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Publication numberUS3543313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1970
Filing dateNov 21, 1967
Priority dateMay 30, 1967
Publication numberUS 3543313 A, US 3543313A, US-A-3543313, US3543313 A, US3543313A
InventorsSchweigert Erich
Original AssigneeOberbadische Bettfedernfabrik
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US 3543313 A
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i Dec. l, 1970 E, sCHwElGERT 3,543,313

P ILLOW Filed Nov. 21, 1967 United States Patent O 3,543,313 PILLOW Erich Schweigert, Lorrach, Baden-Tumringen, Germany, assignor to Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik GmbH, Lorrach, Baden, Germany Filed Nov. 21, 1967, Ser. No. 684,696 Claims priority, application Germany, May 30, 1967, 9,402; Aug. 11, 1967, 0 12,698 Int. Cl. A47g 9/00 U.S. Cl. -337 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention provides a pillow consisting of an outer cover, a substantially smaller inner pillow in this outer cover, and strap-like extensions between the outer cover and the inner pillow. The inner pillow is filled with an inexpensive filling, and the space between the inner pillow and the outer cover is filled with an expensive filling, e.g. down. The strap-like extensions connecting the inner pillow to the outer cover may be made integral with the inner pillow or later sewn thereon.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to pillows, and more specifically to a rectangular pillow which consists of an outer cover accommodating a smaller inner pillow attached to the inside of the outer cover.

Square and rectangular pillows in which the inner pillow and the outer cover are quilted together to fix the inner pillow in relation to the outer cover are already known. However, such a pillow is thereby divided into several sections, thus losing its real pillow shape. A further disadvantage of such pillows is that they are expensive.

Further examples are known where the inner pillow has rounded and shortened corners and is fixed along the seams of the outer cover. A pillow of this type has the disadvantage that the filling surrounding the inner pillow gets pressed into the pillow corners in use thereby making the whole pillow look unsightly and causing the corners to lose their softness because of the too tight filling; moreover the advantageously cheaper and harder filling of the inner pillow can then be felt by the user.

SUMMARY OF THE 'INVENTION It is the object of this invention to provide a pillow of the type mentioned which is easy and inexpensive to manufacture, does not allow the inner pillow to be perceived in use and can nevertheless be easily and well shaken up.

To attain this object the present invention provides a pillow, particularly in the form of a rectangle which comprises a rectangular outer cover, a smaller inner pillow accommodated in the outer cover and having its edges extending at a distance from the edges of said outer cover, a filling in said inner pillow, a filling in the area between said inner pillow and said outer cover, and straplike extensions projecting from said inner pillow and having their free, outwardly pointing ends fastened to the inside of the outer cover in the region of its corners. This design advantageously permits a good distribution of the outer cover filling around the inner pillow. Even after a long period of use the good distribution around the inner pillow is preserved and minor displacements can easily be eliminated by shaking up the pillow. Accumulation of the outer cover filling in the corners of the pillow is avoided, since the inner pillow is secured in these very corners and a large area is provided for the filling between the edges of the inner pillow and the outer cover.


or a similar material. A slight disadvantage of the V simpler cut is that the straplike extensions must be secured to the corners of the inner pillow in an additional working operation.

-It is advantageous to ll the inner pillow with a material including low quality bed feathers, horse hair, and foam rubber, and the space between the inner pillow and the outer cover with down. 'In use, such a pillow appears to be a down pillow, whereas its price is lower than that of a pillow entirely filled with down since it is partly filled with a less expensive filling. As a result of the advantageous fastening of the inner pillow to the outer cover the pillow does not even lose its qualities as a down pillow in use.

The length of the strap-like extensions is preferably so chosen that they are taut when the pillow is filled. Thereby any motion of the inner pillow in relation to the outer cover is largely avoided thus hindering any unwished displacing of the down.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF TH=E DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top plan view of a pillow according to the invention, with a substantially square form;

|FIG. 2 is a side view thereof, and

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary cross section through the pillow on the line IIIIII of FIG. 1.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The drawing shows a pillow 1 which consists of an outer cover 2 and a smaller inner pillow 3. The inner pillow has unlled strap-like extensions 4 fixed for eX- ample by a seam l6 to the inside of the corners 5 of the outer cover 2. It can clearly be seen from the drawing that besides the four connections obtained by the strap-like extensions 4 there exists no connection between the inner pillow 3 and the outer cover 2. The space between the outer cover 2 and the inner pillow 3 is filled advantageously with down 7. The filling 8 of the inner pillow 3 can consist of an inexpensive material as for example low quality bed feathers, horse hair, or foam rubber Waste shreds. The strap-like extensions 4 can be made in one integral piece with the inner pillow 3 or can be attached later thereto. Both possibilities can be seen in FIG. 1.

FIGS. 2 and 3 show that the edges 9 and 10 of the outer cover 2 and the inner pillow 3 lie substantially in one and the same plane. None the less the edges 9 and -10 extend at a distance from each other, so that the inner pillow 3 is nearly completely surrounded by the down 7. The quite flat, unfilled strap-like extensions 4 extend only in the corners of the outer cover 2 and are also well surrounded with down 7. It may be mentioned that the ticking of the inner pillow 3 is a featherproof material so that quills from its filling 8 cannot pass through the ticking. Thereby it is avoided that quills can ultimately arrive at the outer cover 2 and stick through.

-It is advantageous that the inner pillow 3 leaves no traces on the outer cover 2 since its strap-like extensions 4 are simultaneously sewn in the corners 5 when the edges of the outer cover 2 are sewn together. The most important advantage of a pillow as proposed by the invention is that the inner pillow 3 can scarcely move in relation to the outer cover 2 in a well filled pillow 1, so that the impression of adown pillow is always maintained.

yIt is self-evident that instead of square the outer cover 2 may also be rectangular in which case the strap-like extensions 4 extend, as in the embodiment shown and described, in the diagonal directions of the pillow. A further possibility is that a square inner pillow 3 could be sewn into a round outer cover whereby the strap-like extensions 4 lie on two crossing diameters of the round Outer cover.

What is claimed is:

1. A pillow for supporting a sleepers head comprising, a rectangular outer cover, a smaller inner pillow accommodated in said outer cover and having its edges extending at a distance from said outer cover, and forming an undivided chamber with said cover, a filling of solid pieces of inexpensive material in a predetermined amount in said innerv pillow, a filling of down in said chamber between said inner pillow and said outer cover,

Said inner pillow having corner portions vformed as at strap-like extensions from'the inner pillows material secured to the respective corners of the outer cover, to

permit the displacement of the down in said chamber.

2. A pillow as claimed in claim 1, wherein said straplike extensions are unfilled.

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