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Publication numberUS3547102 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1970
Filing dateOct 28, 1968
Priority dateOct 28, 1968
Publication numberUS 3547102 A, US 3547102A, US-A-3547102, US3547102 A, US3547102A
InventorsRichard E Frenkel, Herbert M Frenkel
Original AssigneeRichard E Frenkel, Herbert M Frenkel
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Clinical instrument
US 3547102 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventors Richard E. Frenkel [56] 201 E. 77th St.; Herbert M. F renkel, 205 E. 78th St., New

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,247,978 7/1941 Van Arkel 2,686,519 8/1954 Westerman P 3,149,629 9/1964 Km [22] 1968 3 401 696 9/1968 OBrien Patented Dec-15,1970

Primary ExaminerCharles F. Rosenbaum Assistan! Examiner-J. B. Mitchell [54] CLINICAL INSTRUMENT 4 Claims, 6 Drawing Figs. 52] 11.5. C1 128/2,

128/62, l28/294, [51] Int. Cl A61b 5/00, A6lh 7/00 [50] Field ol'Search I l9/(lnquired);

128/2, 1, 79, 294, 44; q );259/29 1n uired ,36, (Mach Vib (Cocktail Shaker Digest);

ABSTRACT: A vibrating device is provided with means to support the male reproductive organ and to induce tu mescence. A receptacle is also provided to receive the result- PATENTED m1 SL970 3547; 102

'INVENTORS RICHARD E. FRENKEL HERBERT M. FRENKEL CLINICAL INSTRUMENT BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to clinical instruments and more particularly to instruments for inducing ejaculation and for collecting spenn.

2. Description of the Prior Art In many branches of scientific research, including veterinary medicine, and clinical medicine, it is necessary to collect and diagnose sperm and post-ejaculatory urine. Recent medical research has shown the use of sperm to have therapeutic properties in the treatment of cancer.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of this invention is to gain the collection of sperm from animals and humans in an accurate, dependable and easy manner by means of a vibratory instrument.

Current medical research necessitates the use of this clinical instrument for clinical diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, as enumerated below:

1. Veterinary Medicine: The present methods to collect sperm specimens from cattle are: (a) use of the Artificial Vagina, (b) massage of the accessory glands and (c) electrostimulation.

The present clinical instrument provides for a Vibro-Stimulatory Method for Vibratory Ejaculation, which is safer and a more practical method to collect sperm for the improvement of breeding by semen testing and fertility rating in cattle, fowl, swine and domestic animals, etc.

2. Genetics: Rapid and easy method to collect sperm for chromosome testing for the research and prevention of genetically induced diseases.

3. Forensic Medicine: Testing of chromosome patterns in criminals.

4. Male Fertility: Increasing the fertility of males who have low sperm counts by taking the first-third of several ejaculations, combining them and then using combined specimen for fertilization through artificial insemination.

5. Diagnosis and Testing of male sperm to confirm sterilization after sterlization surgery has been completed.

' 6. Differential Diagnostic Tool used to differentiate between organic and functional impotence in the male.

7. Post-Ejaculatory Diuresis research in diseases of the kidney.

Spermine Use of spermine in inhibiting certain growths of bacteria, some viruses and of Ehrlich's Ascites Tumor Cells.

9. Sperm adjuvant added to antigen as an antipregnancy vaccine.

l0. Paternal Sperm used to combat Choriocarcinoma used in the treatment of cancer.

New avenues of research are opening up and therefore necessitate the collection and diagnosis of specimens of sperm and urine. Marriage licenses in the future-will have necessary data derived from sperm specimens to assure the population of healthful Eugenics.

For these and for other reasons that will occur to those skilled in the art it is apparent that a need exists for a clinical instrument having means to induce ejaculation and to collect the resulting sperm. Because of the nature of its intended use the instrument must have the characteristics of ease of handling, a high level of efficiency and safety as well as structure that permits easy cleaning and the maintenance of a sanitary condition. To the best of applicants knowledge the prior art does not provide a completely satisfactory instrument of this type and particularly one that employs a vibrating technique such as will be described hereinafter.

Accordingly it is an object of this invention to provide an improved clinical instrument for inducing ejaculation and for collecting the sperm that results.

It is another object of this invention to provide an improved clinical instrument, as described above, and which employs a vibrating technique.

A further object of this invention is to provide an improved clinical instrument, as described above, that is compact, easy to use, efiicient and which is readily maintained in a sanitary condition.

An additional object of this invention is to provide an improved vibrating clinical instrument for inducing tumescence and ejaculation and which includes means to collect the resulting sperm or urine specimens.

Still another object of this invention is to provide an improved vibrating clinical instrument, as described above, and which includes means to transfer the collected specimen to a syringe. j t

Another object of thisinvention is to provide an improved clinical instrument of the vibrating type, as described above, the structure of which lends itself to either permanently fixed or portable modes of operation.

These and other objects, features and advantages of this invention will, in part, be pointed out with particularity and will, in part, be apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the appended drawing.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING In the various FIGS. of the drawing, like reference characters designate like parts.

In the drawing:

FIG. 1 is a pictorial view, partly brokenaway, illustrating one form of structure that comprises the basic concepts of this invention; I

FIG. 2 is a sectional, elevational view illustrating an alternative embodiment of this invention;

FIG. 3 is a side elevational view of this still another, alternative modification of this invention;

FIG. 4 is a side fragmentary side elevational view, partly in section, illustrating another, alternative embodiment of this invention;

FIG. 5 is a side elevation view, partly in section, illustrating still another alternative embodiment of this invention; and

FIG. 6 is a sectional side elevational view illustrating another embodiment of this invention.

DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS OF THE INVENTION Referring now to the drawings, FIG. ,1 illustrates one embodiment of this inventionwherein reference character 10 designates the entire clinical instrument. There is included a pedestal 12 having a substantially upright, hollow support,post 14 on which a vibrator 16 is adjustably mounted. Column. 18 extends downwardly from the vibrator 16 and is telescoped into the hollow support post 14 so that the vibrator 16 may be set at different heights relative to the pedestal 12. A thumb screw 20 is used to clamp the column 18 to the support post 14 to maintain the vibrator 16 at the selected height. Although only a height adjustment has been specifically illustrated it is to be understood that it is within the scope of this invention to provide means such as a universal joint that will allow the vibrator 16 to be adjusted to and set at any one of various angles with respect to the pedestal 12.

Vibrator 16 may be almost any one of those that are presently commercially available. The vibrator 16 preferably is of the multispeed type that is controlled by a selector switch 22 conveniently located on the outside of vibrator housing 24. In the embodiment illustrated, three different speeds are available but of course the invention is not so limited. Also in this embodiment, the vibrator 16 is energized by a remote source of electrical power (not shown) through a line cord 25 connected to an internal motor 26 enclosed by vibrator housing 24.

An output shaft 28, suitably coupled to the motor 26, extends outwardly of the vibrator housing 24 and supports an elongated, concave platform 30. Preferably the platform is sufficiently rigid to transmit the vibrations produced by the motor 26 and yet is resilient enough not to injure the male reproductive organ that rests thereon. It is presently contem- .plated that the platform be fabricated from a rubber compound having a suitable durometer value although alternatively either a resilient plastic may be used or a resilient and i' eplaceablecover may be placed over the platform 30. In the embodiment illustrated the motor 26 produces vibrations of one oscillatory type that are substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the platform 30. However-other types of vibration that can induce tumescence and ejaculation may also be employed.

FIG. 1 also illustrates means to collect the ejaculate that results from the vibrations applied to the male reproductive organ. An inverted, L-shaped receptacle 32 is adjustably'supported on the column 18 by means of a ring 34 and a thumbscrew 36. An arm 38 extends outwardly from the ring 34and is provided with a clamp member 40 at its outer end. Calibrated section 42 of the receptacle 32 is retained by the clamp member 40 such that section 44 of the receptacle 32 is positioned immediately adjacent one end of the platform 30. It should be noted that receptacle section 44 is provided with a relatively large opening 46 to receive the ejaculate which then 7 collects in calibrated section 42.

Receptacle 32 also includes a relatively narrow tubular section 48 extending upwardly from the calibrated section 42 and having an opening therein to receive the long bore needle 50 of a calibrated syringe 52. The preferably rounded tip 54 of the needle 50 extends downwardly to a position proximate the bottom end of calibrated section 42 so that a metered quantity of the collected sperm may be withdrawn and taken to its place of intended use.

" The structure shown in FIG. 2 represents an alternative form of the present invention. In this embodiment, vibrator 56 is provided with two laterally extending rods 58 that are pivotally journaled at 60 in a semicicular support member 62. As in the previous embodiment the vibrator 56 includes an output shaft 64 coupled to an elongated, concave, resilient platform 66 and a motor (not shown). Line cord 68 energizes the motor from a suitable, remote sourceof electrical power. The support member 62 is adjustably positioned on a pedestal 70 by means of a column 72 that telescopes into a hollow post 74 and is secured in its desired positionby means of a thumbscrew 76. The vibrator 56 also includes an extension 78 that permits the vibrator to be oscillated about pivots 60 to provide emotion that is additive to that produced by the vibrator.

The embodiment shown in FIG. 3 provides an alternative mode of operation. A vibrator 80, having a hand grip portion 82, is energized by a remote source of electrical power through line cord 84. The vibrator 80 has an output shaft 86 that is coupled to an internal motor (not'shown) and a platform 88. A receptacle 90, such as a test tube having a single open end 92, is releasably attached to the platform 88 by platform 88.

K ln FIG. 4 there is shown an embodiment of this invention that is similar to the one illustrated by FIG. 3. Receptacle 96 lijas an opening 100 to receive the male reproductive organ while a second section 102 has an opening 104 in which a stopper 106 is positioned. A long bore, rounded tip needle 108 {if a calibrated syringe 110 passes through a suitable opening 1 12 in the stopper 106 and terminates proximate to the bottom end of section 102. This arrangement permits collected sperm to be drawn off in metered quantities and transported to its point of use. As in the embodiment described in connection with FIG. 3, the male reproductive organ is inserted through opening 100 and positioned in section 98 so that ejaculated spenn cancollect in section I02.

electrically coupled to the battery means 116 and the switch 118. Output shaft 122 of the vibrator supports an elongated, resilient platform 124. A receptacle 32, such as the one shown in FIG. 1 for example, is adjusta'bly supported on the casing 114 with the open end thereof proximate one end of platform 124. In this embodiment a clamp 126 is secured to the calibrated section 42 of the receptacle 32. A hollow rod 128 extends from the clamp 126 in the direction of casing 114 and telescopes onto a rod 130. A ring 132 which is secured to casing 114 by a thumbscrew 134 supports the rod so that the open end 46 of the receptacle 32 may be accurately positioned with respect to one endof the platform I24.

Turning now to FIG. 6 there is shown an alternative embodiment to the platforms previously describecLOnce again the motor of vibrator 136 is energized by a remote source of electrical power. However in this embodiment platform 140 is comprised of a semicircular support 142 having an inner,

semicircular resilient liner 144 and an external adapter 146 that is suitably coupled to the output shaft 138 of the vibrator 136. Another semicircular support 148 is attached to support 142 by means of a hinge 150 and also includes internal, resilient liners 152 that are angularly spaced from each other. A clip 154 secures support 148 to support 142.

In the arcuate gap between spaced liners 152 and suitably attached to the innersurface of support 148, is a hollow, resilient, inflatable cuff 1156 which, in combination with the liners I44 and 148 defines a tubular platform that is substantially circular in cross section. A length of tubing 158 is in communication with the interior of the cuff 156 and is secured to support 148 by means of a suitable fastener such as a nut 160 for example. The cuff 156 is inflated'by a squeeze bulb 162. The pressure in the cuff 156 is controlled by artwo-way valve 164 and may be read directly by means of a gauge 166 that is also in communication with the interior of cuff 156.

The structure just described serves the useful function of maintaining tumescence once an erection is achieved by the action of the vibrator. The cuff 156 is positioned so as to bear on the dorsal veins in the penis that are proximate the top thereof. When the cuff 156 is inflated it will retard the flow of blood back through the dorsal veins to the remainder of the circulatorysystem. The bulb 162 and its associated valve 164 maintain pressure on the dorsal veins at a comfortable and efficient level until ejaculation can take place.

From the foregoing it is apparent that several different embodiments of an improved clinical instrument have been provided thereby fulfilling a long standing need. The apparatus is adjustable and can be either hand held or fixed to nonmovable structures such as tables, walls, ceilings, etc. The vibrating apparatus is adjustable with respect to both speed and position. The receptacle for receiving the sperm or urine can readily be adjusted with respect to the vibrator portion of the apparatus and further can include means to accommodate a syringe needle so that the collected specimens can be conveniently removed. The apparatus may be operated by batteries or the more conventional current source.

There has been disclosed heretofore the best embodiments of the invention presently contemplated. It is to, be understood however thatvarious changes and modifications may be made by those skilled in theart without departing from the spirit of the invention.

We claim:

I. A clinical instrument for inducing ejaculation comprising a support means with a vibrator attached thereto; said vibrator having a concave platform affixed to the output shaft thereof; said vibrator further including means to transmit reciprocating movements along the longitudinal axis of said concave platform; a receptacle, having an open end and a closed end, attached to the apparatus in such a manner as to provide for said open end to be adjacent to and parallel with the longitudinal axis of said concave platform, whereby vibrations are transmitted to a male reproductive organ to induce tumescence and ejaculation, the ejaculate being collected in said recepta cle.

2. A clinical instrument in accordance with claim 1, wherein the receptacle for the ejaculate has a first tubular portion extending from its open end to receive the male reproductive organ and a second tubular portion extending from its closed end to receive the ejaculate, said first and second tubular portions of the receptacle being joined to each other and being in communication with each other at an angle of approximately 90, and supporting means for supporting said receptacle on the vibrator support means, whereby the first tubular portion may be supported with its longitudinal axis adjacent to and parallel with the longitudinal axis of the concave platform and the second tubular portion may be supported with its longitudinal axis at right angles to the longitudinal axes of the first tubular portion and the concave platform.

3. A clinical instrument in accordance with claim 2, wherein an opening is provided in the receptacle at the juncture between the first and second tubular portions and a removable syringe extends through said opening into the second tubular portion, whereby ejaculate collected at the closed end of said receptacle may be removed.

4. A clinical instrument in accordance with claim 1, wherein the concave platform is provided with .a concave cover, said concave platform and concave cover being hingedly connected to each other to form a cylinder adapted to receive a male reproductive organ, a resilient liner being provided within said cylinder and including an inflatable cuff which is engageable with the male reproductive organ.

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