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Publication numberUS3542032 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1970
Filing dateMar 22, 1968
Priority dateMar 22, 1968
Publication numberUS 3542032 A, US 3542032A, US-A-3542032, US3542032 A, US3542032A
InventorsSpencer Charles C Jr
Original AssigneeCramer Products Inc
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Therapy package
US 3542032 A
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i United States Patent [72] Inventor Charles C. Spencer-Jr. [56] References Cited I Gardner, Kansas UNITED STATES PATENTS [2 1 p 715,240 3,149,943 9/1964 Amador 62/4 Filed Mitch 1968 3,175,558 3/1965 Caillouette et al 128/403 [45] Patented Nov. 24, 1970 [73 Assign Cram producs, [ML Primary Examiner-Richard A. Gaudet Gardner; Kansas Assistant Examiner-John B. Mitchell a corporation f Kansas Attorney-Schmidt, Johnson, Hovey, Williams and Chase ABSTRACT: A therapy package comprised of an envelope of flexible material, the envelope being divided into a pair of [54] E P A F F separate compartments, one of the compartments containing c y ngFgs' a dry heating or refrigerating chemical, the other compart- [52] U.S. Cl. 128/399, mont i ng a iq i or a g there b ing a fl p f rme a 2/5 0; 126/204; 165/46 a part of the envelope and having a passage therethrough and s1 lnt.Cl. A6lt7/00, in communication with each o the compartments whereby ANN/06; F25d 3/08; g 7 0 the compartments may be selectively placed in communica- [50] Field of Search 128/399, n o permit the liquid or gel and the dry chemical to mix and Beg Digest, 272; 62/530; 126/204, 205, 206, 263; thereby produce a thermal or refrigerating chemical reaction depending upon the chemical used.

Patented Nbv. 24, 1970 INVENTOR Charles C. Spencer Jr'.

1 THERAPY PACKAGE it is the primary object of this invention to provide, in a package for receiving materials to be mixed, a flexible encompartments into selective communication whereby the liquid or gel and the chemicalmay be intermixed to thereby alter the temperature of the mixturewithin the package whereby said package may be used as either a hot or a cold therapy pack.

Another important aim of this invention is the provision of a, flap disposed between the two compartments, the flap being formed as a part of the envelope and having a passage therethrou'gh, the passage being in' communication with each of the compartments when the flap is in an unfolded condi tion.

' tion between the compartments as when the therapy package is being shippe'd,'stor'ed, 'or handled, there being a clip proyided for retaining-said flap in a folded condition about said stretch. v

Other objects of this invention'will become apparent from the following specification and accompanying drawing, wherein: Y

FIG. 1 is a plan view ofthe therapy packagein a filled condition, theflap being folded to prevent communication between the compartments, portions being broken away to illustrate the respective'contents of the compartment;

FIG. 2' is an enlarged, fragmentary, side elevational view of the flap area of the package showing the flap in a folded condition and illustrating a clip member for retaining saidflap in said condition;

F IG. '3'is a sectional view comparable to FIG; 2 but showing the flap inan unfolded condition. thereby presenting the passage between the compartments;

. 'FlGJ4 is a sectional view'taken along line of FIG. 3; and

FIG. 5 is a planview'of the therapy package prior'to being I filled and finally'sealed.

The therapy package is in the form of an envelope 12,

sealed edge 26 is interrupted attwo points 32 and 34 to present access openings in necks 28 and 30 respectively to thereby permit insertion of the contents l8 and into their respective compartments 14 and 16.

Once the compartments l4 and 16 have been filled, the necks 28 and 30 are sealed off as at 36 and 38 whereby the seal about the peripheral edge of the envelope 12 is continuous, it being contemplated that such seal will be in the nature of a heatseal which may be utilized due to the plastic nature of the sheets 22 and 24 from which the envelope 12 is formed.

A wide line of seal extends substantially across the sheets 22 and 24 to thereby seal the same together, to define the respective compartments 14 and 16 and to prevent communication between the compartments along seal line 40. if desired, two lines such as 40 could be used to insure against leakage and preventany possibility of condensation in compartment 14. One portion '42 of line of seal 40 extends from when flap is in an unfolded condition. The edges of sheets 22 and 24 as thesame define flap 50, are sealed together along the free edge 52 of the flap as by a U-shaped line of seal 54, said line of seal 54 joining with segments 46 and 48 to provide a'complete seal about the edge of the aperture 44 and the free edge 52 of the flap 50.

The other portion 56 of line of seal 40 extends inwardly from the opposite edge of envelope 12 from portion 42 and is in alined relationship-thereto, said other portion 56 traversing a stretch 58 of the package which is adjacent said aperture 44, said other portion 56 cooperating with sealed edge 54 to define a passage 60 through the flap 50, said passage being substantially U-shapedin configuration and having one end 62 thereof in communication with compartment 14, and the other end 64 in communication with compartment 16.

preferably formed from a suitable plastic material which is flexible in nature, the envelope being divided into two compartments14 and 16,one of said'compartments 14 being filled with a dry chemical 18, the other compartment 16 being filled with a liquid or gel 20. It is the aim of this invention to provide a therapy package whicli'willreceiv e therein suitable chemicals which, when retained out of contact with one another,

mixed, the ones specifically mentioned herein being for purposes of illustration'only. Once a hot or cold therapy package has been created by intermixing the chemicals, the same may be usedin several variousrnanners to treat athletic injuries or in other therapeutic methods or treatments.

The envelope 12 is formed. from a pair of sheets of plastic material 22 and 24, each having an identical initial plan configuration whereby the sheets 22 and 24 may be superimposed will produceno reaction and may be safely handled, stored or in exact overlying relationship and then sealed about the peripheral edges 26 thereof to create a closed envelope.

However, prior to'finally sealing the envelope 12 into the condition shown in FIG. 1, it is desirable to fill the compartments thereof and for this purpose there is provided a filling neck 28 for compartment 1 4 and a filling neck 30'for compartment l6'whereby the contents of the respective compartments may be introduced thereinto. To permit such filling the Thus, when-the'flap 50 is an unfolded condition, as shown for instance in FIGS. 3, 4 and 5, liquid or gel from compartment 16 is permitted to flow into compartment 14 and interrnix with the dry chemical to thereby produce the chemical reaction which is desired. However, to prevent such intercommunication between the compartments, the flap 50, being of a flexible nature, may be lifted from its position within aperture 44 and folded or wrapped about stretch 58 to thereby effectively close off passage 60 and prevent communication between thecompartments. FIG. 2 shows the flap 50 in its folded condition about the stretch 58 and it will be appreciated that, during shipping, storageor handling of the package 10, flap 50 will be in the folded condition to thereby prevent communication between the compartments.

To insure that flap 50 is retained in such a folded condition when such is desired, a clip 66 is provided which has a bight portion 68 and a pair of grasping resilient legs 70, the clip 66 being slipped over the thicknesses of material presented by the folded flap 50 and the stretch 58 about which said flap 50 is folded to thereby effectively grasp said material between the legs 70 of the clip and close off passage 60. As is apparent, flap 50 may be retained in a folded condition in several other suitable manners.

When it is desired to utilize therapy package 10, the clip 66 is removed, the flap 50 is unfolded from about stretch 58 and placed in a flat condition within aperture 44 thereby permitting liquid or gel to flow from compartment 16 through passage 60 and into compartment 14, it being noted thatcompartment 14 is the larger of the two whereby to permit intermixing of the liquid and the dry chemical within said compartment 14 and thus produce the desired chemical reaction. The package may then be utilized in applying the same to an athletic injury as by placing the package about the injured area, this being possible due to the flexible nature of the material from which the envelope 12 is formed.

Thus, there'is presented a therapy package which is easily and economically fabricated from low cost materials; which may be quickly and easily filled with the desired contents; may be effectively sealed during shipping, handling or storing to prevent intermixing of the materials; and. yet which may be readily and quicklyutilized merely by removing the clip and opening the passage between the compartments to effect the desired chemical reaction. To create a refrigerating reaction the use of a liquid such as water, either alone or with a suitable chemical added to produce a flowable gel, in compartment 16, and a dry chemical, such as ammonium nitrate, in compartment 14 as been found satisfactory. To create a thermal reaction, making a heat pack, compartment 16 may be filled with ments containing a dry chemical, the other of said compartments containing a liquid; and

means for selectively placing said compartments in communication whereby the contents of the respective compartments may be mixed, said means including a flap formed as a part ofthe envelope and disposed between said compartments, said flap having a passage formed therein, said passage being in communication with each of said compartments, said flap being of the same material as said envelope whereby-the flap may be folded to thereby close said passage, there being an aperture defined by said envelope and receiving the flap when the latter is unfolded, the configuration of said aperture corresponding to that of the flap.

2. A therapy package as set forth in claim 1, there being a stretch of said envelope adjacent said aperture, said flap being folded about said stretch to close said passage.

3. A therapy package as set'forth in claim 2, there being a clip retaining said flap in a folded condition about said stretch to thereby insure closure of said passage when the contents of said compartments are not to be-mixed.

4. A therapy package as set forth in claim 3, there being a filling neck for each of said compartments, said necks being formed as a part of said envelope.

5. A therapy package as set forth in claim 4. said envelope being defined by a pair of sheets of plastic material of identical plan configuration, said sheets being sealed together about the peripheral edges thereof, there being a line of seal extending substantially across said sheets to define said compartments, said aperture being interposed in one portion of said line of seal, said one portion of the line of seal extending about the edge of said aperture, the other portion of said line of seal traversing said stretch and a portion of said flap.

6. Therapy package as set forth in claim 5, said sheets forming said flap, the free edge of said flap being sealed, said free edge and said other portion of said line of seal cooperating to define said passage.

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