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Publication numberUS3545760 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1970
Filing dateJan 30, 1968
Priority dateJan 30, 1968
Publication numberUS 3545760 A, US 3545760A, US-A-3545760, US3545760 A, US3545760A
InventorsHenry Allen Wilson
Original AssigneeWilson Henry A
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Combined cap and aerial projector
US 3545760 A
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United States Patent Henry Alen'wbon 4L 4630LeolaSL,TaI|pa,i1orid|33609 [2i] AppLNo. 701,597

[22] Filed Jan-30,1968

[45] Patented Dee-8,1970

[72] Inventor [54] COMBINED CAP AND AERIAL PROJECTOR IChimSDnwinl Figs. a 5'21 u.s. 273/106, 46/71 51 Int. A63b65/00 so] rumrsmeu 46/74,

(Misc); 273/ 106, (Head Mounted Digest) [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,032,345 5/ I962 Lernelson 3,182,422 ,5/l965 Ryan 46/ I (F )UX 3,229,872 l/l966' Williams 46/l(F)UX 3,359,678 l2/l967 Headrick 46/74 7 Primary Exaririner- Robert Peshock Attorney-Everett G. Clements ABSTRACT: An aerial projectory toy detachably connected to the top central portion of a childs cap Ofthebeanie type to act as a head protecting crown portion. The connection is of an easily attachable and detachable type whereby the plastic disc-shaped aerial toy will reliably remain attached to the central area of the childs cap during play with the inwardly thickened perimeter always properly positioned to be readily grasped for hurling it.

PATENTEH DEC 8197[ 31545760 W INVEMT R HE NR9 ALLEN \nl'lLsow COMBINED CAP AND AERIAL PROJECTOR The invention relates to a combined head covering and protecting means in its combined form to an aerial projectile-type toy when separated from its associated head covering portion.

A further object of my invention relates to detachably securing a disk-shaped aerial toy to the crown portion of a childs cap whereby the disk-shaped aerial toy is securely held in proper overlying position on the cap ready to be grasped at the rim and thrown. v

For a more complete understanding of the invention attention is called to the accompanying description in conjunction with the accompanying drawing wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective illustration showing the use of the assembled device as a combined cap and toy as well as the use of the separated device in play;

FIG. 2 is an exploded view partly in section and partly in elevation of the disk and a fragment of the crown portion of the cap; and

FIG. 3 in a similar view showing another embodiment of the securing means.

From the foregoing it will be readily seen that an aerial projectile toy 5 of the type presently on the market and known as a Frisbee" (described in the patent to Headrick US. Pat No. 3,359,678 issued Dec. 26, 19 67 and composed of a suitable plastic material, is equipped at its axial center with the male portion 6 of a common form of detachable connecter known as a snap'fastenerf The usual cooperative female portion 7 of this snap-fastener is centrally secured in the crown of a child's cap 8, whereby to detachably receive the central male fastener portion 6 of the aerial toy 5 on the cap 8.

The aerial gliding toy 5, as presently made under the trade name Frisbee" is relatively larger in diameter than a childs cap designated as 8 and 8' and thus serves as an added-head protector.

In FIG. 3, a modified form of the means for quickly and securely detachably fastening the disklike plastic toy to the outer crown portion of achild's cap is shown as cooperating side portions 9 and 10 of adetachable securing means commercially known as Velcro." As described in the patent to Lemelson, U.S. Pat. No. 3,032,345 issued May 1, 1962, a Velwhich has a multitude of plastic monofilament hooks protrud-" ing from the surface and the other of which has a multitude of monofilament plastic loops, the hooks catching on the loops when the two pieces of fabric are brought into engagement to detachably secure together the two pieces of fabric and the articles to which the pieces of fabric are fastened. Aside from matters of costs the quick attaching and detaching material having the cooperating inte'rengaging surface parts 9 and 10 provides an ideal securing means for the Frisbee" type saucer like hurling plastic disk to the outer crown portion of a childs cap.

As can readily be seen from the drawing and, US. Pat. No. 3,359,678 which describes the Frisbee in detail. the toy 5 comprises a disk with a circular periphery terminating in a rim or annular flange projecting laterally downwardly from the central portion of the disk. The fastener portions 6 and 9 are secured to the center of the disk and cooperate respectively with mating fastener portions. 7 and 10 secured to the top center of the crown of the cap. Since the fastener portions are directly secured to the disk and cap the disk is substantially tangent to the crown of the cap at the top thereof, the disk and cap thus making a compact unit giving the impression of a sort of coolie-type head covering. As can be seen from FIG. 1 the combined projectible and cap lends itself readily to the kind of horseplay in which small boys delight. The lateral downturned rim or annular flange may readily be grasped by a child and the disk be snatched off the cap, it being understood, of course, that the cap is retained on the head of the wearer by conventional means or by the hands, and thrown with a spinning motion. Active, boisterous play, so necessary to the healthy development of children is thus encouraged to take place in a safe and nondestructive way.

lclaim: 1. In combination a cap, a toy aerial pro ectile and means detachably securing said projectile to said cap for easy separation therefrom by a child by a snatching movement, said aerial projectible comprising a disk having a circular periphery terminating in a laterally projecting annular flange spaced outwardly from the crown of the cap, the means detachably securing the projectible to the cap being located at the center of the disk and the top of the crown of the cap, and the disk being positioned substantially tangentially to the crown of the cap, whereby the flange may be grasped by a child at play and the disk be snatched off the .cap'and be thrown with a spinning motion.

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International ClassificationA63H33/18
Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/18, Y10S273/30, Y10S273/17
European ClassificationA63H33/18