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Publication numberUS353037 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1886
Filing dateOct 5, 1885
Publication numberUS 353037 A, US 353037A, US-A-353037, US353037 A, US353037A
InventorsSamuel Feank Petbes
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US 353037 A
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(No Model.) 2 sheets -shee't 1.



No. 353,037. Patented. Nv. 23, 1886.



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No. 358,037. Patented N0v.'23, 1886.


In van in? N PETERS. PholwLilhagnpher. Washington. D. c.

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SPECIFICATION formifig part of Letters Patent No. 353,037, dated November 23, 1886;

Application filed October 5, 1885.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it knownthat I, SAMUEL FRANK PETERS, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, and a resident of London, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, architect, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Window- Frames, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, such as would enable any person skilled in the art to make and use the same.

This invention consists of an additional frame in combination with an ordinary window-frame, which additional frame is provided with stops, which form, with the latter frame, grooves for the reception of interchangeable Window and screen sashes, the object being to operate the common window sash and shutters at the same time as a winter window-sash or summer fly-screen.

The construction and operation will be more particularly described and claimed with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 shows external elevation of this improved window-frame, with shutters and winter-sash or summer fly-screen. Fig. 2 shows a horizontal sectional View on the line a; x of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 shows an internal elevation of this improved frame and winter-sash or summer fly-screen. Fig. 4 shows a vertical sectional view on the line 2: z of Fig. 3. Fig. 5 shows a horizontal sectional view on the line y y of Fig. 3.

The dotted lines in the several figures of the accompanying drawings designate the wall, window frame, sash, &c., in .common use. p

a designates an additional window-frame, and b the sill of same. 0 shows a stop in the lower half of this frame a, which holds the top half of winter-sash o'r summer fly-screen in position, and also serves as a guide for lower half of same. V

d shows a stop in two pieces, which holds the winter-sash or summer fly-screen in position, and also forms a guide for lower half of same.

e e show winter-sash or summer fiy-screen. f shows outside shutters, and g'pius to hold top sash in position. a." shows a hanging stile, and z shows the outer stop of the frame in common use.

The frame a is rabbeted or cut away on the edge adjacent to the stop 2 and stile as, so as Serial No. 179,054. (No model.)

to permit one side of thisframe a to come within about an eighth of an inch from the sash in the frame in common use, and when in this position the frame a may be firmly secured to the v outer hanging stile, 8270. y

The frame a is rabbeted on the inside faces of the upright j ambs at 1", to receive the sashes made exactly similar, except that wire-netting takes the place of the glass.

The frame a has a sill, b, fitted on top of the sub-sill of window and on the face of the sill of the window-frame, being half an inch thinner than the outer edge of said sill of windowframe, thus forming sinking for lower half of winter-sash and summer fly-screen, which are rabbeted on bottom edge to fit down thereon, and thus break the joint. It slopes outward with about the same rake as sill of windowframe, and extends far enough to stop bottom of outer shutters.

The frame a. is provided with stops 0 on the inner sides of the jambs, under each side of the top winter-sash and summer fly-screen, e, to keep same in position and. to form guides for bottom winter-sash and summer v fly-screen. This frame a is also provided with stops (1 on inside edge, (each in two pieces in the height,) to form guides for bottom winter-sash and summer fly-screen, e, and to hold same in position.

The winter-sashes and summer fly-screens e e are framed and made like ordinary sash, but thinner, to suit circumstances, the bottom sash, 6, being made to slide up on the inner face of the top sash, e, and the bottom wintersash and summer fly-screen, 6, may be provided with aflush spring-bolt to hold it open the inner face of the top sash, e, in the position just mentioned;'now slide both top and bottom winter-sash or summer fly-screen e e to top of opening in frame a; then place the stops 0, before referred to, on the inner sides of the upright jambs of this frame in position underneath the. sash e, to hold it up. This holds the winter-sash or summer fly-screen 6 up to the top of the frame a. On the upper edge of the top rail of top winter-sash or summer fly-screen are placed two iron or hardwood pins, which fit into corresponding holes or mortises sunk in soflit of the head of the frame a, to keep said top winter-sash or summer fly-sereen from falling inward at the top. Then lower the bottom winter-sash or summer fly-screen, e, and place the stops d, before referred to, on the inner edge of the upright jambs of this frame a, to guide the bottom sash, e, and hold same in position, these two sashes e 6, when closed, to be held together at the meeting-rails, if desired, by a flush thumbserew.

The outside shutters arc fitted, hinged, and worked in the frame a in a similar way to the present system.

The size, shape, and molding on outer edge 3 of the frame a may be varied, as required, in

The lower half, 6', of the winter-sash and summer fly-screen may be moved up the full height of the window, thus affording the fullest ventilation in winter and easy access to outside shutters during both seasons of the year, and when closed affording a very effective and warm winter-sash and cool and perfectly impervious fly-screen in summer. In addition to the above-advantages, there is still another of the utmost importance. By using this improved frame a it will cause a great saving in labor and expense-viz., the faet'of the winter-sash and summer fly-screen being placed in position from the inside by any single individual, instead of the troublesome and expensive method of placing the present awk ward kind of winter-sash in position from the outside.

I claim- In combination with an ordinary windowframe, the additional frame a, having removable stops 0 d, forming with frame a grooves for the reception of the interchangeable window and screen sashes, substantially as described.




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