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Publication numberUS3536187 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1970
Filing dateOct 2, 1967
Priority dateOct 2, 1967
Publication numberUS 3536187 A, US 3536187A, US-A-3536187, US3536187 A, US3536187A
InventorsStafford Horace W
Original AssigneeStafford Horace W
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Auxiliary paint brush container and clamp
US 3536187 A
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I Unlted States Patent [72] Inventor Horace W. Stafford 1,455,221 5/1923 Myers 248/210 234 Wildwood Drive, South San Francisco, 2,490,546 12/1949 Rubin.... 15/257.06 California 94080 3,110,921 11/1963 Conner.. 15/257.06 [21] AppLNo. 676,006 3,125,317 3/1964 Law 248/210 [22] Filed Oct. 2, 1967 2,932,838 4/1960 Ouellette... l5/257.06 Continuation-impart of Ser. No. 3,245,642 4/1966 Dicke 248/230X 593,083, NOV. 9, 1966, now abandoned. FOREIGN PATENTS [451 Patented 27,197 179,786 12/1935 Switzerland 15/257.05 45,527 5/1966 Germany l5/257.06

[54] AUXILIARY PAINT BRUSH CONTAINER AND Primary Examiner-Walter A. Scheel CLAMP Assistant Examiner-Leon G. Machlin 2 Claims, 9 Drawing Figs. Attorney-Townsend and Townsend [52] U.S. Cl 206/l5.l, 220/18 [51] Int. Cl ..A46b 17/00 [50] Field ofSearch 15/257.05,

257-06; 206/151; 248/210; 220/18 ABSTRACT: A container for paint that is to be applied by 56 R f d means of a roller which container has sufficient depth to per- 1 e I mit total immersion of the roller in the paint. An auxiliary con- UNITED STATES PATENTS tainer for a paint brush and a clamp to attach the auxiliary 1,255,696 2/1918 Bochard container either to the main paint container or to a paint can.


Patentd Ocf. 27, 1970 Sheet 1 of 2 'INVENTOR HORACE w. STAFFORD T- WMA wwwa ATTORNEYS Patented 0a. 27, 1970 Y 3,536,187

Sheet 2 of 2 FIG. 6. no

FIG 8 F/GQ I22 il 12o IiO' 1 I a I24 7 INVENTOR. HORACE W STAFFORD ATTORNEYS AUXILIARY PAINT BRUSH CONTAINER AND CLAMP forate plate 28, U-shaped channel members 32 are secured to This is a continuation-in-part of an application filed by me the interior surfaces of side walls 14 and i6. U-shaped memon Nov. 9, 1966, entitled Roller Paint Container and bearing bers 32 define confronting slots for slidabiy receiving per- Ser. NO- 593,033 n a n dforate plate 28 therein. An abutment 34 is provided at the This invention relates to a container for holding paint in lower extremity fea h U-shaped channel member 32 so as to such a way that the paint can readily be applied with a roller support perforate late 28 bove bottom wall 22 by the and to ah auxiiitii'y container for 3 Paint brush that ihciudes a required distance. Abutment 34 is shown most clearly in EEG. clamP tastehihg the auxiiiai'y container to the main 2, in which figure perforate plate 28 is shown for clarity in a taihei' or to 3 Paint position somewhat above normal position.

The embodiment 0f the Present ihvehtioh that is described Another satisfactory structure for supporting the perforate in more detail hereinafter ihciudes gehei'aiiy i'ectahguitii' plates in operative position is shown at the right-hand side of shaped container having substantial depth as compared with ff HQ 2 Such Structure includes pairgof upper hooks 36 its width and length dimensions. The depth of the container issecured to f r t m 30 a i f lower books 33 sufticiehtiy great to avoid wasting Paint by spiiiage and by P similarly secured to the perforate plate. Projecting from the mature drying chh'ehts- T width of the hohtaihei: is inner surface of end wall 18 is an upper bracket bar for enonly slightly in excess of the width of a conventional pa nt gagemem by hooks 36 and a lower bracket bar 4 f engage roller, and the length of the container is approximately equal men by hooks It will be noted that hook 355 has a to the circumference of the paint roller to enable the roller to downward extent somewhat in excess of the downward extent be h lhaded with Palm Vertically within t 2 of hook 36; such construction expedites insertion of perforate container-1s one or more perforate plates over which thepalnt plate 30 since hook 38 can first be engaged into brackt bar roller can be rolled to remove excess paint from the roller. 2 and moved downwardly a certain amount before hook 36 is An object is to provide an auxiliary container for supporting engaged with bracket bar a brush adjacent the paint container so that the brush will be Irrespective of the expedient employed for mounting pep fwaiiabie for and like h i h Attainment of this h" it forate plates 28 and 30, the respective plates are supported in Ject madilmssibie y providing an imprhved ciahhp that L3; parallel spaced-apart relation with respect to respective end fix the "P to the roller palm container oi to i i walls 18 and 20..Be cause the perforate plates are spaced from convznnonhlpamcan' i v the end walls, sufficient space between the rear face of the ot er objects and vintages h more a plate and the wall is provided to permit paint that is squeezed parent afier refehnngto h following specification and through the perforations in the plates to travel by gravity back g h drawmgs "g. h f t t f fi to the reservoir of t in the bottom of the container. it will is perspec g g Pam con amer O I also be noted margi the perforate plates are removably presen y 0 3 supported in the container, the perforate plates and the con- FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 2-2 of FIG. tamer can be cleaned w great facility I It is particularly important when working from an elevated work site on a ladder that the container be firmly secured to j the ladder to avoid spillage of the paint. For so securing the container, there is provided a first mounting plate 44 to which the container 12 is secured. In the embodiment of FIG. 2, such g alfragmemary View Showmg m greater detail a securement is afforded by bolts 46 and 47 extending through tion 0 I i FIG. 6 is an elevation view of a gallon can with an auxiliary plane 44 and wan nuts 48 being provided on bolts to container mounted thereon in accordance with the present in- Secure h plat? to the container wall A i h mounting ventiorr plate 5015 provided and has a shape generally similar to that of late 44 as seen in the exem lar structure shown in the no.7 l t FlG.6 11 th 1 i y j ig g gl zz S owmg e lary con .i drawings. Second plate 50 has an elongate notch 52 that communicates with the edge of the plate and is adapted for :53: a side View of the mounting clamp for the auxiliary cooperation 'with bolt 46 and an elongate slot 54 adapted for FIG 9 is a from View ofthe clamp of FIG 8 cooperation with bolt 47. Wing nuts 56 are provided for Referring more Particularly to the drawing, reference so threaded engagement with bolts 46 and 47. As can be seen meral 12 indicates a paint container of the present invention most death from the exteht of eiohgate [slot 54 secured, to an upright rail R of a conventional ladder. Conceeds the depth of hoich 52 so that when hoih wihg h 56 tainer 12 includes generally rectangular side walls 14 and 16, f loosened the Plate P be m i/ed, leftwardly as viewed rectangular end walls 18 and 20, and bottom wall 22.'As seen m the and as shown in broken h t disehgage groove most clearly in FIG. 2, side walls 14 and 16 have a horizontal 55 52 from hoh when the groove is so disehgaged, Plate extent, indicated at 24, at least as great as the circumference can be rotated i Order to remove attach the ciahipihlg f paint p or at least as great as 3 4 times the diameter 2 mechanism to rail R of the ladder. This form of construction 15 of the roller. FIG. 2 also shows that bottom wall 22 meets side efhciaht in that neither g huts Pitite 50 heed he walls 14 and 16 along arcuate regions that have radii of curvatotaiiy removed from the structure in order to engage the FIG. 3 is a rear view of the ladder-clamping mechanism taken along line 3-3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view similar to FIG. 2 and showing certain modifications;

ture substantially equivalent to the curvature of roller P. fievice a iadder- The Possibility ofiosihg these Smaii Part5 Supported in parallel spaced relation with respect to end is thus eiimihatei walls 13 and 20 and above bottom wall 22 are perforate It is frequently desirable in roller painting to have a brush plates 28 and 30 which define surfaces over which the paint readiiy avaiiabie for Painting sihaii comers and trim Pieces roller P can be rolled to remove excess paint therefrom. Plates Fi the iike which inaccessible y a thiS P 28 d 30 are shown i h d i b way f example, as pose, the invention includes an auxiliary container 58 which is being formed of expanded metal, a material that possesses the f generally rectangular form and includes a mounting hook requisite characteristics of rigidity and perviousness to paint HOOK 60 i5 Seen m learly r m 5- Th Ok iS applied thereto. The perforate plates terminate at their lower 7 rm d to hook Over the top edge of side panel 16 and is of edges at a level spaced above bottom plate 22 that exceeds the uffi nt v rt al length that the top of a brush in auxiliary diameter 26 of the paint roller P so that the paint roller can be container 58 will notproject above the top edge of container rolled the full length of bottom plate 22 without interference 12 by a significant amount. It will be seen that auxiliary confrom the perforate plates. The plates are supported in the con tainer 58 is readily removable from container 12 so that the taincr so that they can be removed during cleaning operations. container can be unedindependcntly of the auxiliary container Alternate forms of structure for removably supporting the and so that the auxiliary container can be removed to facilitate perforate plates are shown in the drawing. For supporting per 7 cleaning of both-the containers.

Referring to FIG. 4, a modification of the ladder-clamping structure'is shown to include hooks 62 exten'ding from thetop edge of end panel 20 of the container. Thehooksare formed to engage; mounting plate 44. As can be seen in FIG. 4, a bolt 47' passes only through plate 44and not through side-wall20. In alliother respects, the clamping structure ,formed by plates 44 and 50 is identical to that previously described; The contairier is secured to the clampingstructure by engagement of hook 62 over plate 44, and the plate is secured to the ladder as described hereinabove. Thus, 'the container ,112 can be removed from the ladder quickly in order to refillthe container with paintwithout removing the c'la'rnping'structure from the ladder lt is to be understood that books 62 are exemplary of any means for removably attaching container 12 to i the clamping structure formed by plates 44 and 50.. 1

Also shown is F IGA is another modification ofthe clamp.

inFlG; 6', bearsagainst the inner surface of the paint can sidewall. For use with a gallon paint can, hole 122 is registered a with hole 110 in plate 108 and screw 112 is passed therethrough. in this position, because hold 110 is relatively high,the bottom of auxiliary container 58' is at approximately the same level as the bottom of the paint can. A standard gallon container has a height of about 7 inches, and the distancefrom horizontal portion 124 to the bottom of container 58' corresponds to suchheight: Thus, a stable assembly with alow center of gravity is formed. When it is desired to use auxiliary container 58' with a quart paint can, hole 122 is re- Four tension springs 64m supported adjacent the corners of container ,12 and have secured to their bottom endsa per-.

forate plate .66 which is approximately congruent to the interior shape of container l2. Plate 66 is shown in its normal posi- 1 tion in heavy lines in the FIG. andis retained such position by force of springs .64 biasing the plate into engagement with the lower, edges of plates 28 and 30 and above the level of paint in the container. When onewants to load a rollerwith paint, he need only push the'roller' against perforate plate .66 l

to depress the plate and the roller into the paint. One may then remove the excess .paintifrom the roller by rolling the'roller.

over perforate plate166and/or over. vertically extending pep forate plates 28 or 30. Of course, perforate plate 66 is removableto expeditecleaning the container after use. i i

An alternate form for mounting an auxiliarypaint'brush container 58' onto container 12' and onto paint cans of conventional size is shown in FlGS.'6-9. Extending upwardly fromauxiliary containerf58'uis a mounting plate 108 that has at the upper extremity thereof a h ook portion 60 Plate 108 has two vertically spaced holesz an upper hold 110 through which a bolt 112 extends as seen in FIG. 6 and a lower hole 114. The side wall of paint container l2' has a hole that corit responds toupper holell0 so that the auxiliary container 58' can be securely attached to container 12 by registering the hole in the large container withholc 110 and by passing bolt gistered with hole 114, and when .screw 112 is passed therethrough and wing nut 116 is threaded on the screw, an

assembly as shown in'FlG. 7 is formed. Because a standard quart container has a height of about 4 "/4 inches. the distance between horizontal portion 124 and the bottom of container 58' when hole 122 is in registry with hole 114 corresponds to such height. lt-will be noted that the lower surface of the. container is at approximately the same level as the bottom of the quart can so that a stable assemblyis formed. 7

Thus, it Wlll be seen that the present lHVCflllOIl provides a W roller paint container that is'readily attached to a ladder and is securely attached to such ladder to. avoid paint spillage or danger to the user of thedevice. Moreover, the container is adapted to facilitate greatly the loading of a roller and the true spirit and scope of the invention.


l. A container for a paint brush comprising means forming a generally rectangular box having a sidewall projecting upwardly therefrom, a' clamping member that includes a vertical plate for bearingagainst said sidewall, a depending leg for beating against a wall of a paint container, and a horizontal portion intermediate said plate and said depending member for resting on a rim of a paint container, and means forjoining 112 through theregistered holes. A wing nut 116 completes s the attachment.

Aciarnping member 118 is provided for mounting the aux-.

iliary; container 58 onto a paint can or bucket. The clamping member has a vertically upwardly extending plate 120 can said plate to said sidewall at a selected one of at least a first positionand a second position, said first and second positions being vertically spaced apart from one another.

2.'The invention of claim 1 wherein said first position is suchthat the distance between the bottomof the brush container and the horizontal'portion of said clamping member is trally of which is a hole 122 for registering with oneorthe other of holes 110 or 114 in plate 108 of auxiliary container 58. The clamp member also has a horizontal portion 124 which is adapted to rest on the upper rim or lip of a paint can so as ,to position the auxiliary container accurately. The clamp member. has a depending leg l26 which, as shown most clearly approximately equal to the height of a gallon container, and said second position is such that the distance between the bottom of the brush container and the horizontal portion of said clamping member is approximately equal to the height of a quart container.

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