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Publication numberUS354703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1886
Filing dateJun 30, 1886
Publication numberUS 354703 A, US 354703A, US-A-354703, US354703 A, US354703A
InventorsChaeles B. Huestis
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US 354703 A
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No. 354,703. I




SPECIFICATION forming part Of Letters Patent NO. 354,703, dated December 21, 1886.

Application filed June 30, 1886. Serial No. 206,750. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES E. HUEs'rIs, of Ukiah, Mendocino county, State of California, have invented an Improvement in Shingling-Seats; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same. e I

My invention relates toaseat and nail holder to be employed by workmen in putting shingles upon sloping roofs.

It consists in the construction and combination of devices which I shall hereinafter fully describe and claim.

Referring to the accompanying drawings for a more complete explanation of my invention, Figure 1 is a perspective View of the device. Fig. 2 is a view of the parts separated.

A is a frame, which may be made of steel or iron bars, and it has a seat, 13, made of wood, which is secured to it by bolts or screws. At one end the frame or side bars, A, are hinged to the ends of other bars, 0, which form a shoe at D. This shoe is provided with teeth or points E, which are made sloping or inclined, so as to enter the surface of the roof upon which it is placed, thus holding the Whole firmly and preventing it from slipping. The rear ends ofthe side bars, A,have curved segments F, extending downward, and similar curved segments, G, extend upward from the shoes 0, so as to form a continuation of the curved segments F. The segments F and G overlap each other and have slots, holes, or

. perforations by which they may be united together at any point by bolts or otherwise, so

that the angle between the bars A and the shoe 0 may be made greater or less for the purpose of holding the seat B level upon any incline orpitch of roofthat it may be employed upon. H are braces, which extend upward from the rear ends of the shoe-bars O, and serve to support the curved arms G.

Upon the side of the seat B is fixed a nail box, I, which is made of any suitable material, sheetirou beingvery suitablefor this purpose. This box is secured upon one side of the seat, as shown, so as to be conveniently within reach of the operator.

This seat differs from what is knownas the shingling-bracket, as it is independent and movable to any point which may be desired by the operator, while the bracket simply serves to support one portion of a long board or staging, which is supported bya number of brackets, and is stationary at whatever point it may be fixed. 7

With my device the operator may move as the work progresses from point to point, having everything necessary for his work with him, and is not dependent upon any fixed staging.

I am aware a shingling-bracket has been formed of two sections hinged together at their front ends, one of said sections having teeth or projections and a curved segment passing through a slot or opening in the rear end of the upper section. I am also aware it is not broadly new to adjust the angle between the sections of a shingling-bracket by means of a pin passing through openings in a segment or arm projecting from one of said sections, and such construction I therefore do not broadly claim as my invention. 7

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The bars 0, provided with the inclined or sloping points E, and the perforated curved ing perforated curved segments forming a continuation of the segments G, and the seat B, secured upon the bars A, substantially as herein described.

2. An improved shingling-seat comprising the combination of the bars A and O, hinged together at their front portions, and having overlapping and perforated curved segments at the rear, suitable inclined or sloping teeth formed in the bars 0, the braces H, for supporting the curved segments G, the seat B, and the holder or box formed with or projecting from one side of the seat, all constructed and arrangedto operate substantially as herein described.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand.




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Cooperative ClassificationE04G3/26