actuating means being controlled by timing means to move said head at a frequency comprised between 5 and blows a minute. V

Further research on this subject showed that, apart from said impacts delivered at a frequency of 5 to 15 blows a minute, which is of prime importance, other factors could enhance the effects of such blow delivering devices.

I have indeed found that when a bladder like element, submitted to internal fluid pressure, is used as impact head, an additional massaging effect of the lumbar region could be obtained which enhances the action of said blows when a special manner of varying said internal fluid pressure is used.

I have also found that warming of said fluid also would help I to promote peristaltic motions. i

With this in view, the object of the present inventionisto provide a device of the type referred to above, in whicha bladder like impact head is subjected to the internal pressure of a fluid, said pressure being suddenly varied, at a rate of 530 I5 variations a minute, by controlling the outlet of said fluid from said impact head. It is to be understood thatthe expression bladder like impact head also extends to a pressure head having its surface which is exposed to the patients body and which is made of resilient material.

Another object of the invention is to provide heating means brought into said bladder like impact head. A further object of the invention is to provide a device of the type referred to which will be easily produced and convenient to operate.

Other objects of the invention will be apparent to those closing or after a slight delay so as to obtain a slight build-up of back pressure within the bladder. It can also be of advanage to choose the diameter D of conduit 2 greater than diameter d of conduit 3. i

The second way, hereinafter referred to as negative way consists in maintaining a fairly constant fluid pressure within bladder l but toperiodically release said pressure by suddenly opening the normally closed valve 4. This sudden release of pressure on the surface of bladder or diaphragm 1 has been found to have a similar effect to a positive blow for the promotion of peristaltic movements. Be it of the positive or negative type, the device can be easily arranged to work in closed circuit, as shown in FIG. 2. Here, water is fed from a reservoir 7, by a pump 8 into bladder 1 and is discharged therefrom through valve 4 and conduit 3 back to reservoir 7. The latter is advantageously provided with an electrical heating unit 9 controlled by thermostat unit l0Il. The electrical feed of pump 8, timer 5 and thermostat 10-11 is controlled by a main switch 12. Tapping up or emptying reservoir 7 may be effectuated after removing plug 13.

.A unit such as the one schematically shown in FIG. 2 may iwalled seat cover 14 may contain bladder 1, part of conduits 2 and 3, valve 4, main switch 12, timer 5 and heat control unit l l. An opening 15 is provided in the inner wall 16 of seat lcov,er 14, through which projects part of bladder 1, the

, remaining portion of which being fixed to a suitable molding 17, on the inner face of outer wall 18 of cover 14. Reservoir 7, pump 8, heater 9 and thermostat 10 may be incorporated into a compact unit designated as 19, which may be deposited on the floor next to bowl 20. Said unit 19 is connected to the contents of seat cover 14 by the necessary flexible hoses and electrical wiring. Altemately, switch 12 and controls 5 and 11 may be mounted in a control panel 21 supported by a skilled in the art from the following detailed description of the annexed sheet of drawings which, by way of example only, schematically illustrates preferred embodiments of the invention.

In these drawings:

FIG. 1 is a side elevation of a simple embodiment according to the invention;

FIG. 2 schematically shows another embodiment of the invention, in which the device operates in closed circuit;

FIG. 3 shows the combination of a device according to FIG. 2 with a toilet bowl and seat cover, in front elevation;

. FIG. 4 is a sectional view on the line IV-IV of FIG. 3;

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a device according to the invention, combined with a supporting belt;

.FIG. 6 is a detail view of the part indicated by arrow F6 of FIG. 5; and

FIG. 7 shows part of the device according to the invention, in perspective, combined with a support slipped around a toilet bowl seat cover.

I The simplest embodiment of a device according to the invention is shown in FIG. 1 and comprises a bladder like impact head 1 provided with a fluid inlet conduit 2 and outlet conduit 3. Outlet conduit 3 is equipped with a check valve 4, which is preferably electrically operated through a timer 5 allowing to open and close said valve at a rate of 5 to 15 operations a minute. l

Conduit 2 IS connected to a fluid supply such as a water tap for instance, while conduit 3 is led to any suitable discharge point to waste. As indicated, conduit 2 may be provided with a flow control valve 6. I

lthas been found that this device could be operated in two different ways, with matching results. The first way, hereinafter referred to as positive way consists in circulating waterthrough the bladder and in sharply closing valve 4 according to the chosen impact frequency, say every 10 seconds. This induces a hydraulic hammer effect in the bladder 1. Valve 4 may be opened either immediately after each standard 22 fixed to said unit 19.

In another embodiment, bladder 1 may be fixed to the inner side of a supporting belt 23,- between two paddings 24 and 25, valve 4 extending through said belt, as shown in FIG. 6. The remaining parts of the device may be housed into a compact unit 19 as in the preceding example, including switch 12 and controls 5 and 11. Instead of being carried by a belt to be worn around the user's body, bladder l and paddings 24-25 may also be strapped around a conventional seat cover 14 as shown in FIG. 7.

It will be understood that the present invention is not limited to the examples described hereabove, many modifications being possible within the scope of the appended claims. For instance and particularly in the negative type of arrangement, the fluid delivered to the bladder or diaphragm could be air, forced into said inlet conduit by a blower or compressor, after passing over or through heating elements if necessary. Although one bladder only has been described, it is evident-that a device according to this invention could ingludetwo orrnore such bladders cgnr ected in series.

l. A device to stimulate peristaltic motions, comprising at least one bladder-like impact head having a fluid inlet conduit and a fluid outlet conduit, fluid flow control means located in said fluid outlet conduit and comprising a valve, and a timer having means for sharply closing and then opening said valve at a frequency of between 5 and 15 operations per minute.

2. A device in accordance with claim 1, wherein said valve is a solenoid type valve normally held in a closed position.

3. A device in accordance with claim 1, comprising a fluid reservoir, a heating unit within said reservoir, a temperature control device for controlling said heating unit and a pump communicating with said fluid reservoir, said inlet conduit being connected to said pump, said outlet conduit being con- I nected to said reservoir.

4. A device according to claim 1, wherein said fluid inlet is 6. A device according to claim 1, comprising a flexible support, strapped or slipped around a toilet seat cover, at least said bladder-like impact head being carried by said support.

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U.S. Classification601/18, 601/149
International ClassificationA61H23/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61H2205/081, A61H9/0078, A61H2203/0431
European ClassificationA61H9/00P6