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Publication numberUS3542191 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1970
Filing dateOct 16, 1968
Priority dateNov 1, 1967
Also published asCA855557A
Publication numberUS 3542191 A, US 3542191A, US-A-3542191, US3542191 A, US3542191A
InventorsScott Richard
Original AssigneeChurch & Dwight Ltd
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Matchbook-type package
US 3542191 A
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United States Patent 72] inventor Richard Scott 5 References cited Chateauguay Centre, Quebec, Canada UNITED STATES PATENTS [2|] AppLNo. 768,100 [22] Filed Oct. 1 9 1,522,220 1/1925 WOOd 206/57 5 Patented Nov. 24 1970 2,619,226 11/1952 Adams 206/57 [73] Assignee Church & Dwight Limited Primary Examiner-James B. Marbert Montreal, Quebec, Canada Attorney-Fetherstonhaugh and Co. [32] Priority Nov. 1, 1967 [33] Canada [31] 4,056

- ABSTRACT: A matchbook type package having a double fold 1 MATCHBOOK'TYPE PACKAGE end portion and a closure flap engaging with one fold of the 1 Claim 4 Drawing Figs double fold end portion, and a multiple of individual packages [52] U.S. CI. 206/56 held n place in he ther fold of the double fold end portion [51] Int, Cl. 365d 33/00 by an extension flap passing through slots in the individual [50] Field of Search 206/57, packages and secured by a staple passing through the double fold but clear of the end of the closure flap.

Patnted .Nov. 24, 1970 3,542,191

INVEN'I'OR. AIcHA RD 5001'? MATCHBOOK-TYPE PACKAGE The present invention relates to a package and more particularly to a foldover package of the matchbook type for use with detachable inserts.

In the convention matchbook type of package the inserts are stapled or crimped as a unit within a short flap formed by the folding over one end of a cardboard strip, the other end of the strip being employed as a cover which is closed by inserting its free end between the stapled inserts and the flap. This type of package cannot be used to hold certain types of inserts where there is a possibility that they would be damaged by the staple, for instance where the insert contains encapsulated material such as a foodstuff; in packaging such inserts the staple would in some instances perforate the capsule and break the seal to contaminate the contents. Lengthening the insert to insure that the capsule is not perforated by the staple, with a corresponding increase in the length of the package, would raise the cost of production and make the package less com pact.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a blank for producing a book-type foldover package in which the inserts are held in the package by other than crimping or stapling means whereby the risk of damage to the inserts is precluded. It is a further object of the invention to provide a package having this advantage.

In its broadest aspect the invention consists of a blank, for producing a book-type foldover package with detachable inserts, comprising a strip of foldable, form-retaining sheet material having a slot spaced from one end thereof and a tab extending from said one end, the strip being foldable to engage the tab first with a slot in each of the inserts and then with the slot in the strip, the end remote from the tab being foldable to form a cover over theinserts and having the free edge thereof engageable with the end of the strip carrying the tab. Preferably the strip is foldable to form a double layer end portion with the tab engaging the inserts and the slot, the double layer end portion being foldable to form a mouth and the free edge of the cover being insertable into the mouth of the double layer end portion. Preferably also the tab when inserted in g the slot is foldable to extend a substantial distance towards the folded edge of the double layer end portion for engagement with clamping means intermediate the slot and said folded edge adapted to hold the double layer end portion infolded invention together with inserts for use therewith;

FIG. 2is a side view of the blank and inserts of FIG. 1, partially folded and assembled to form a package;

F IG. 3 is a longitudinalcross section taken along the centre line of the package of FIG. 2 when fully assembled and closed; and

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the assembled and closed 1 package.

The drawings show a blank 10 (see FIG. 1) of foldable, form-retaining material, preferably cardboard or similar sheet material which is easily cut and folded. A centrally disposed short tab projects from one short edge 12 f blank 10 and is integral therewith. Parallel to and spaced a short distance i from edge 12 is a lateral slot 13 centrally disposed in blank 10 and ofa length and width sufficient to receive tab 11.

Blank 10 is preferably scored by creasingalong a series of spaced, lateral fold lines l4, l and 16 parallel to edge 12 and dividing the distance between that edge and slot 13 into substantially equidistant portions. Blank is also scored laterally along a lateral fold line 17 which is parallel to and spaced from the other short edge end 18 of the blank. The distance of fold line 17 from edge 18 is longer than its distance from slot 13 but shorter than its distance from fold line 16. The base of tab 11 is scored along line 11a coextensive with edge 12 of the blank.

Inserts 19 are provided for assembly with blank 10 to form a filled package and in the example embodiment these inserts consist of sheets 20 which have integrafcapsules 21 holding suitable material to be dispensed, such as a powdered foodstuff. Each sheet 20 is slightly narrower than the width of blank 10 while the length of each sheet is approximately the same as the distance between slot 13 and fold line 17. A slot 22 is located parallel to and adjacent one end 23 of each sheet 20 and is of a length and width sufficient to receive tab 11, being approximately the same length as slot 13.

To assemble a package 24 (see FIG. 4) from blank 10 and inserts 19 the blank is first folded longitudinally along lateral line 15 to form a double-walled end portion 25 while tab 11, folded along line 11a to take a position transverse to the plane of the blank when flat, is inserted first through slot 22 of one or more inserts as desired and then through slot 13. This step is indicated by arrow 26 in FIG. 2 of the drawings. In the next step the double-walled end portion 25 of the blank is folded longitudinally along lateral lines 14 and 16, which are superimposed one over the other, to form a hinged end flap 27 with a mouth 28 as shown in FIG. 3 ofthe drawings. Tab 11 is then folded flat against blank 10 and both flap 25 and tab 11 are secured in position by a staple 29 passing through the flap and the tab at a point close to fold line 16 which now forms the bottom edge of assembled package 24. Finally, blank 10 is folded longitudinally along lateral line 17 to form a backing 30 and a hinged cover 31 which overlies inserts 19. Free edge 18 of cover 31 is inserted into mouth 28, engaging end flap 27 which retains the cover in closed position, especially since the mouth is held normally closed by staple 29.

To open package 24 and remove any of inserts 19 from the package it is merely necessary to lift cover 30 by pulling end 18 from mouth 28 whereupon the inserts are exposed to view and may be torn'off along the line of slot 22. If desired each insert 19 may be scored or perforated for this purpose. Access to the material in capsules 21 of each insert 19 is obtained in the usual manner by tearing sheet 20 to break the skin of the capsule.

It will be appreciated that the invention may take a number of forms other than that described in the above example embodiment. For instance, the package may be of any suitable length or width while the inserts do not necessarily have to conform in dimension with the package outline. Again, inserts 19 may carry articles in different manners, for instance the articles may be stapled or otherwise secured to sheets 20 and any convenient number of such sheets may be held in the package. The bottom end portion of the package may be secured by means other than stapling, for example, by suitable crimping or glueing means. It may be found advantageous in certain instances to extend the length of tab 11 whereby it projects beyond the bottom edge of the package to carry an aperture in order that the package may be hung from a hook or peg. If the package is assembled automatically, preexisting score lines in the blank may be unnecessary.

The invention is particularly adaptable to mass production by manufacture of both the blanks and the inserts in continuous strip form. This is especially advantageous in producing the inserts where the spacing between any two capsules or articles in the continuous strip is the same. The example embodiment ofinserts 19 in FIG. 1 shows a slot 22 adjacent each capsule 21 and offset from the lateral centre line between two adjacent capsules; by this means individual sheets 20 each having one or more capsules may be severed from a continuously produced strip.

Without departing from the inventive concept the end of strip 10 carrying tab 11 may be folded to form a single layer flap 27 with the free end of cover 17 being bifurcated to engage the flap while accommodating the .tab. Also, more than one tab 11 may be carried by the end of strip 10 to engage with corresponding slots 22 and 13 in inserts 19 and blank 10 respectively and the term tab" is understood to include this.


A special package comprising a cover and at least one detachable insert in said cover, said cover being formed integrally from one strip of bendable, form-retaining sheet material and including a front and a back hingedly connected together and having said insert disposed therebetween, a reversely-bent multiple-walled flap provided on a free end portion of said back remote from the hinged connection of the front and back, and a tab provided on said flap, said back being provided adjacent said flap with a transverse slot aligned with another transverse slot formed in an edge portion of said insert, said tab projecting through the slot in the insert and through the slot in said back and lying flat against the underside of the back whereby to detachably secure said insert to said back, the multiple walls of said flap defining therebetween a mouth open in the direction of the hinged connection between said front and back, said front having a free end portion removably inserted in said mouth to hold the package closed, and a staple securing said flat lying tab and said flap to said back while leaving said mouth of the flap open for reception of the free end portion of said front, said insert being formed from frangible material and being capable of tearing in the region ofits slot to permit detachment of the insert from said back.

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U.S. Classification426/108, 206/449, 206/104
International ClassificationB65D75/38
Cooperative ClassificationB65D75/38
European ClassificationB65D75/38