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Publication numberUS3545328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1970
Filing dateSep 17, 1968
Priority dateSep 17, 1968
Publication numberUS 3545328 A, US 3545328A, US-A-3545328, US3545328 A, US3545328A
InventorsAbrams Andrew
Original AssigneeAbrams Andrew
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Door chime music box
US 3545328 A
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United States Patent [22] Filed Sept. 17,1968 [45} Patented Dec. 8, 1970 [54] DOOR CHIME MUSIC BOX 2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl. 84/94; 58/54; 116/129, 116/93 [50] Field of Search 84/94, 95; 58/53, 54;73/43l; 116/129, 93, 94

[56] References Cited UNlTED STATES PATENTS 2,519,782 8/1950 Mueller et a1 84/95 2,795,161 6/1957 Weinman 84/94 2,906,863 9/1959 Ritter 73/431 Primary Examiner-Richard B. Wilkinson Assistant Examiner-Lawrence R. Franklin Attorney-Albert M. Zalkind ABSTRACT: The invention relates to the use of Swiss music boxes as door chimes and the particular feature resides in providing a housing and mount for a music box which is simple and economical in manufacture and readily installed on a door or in conjunction with a door so as to be operated upon opening of the door. In particular, the invention comprises a housing of molded plastic having integral posts for the mounting of a conventional music box therein and a guard collar for a string wound pulley which winds up the music box. In addition, the housing provides integral elements usable as wells for receiving screws to fasten the device to a door or wall and also functioning as clips to hold a closure disk or plate across the otherwise open rear of the housing as a dust and protective cover.

Pmmmnm 8mm 3545328 FIG. 1

INVENTOR ANDREW ABRAMS ATTORNEY DOOR CHIME MUSIC BOX Briefly, the invention comprises a cuplike housing molded of plastic within which is secured a music box of a conventional spring-wound type having a winding shaft to which is keyed a pulley and around which pulley there are wrapped two or three turns of string which comes out through an opening in a collar which is an integral part of the housing and into which collar the pulley protrudes so that the string is prevented from coming off the pulley. The string also passes through the housing so that it can be manipulated from the exterior thereof in the usual mannerJThe music box is mounted in a fixed position with respect to the collar on posts extending into the housing and molded integrally therewith. Around the base flange of the housing there are spaced elements which provide bores through which screws may be passedto secure the housing to a door or wall, etc., and which elements also function to grip an end closure member at a plurality of points with a resilient locking action;

A detailed description of the invention now follows in conjunction with the appended drawing in which:

FIG. 1 is a side elevation partially in section of the housing and music box taken generally through 1-1 of FIG. 2.

FIG. 2 is a section taken fragmentarily through 2-2 of FIG. 1

FIG. 3 is a plan view looking into the rear of the housing.

FIG. 4 is a fragmentary enlarged section through 4-4 of FIG. 3.

Referring now to the drawing, the housing comprises a molded plastic member havingv an inwardly extending collar 14 integrally molded therewith and into which protrudes a flanged pulley 17 which will be understood to be fastened to the winding shaft 18 of a conventional music box 20. Two or three turns of strong string 24 are wrapped around the pulley between the flanges 26 and the string extends through an opening 27 of the collar and then through an opening 30 of the housing being provided externally thereof with a stop member in the form of a ball 33 and a pull ring 36.

Arrangements wherein such music boxes are wound and released by means of a string wrapped on a pulley are not broadly new having been heretofore shown in the patented art for example, in the U.S. Pat. No. 2,519,782 to Mueller et al. and accordingly no particular explanation of the mode of operation is necessary. It has also been known to fasten such a device to a door with the pull ring fastened to the adjoining wall so that when the door is'closed the music box is wound up and when the door is opened the slack string is taken in around the pulley which is released to permit it to revolve; thus the music box plays as the pulley revolves. When the door is subsequently closed the pull on the string unwraps it from the pulley to rewind the music box.

The present invention is for that general purpose or other purposes and, hence, the importance of providing a positive guard peripherally around the pulley by way of the collar 14 so that the string 24 is at all times confined between the pulley flanges and cannot unravel or come loose, as will be appreciated from the construction thus far described.

The invention goes further in that integrally molded with the housing are posts 40, there being three such posts arranged roughly in a triangle, and which serve as a secure base on which to mount the music box frame plate by screws such as 43 which screw into boxes of respective posts.

Further, the housing has a conically skirted radial base flange 48 at its open end which is provided with flat sided posts 50 having bores 53 which can take screws for fastening the device to a door or wall, etc. The inwardly facing flat sides 56 of posts 50 are negatively slanted to provide an undercut whereby a cardboard disk cover 60 can be snapped into place therebetween by being pushed axially against the posts past the lips 63 and thus locked in position against the radial flange.

A small half moon slot 66 is provided in the flange at the base of each post 50 so that the cover disk can be prodded out of the housing by a tool passing through a slot and pushing against the small area of the disk accessible through the slot.

It will, of course, be understood that although the housing has been shown as relatively plain,.since it is molded of plastic it is readily susceptible to three dimensional molded ornamentation of infinite variety as well as readily molded of colored plastics.


1. In a device of the kind described, a plastic housing having an integrally molded collar interiorally thereof and a music box interiorally thereof, integrally molded support members extending inwardly of said housing and said music box being secured thereto and having a winding pulley rotatably received within said collar and a string wrapped around said pulley and extending outwardly of said collar and said housing, whereby said collar effects a guard for retaining said string on said pulley, said housing having a rear flange for attachment of said device to a door or the like, said rear flange being provided with posts extending perpendicularly therefrom and having bores for receiving screws for the fastening of said device, said posts being at least three in number and spaced so as to hold a closure member therebetween and having undercut surfaces against which said closure member can be forced to resiliently spread said posts whereby said closure member may be locked by said undercut surfaces against said flange.

2. In a device as set forth in claim 1, including a slot at each post through said flange for access of a tool to remove said closure member.

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U.S. Classification84/94.1, 116/93, 984/204
International ClassificationG10F1/06, G10F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationG10F1/06
European ClassificationG10F1/06