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Publication numberUS352836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1886
Publication numberUS 352836 A, US 352836A, US-A-352836, US352836 A, US352836A
InventorsSusanne Oldbeeg
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Susanne oldbeeg
US 352836 A
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Patented Nov.

N. PLIERs. Photo-Lillwgrnuhen Wzuhinglon. D.C




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 352,836, dated November 16, 1886.

Application filedDecember 19, 1885. Serial No.186,166. (No model.)

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, SUSANNE OLDBERG, a

' citizen of the United States, residing at Washington, in the District of Columbia, have invented new a-nd useful Improvements in Rubber Boots,'of which thefollowing is a specification.

shoe of the wearer, to make a neat and close fit over and around the ankle and instep of the foot, and to permit of the easyremoval of the article from the shoe of the wearer. The instep or ankle opening is preferably a mere slit, so as to open and enlarge the article around and about the instep and ankle to permit of being readily drawn on and off the wearer,

I and such opening may be made at the front or at the side, with one edge having a flap of suitable form to cover the opening and be buttoned or laced. Provision for holding the top of the thin flexible leggin in place may be made by slitting or goring the top for a short distance and buttoning 0r lacing it; or the top may be held,by unattached suspenders like those used for the hose, and known as the Boston garter, or thetop may be provided with a rubber band sewed in; or the top may be held in place by a simple unattached garter.

The object of the improvement is to provide adapted for being easily put on and removed.

. The joining of the thin leggin and shoe may be made by sewing and by cementing, or by any suitable means known to the trade for uniting rubber goods. This slit may be made at the seam, as shown, and the covering-flap may be cut withthe leggin, or it may be sewed on, and the leggin may be made in any suitable way that will give the required fit for the shoe and to the leg. The flap can be made of any shape, and fastened around the ankle with buttons or tie of any kind, so as to give the advantage of having a neatly-fitting water-tight cover for the opening provided for the easy drawingon and removal of the artimaterial, provided with the slit 0, of a length preferably extending from the top edge of the shoe just above the ankle; and d is the cover ing-flap for said slit or opening, applied at one edge of the slit and fastened by buttons 6, or by lacings e, or by other means that will make a neat fit for the flap over the opening.

The joining of the leggin with the shoe may be made by stitching, and then by a separate I seam-binder, f, preferably of thin water-proof material, sewed on over the seam in any suitable way, so as to re-enforce the connection, render it water-tight, and permit of the ready separation of the shoe when worn, so that the leggins may be used either separately or applied to a new'pair of shoes in the same way.

The shoe may be made with stout soles, so as to render them as durableas possible. The binder-strip f may be secured by cementing, or by stitching and cementing.

1. The herein-described improved article of manufacture, consisting of a rubber shoe and a thin water-proof leggin having an opening and-a covering-flap therefor at the'instep or ankle part fastened substantially as described.

2. The boot herein shown and described, consisting of the rubber shoe and thin waterproof leggin, the latter having an opening joining the shoe over the instep and ankle provided with a covering-flap, and the j oiningseam for the shoe and leggin provided with a water-proof binder-strip, as set forth.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses. Y SUSANNE OLDBERG. Witnesses:


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