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Publication numberUS354269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1886
Filing dateJul 29, 1886
Publication numberUS 354269 A, US 354269A, US-A-354269, US354269 A, US354269A
InventorsEichaed Teichmann
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Eichaed teichmann
US 354269 A
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(No Model.)` R. TEIGHMANN.

TOY PROPELLBR. No. 354,269.3- Patented gpo. 14, 1886.

um. a

. @l!IlIIIIlIllllllllllllfgmlllllllllllllllllll M TTORJYEKS 40 -rotation'of the franje A..

j spring consists of. an endless elastic band of RICHARD TEICHMA'NN, 0F BiQoxLrix ANEW YQRK.'


' sPEcrFICATIoNforming part of Letters PatentNo.. 354',`269..aatea Decemberj'i, 1886.

' Application filed J uly 29,1886.

.To alle wz'goin' (it may conern.-

Be it known thatl, RICHARD TEICHMANN,

a citizen of theGerman Empire', residing at Brooklyn, in the county of Kingsand State of 'NewfYork,"have inventedfnew and useful I mprovenients in Toy-Propellers, of which the1 following is 'aspecification.

' My' invention relates to improvements fin toypropel1ers;V and it consists, essentially, in

the combination, with a rolling frame,'of 'atori I sional spring secured .in the rolling frame in' line with its axis of rotation, and aweightsev` cured to andsuspendedfffroin the springfor.

I storing u p the propelling energy in the spring,

-' frame of a `torsional spring secured in the roll-'- ing frame in linewithits axisof rotation, a

weight securedito' and -s'nspended from the following speciiicationa-ndclaims and illus-V trated inf-the accompanying drawings, in 25 which;

--Figure 1 jrepresents .a vertical secti'onm the plane ai ai; Fig. 2.' Fig. 2 is a similar section inthe *plane y y, Fig. l. Fig 3 is a central' vertical section of a modification. Fig. Ltisan elevation of a second modification. Similar letters .indicate corresponding parts.`

In the drawings, the letter A designates arolling frame, which,as shown in Figs.' 1 and 2, consists of a ring, a, and spokes bb, located in a'planeat right angles to the plane of thering. These spokes b' b may consist of one piece of stout wire or other suitable material,

. that is secured to the ring 'a at its top and bottom`..' B is a spring', which is secured to the spokes b b, and 'isin line with the axisof In this example the- .',suitable material-such as cord 0r rubber- I '5 sp'ringB in such a manner that it is held to bth strands of such string.V This is accomplishedby perforating the arm d, by which the Weight is suspended, withtwo holes, d df,

and 4passing the strandsthrough `these holes.

Serial No; 109,431. (No model.)-

The arm 'd may consist simply `ofa straight 'bar of suitable material,` or it may embody a iigureof some kind, such as a fowla horse, -or a dog.

in' one and the same straight line with the axis ofthe spring'B. f

`\If the` rolling frame Ais moved aboutits axisof rotation, the strands constituting the s pt'ring'B are caused' to entwifne with' each -other; but the..weight,' due to its inherent gravity and -its` leverage, is prevented from turniug,"a nd consequentlya quantity of energy" is stored upl in'- the spring, which is spent isset down; usedin order toobtain as long a springas possible, so that a"coniparatively large amount of energy can be stored up. I f desired, a similar set of spokes, b b, can be secured to the Yri'ng'a at a right angle to the said s'pokesb b, suchadding'to the strength of the frame as'a whole f In the n todicmionshown in Figa the roning frame A consists of a hollow sphere,

which is formed in two sections, b* bt,- in order to insert the propelling mechanism. The

sphere is. b'est madeof sheet metal, and is'pr To the lspokes b b of the rolling frame are attached linger-piecese e, whichlie -in'pro'pelling the rolling frame when the' same rlhe `curved spokes b b are vided with' eyes or hooks c c, to -whicli the spring Bl is secured. In this example the weight is attached to the spri-ng byan arm, dl,

the upper portion ofwhichis bent over and clinched upon both strands ot" the endless-band spring. 'In the sphere,. and' i'n line with the spring B, are'forlned sockets ef e', which receive the ends of the finger-pieces e*.e*, so as to facilitate the winding up of the spring. These linger-pieces can be removed when the toy is to rollg f In Fig. 4l have shown a rolling frame con sist-ing'of two parallel Wheels, a a, that are rigidly mounted upon a common shaft or axle, F, I

and such axle is encompassed by two spiral springs, B* Bi, one' end of each of'which is secured, at f, to the'hub of the respective wheel.. The free lends of the spring are lengthened and straightened out to form arms d d, to which the weight is secured. The ends of the shaft or axle are formed into {ingerpieces.

Various other forms of 'rolling frames will suggest themselves, such as two narrow rings 'e esezee or wheels-,a j oin'edlhy suitable spokes, such Y as the spokes il billet the' ring'ajeanbe-jmade very wdelin the .ri-mand theespokes made to'v extend straight,hmneenftherim.l -If desired,

f5 the two Weights can-be'fnsed s'nehweghts being arranged oneithersid Toys have 'heretofore' itsaxis efrotaion the spring is placed under l tension and propelling energy stored therein by reason of the Weight being prevented from' r0-' 2o tating by its inherent gravity, so that when the frame is placed en the srface to be traversed the stored-up energy in the .spring serves to propel the frame. By this means' I avoid theuse of gear-wl1els.

` What 'I 'claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The combination, with the rotating frame A, of atersional spring secured in the rolling frame in line with the axis f its rotation, and A 3o aw'eight secured directly tol and Asuspended frdm the spring for storing up the propelling energyin said springz substantiallyas shown and described. Y

2. The combination, Withfa rotating frame,

.of .aftorsiona'l spring secured in therolling .frame nf'line with the axisofgitslrotation, a

weight fs.eenredjdirectlytonndsiispndedffrom the spring Afor storing u pthe p rcpellifn g jenerg y in said spring,- and the?. inger-pieeesl se'm'ired` to the rollin g. frame .in linef'WAi-ththe sp ri ng, tantiallyas'shownffllld deseribedi y a 'spo'ltegb b the torsional'spring B,' vsecured to the spokesiniffline y A, theringyand eight: secured directly fr to 4arxldsuspended from the springiorstoring 3;" "rnecombinanon, with the ring `or; of twgff with theaxis of rotationY of iup the 'propelling energy in said spring, sub- 1 s'tantallyfas'shown and dest'zrilied.A 1

4. The crnbination, With the rotating fratrie "A, of a torsionalspring consisting o f an elas- 'tc band secured in the vrolling'frame in line" with the axis of its rotation, a weight secu red directly to and suspended from the strands of said spring for storing up the propelling eri-- ergy in the spring, and finger-pieces secured tothe' rolling frame in line with substantially as described. 1 f

In testimony whereof I havehereunto setniy.

hand and seal in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

. "nier-IARD TEICHMANN; [n s] Witnesses: l i


.the spring,

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