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Publication numberUS3536905 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1970
Filing dateSep 7, 1967
Priority dateSep 9, 1966
Publication numberUS 3536905 A, US 3536905A, US-A-3536905, US3536905 A, US3536905A
InventorsRuff Harold R, Walsingham Richard J
Original AssigneeBritish Lighting Ind Ltd
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Artificial sun-bathing enclosure
US 3536905 A
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United States Patent 3,536,905 ARTIFICIAL SUN-BATHING ENCLOSURE Harold R. Rult' and Richard J. Walsingham, London,

England, assignors to British Lighting Industries Limited, London, England Filed Sept. 7, 1967, Ser. No. 666,166 Claims priority, application Great Britain, Sept. 9, 1966, 40,447/ 66 Int. Cl. F21v 9/02 US. Cl. 240-1.1 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An enclosure for simulating natural day-time illumination for sun-bathing and recreational purposes. A ceiling coated with a material which reflects blue light and UVB radiation from lamps within the enclosure is supported over a sun-bathing and recreation area. One or more lamps are supported above respective windows in the ceiling and direct light down onto the sun-bathing and recreation area to simulate the suns rays.

The present invention relates to an enclosure designed to reproduce the effects of natural conditions as closely as required for the purposes sun-bathing or recreation.

It is now well known that it is mainly the UVB region of sunlight, which is the 290 to 315 nanometer (nm.) region, which produces erthema and sun-tanning, and there are a number of beneficial biological reactions such as, for example, the formation of vitamin D from ergosterol secreted under the skin. It is also well known that there are safe dosage values which, if exceeded, can cause blistering or other troubles. The acquiring of suntan by exposure to sunlight is favoured by the majority, and in addition to natural sun-bathing, home sun lamps exist, which provide UVB at light intensities used indoors; there are also medical UV lamps for curative medical treatments. In temperate climates it would be advantageous if it were possible to reproduce sun-bathing conditions comfortably indoors. To do this it is desirable to use less radiation intensities than the 100 watts/sq. ft. which are obtained from mid-day, midsummer sunlight.

In accordance with the present invention there is provided an enclosure having a matt ceiling over a base area, one or more lamps arranged to direct light downwards towards the base area to produce a visual simulation of the suns rays, lamps arranged to illuminate the ceiling with a difiuse bluish-white light to simulate the sky, and UVB lamps to produce a substantially uniform distribution of UVB radiation over the base area. The intensity of the UVB radiation is preferably controllable to suit diflerent individuals and different conditions of use.

Preferably the UVB radiation is reflected from the matt ceiling to give the desired uniformity.

The invention will now be further described solely by way of example with reference to the accompanying drawing of which the sole figure is a schematic sectional view of an embodiment of the invention.

In the drawing there is shown a building 10 which houses an enclosure 11 having a ceiling 12 formed by a flexible sheet of material such as a commercially available polymeric amide coated with polyvinylchloride. A base area 13 of the enclosure 11 constitutes a sun-bathing and recreational area and is surrounded by shops and changing rooms 14 to which the periphery of the sheet forming the ceiling 12 is secured.

The ceiling 12 is supported by maintaining a small excess air pressure within the enclosure by means of air pumps 15 which pump fresh air into the enclosure 11, air escaping from the enclosure 11 through the shops and changing rooms 14.

Three lamps 16 for simulating the suns rays are supported on a girder 17 above the ceiling 12. Each lamp 16 directs a beam of some 30 at an angle of 60 to 65 to the horizontal. A catwalk, not shown, is provided to allow access to the lamps 16. The lamps 16 are tungstenhalogen or mercury halide lamps.

Further lamps 18 are mounted above the shops and changing rooms 14 and emit blue light towards the ceiling 12.

Lamps 19 for producing UVB radiation are also mounted above the shops and changing rooms 14 and emit radiation towards the ceiling 12. The lamps 19 are fluorescent lamps having a special phosphor coating to convert 253.7 nanometre radiation into UVB. For example, each lamp 19 can comprise a fluorescent tube made of UVB transmitting glass such as Chesterfield 085 or 046 glass, coated internally with thallium activated calcium phosphate or lead activated zinc barium silicate.

The ceiling 12 has a matt aluminium or aluminium oxide coating 20 which reflects the blue light from the blue lamps 18 and the ultra-violet from the UVB lamps 19. Windows of transparent material are provided in the ceiling 12 below the lamps 16 to allow the lamps 16 to shine through the ceiling 12.

The smoothly curved surface provided by the flexible nllaterial forming the ceiling 12 aids the illusion of a blue s y.

What is claimed is:

1. An enclosure comprising:

(a) a matt ceiling,

(b) means for supporting the ceiling over a base area,

(0) first lamp means in proximity to said ceiling and arranged to emit light directly downwards toward the base area in simulation of the suns rays,

((1) second lamp means below said ceiling and arranged to illuminate the ceiling with diffuse bluishwhite light, white light, and

(e) a plurality of UVB lamps below said ceiling and arranged in conjunction therewith to distribute UVB radiation substantially uniformly over the base area.

2. An enclosure as claimed in claim 1, wherein the UVB lamps are ararnged to direct UVB radiation to the ceiling.

3. An enclosure as claimed in claim 1, wherein the ceiling is formed by a sheet of flexible material, and the means for supporting the ceiling include means for maintaining a small excess of air pressure within the enclosure.

4. An enclosure as claimed in claim 3, wherein the first lamp means comprises at least one lamp supported above the said sheet, the second lamp means comprising a plurality of blue lamps which, with the UVB lamps, are arranged within the enclosure adjacent the periphery of the said sheet, the periphery of the said sheet being secured to structures comprising shops and changing rooms.

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JOHN M. HORAN, Primary Examiner F. L. BRAUN, Assistant Examiner US. Cl. X.R. 2409, 51.11

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U.S. Classification362/1, 362/149
International ClassificationA61N5/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61N5/06
European ClassificationA61N5/06