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Publication numberUS3547323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1970
Filing dateJul 9, 1968
Priority dateJul 9, 1968
Publication numberUS 3547323 A, US 3547323A, US-A-3547323, US3547323 A, US3547323A
InventorsHammer Alfonso W, Sledge Michael L Jr
Original AssigneeHammer Alfonso W, Sledge Michael L Jr
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Retractable key chain bracelet
US 3547323 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventors Michael L. Sledge, ,Ir.

1400 E. 55th Place, 60615; I Alfonso W. Hammer, 9725 Yale, Chicago Ill. I [21] Appl. No. 743,560 [22] Filed July 9, 1968 [45] Patented Dec. 15, 1970 [54] RETRACTABLE KEY CHAIN BRACELET 4 Claims, 2 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl 224/28 [51] Int. Cl. A44c 5/00 [50] Field 01 Search .Z 224/28,

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,213,758 1/1917 Delaney 224/28X 8/1923 Morrison; 224/5(.7)UX 1,567,783 12/1925 Best FOREIGN PATENTS 590,104 3/1925 France 224/28-1 807,979 7/1951 Germany 224/28.5 998,567 7/1965 GreatBritain 224/5 Primary ExaminerGera1d M. Forlenza Assistant Examiner-Robert J. Spar AttorneyMo1inare, Allegretti, Newitt & Witcoff ABSTRACT: A bracelet with a retractable key chain wound on a spring-biased winding drum. The key is fastened to the end of the chain and retained in a pouch on the bracelet. The key is removable from the pouch, and the attached chain withdraws from the winding drum to allow extension of the key.

RETRACTABLE KEY CHAIN BRACELET BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a key chain bracelet and, in particular, to a key chain bracelet having a retractable key chain attached to the bracelet.

Often keys are kept on a key ring in a persons pocket or purse. When keys are needed one must find the key ring in his pocket or purse, pull out the proper key and insert it in alock. Thus'when it is dark, for example, and one wishes to enter his car or house, it becomes quite difiicult to find a key. Not only is this irritating, but also an emergency situation may require opening a door quickly. Being unable to find the key to the door will, of course, prevent speedy entry.

To cope with such emergency situations, it is desirable to have quick and easy access to a key. It is also-desirable'that such access be provided by an inexpensive device. .Additionally, it is desirable that a key holding device provide maximum protection for keys to prevent them from being lost, misplaced or dropped.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In a principal aspect the present invention of akey chain bracelet adapted to fit a persons wrist provides means for easy and quick access to a key or keys. The-braceletincludes an attached pouch for receiving the keys and a strand with one'end connected with the keys and the opposite end connected with strand retractor means. The strand retractor means are also attached to the adjustable wrist strap.

Thus, it is an object of the present invention to provide improved key holder.

It is a further object of the present invention toprovide a key holder which may be worn on the wrist yet which is not bulky or burdensome to the wearer.

Still another object of the present invention is to providean adjustable wrist strap adaptable to be worn on various sizes of wrlsts.

One further object of theinvention is to providea key chain,

bracelet including a pouch and a retractable strand for holding keys while they are in the pouch. The strand may be extended when the keys are removed from the'pouch so that they'may be inserted into a door lock while still being held'by the retrac- BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THEDRAWINGS In the detailed description which follows reference will be made to the drawings comprised of the following FIGS:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a key chain bracelet ofthe present invention; and

FIG. 2 is a partial cross'sectional view of the key chain bracelet shown in FIG. 1.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT I IG. 1 illustrates, in a perspective view and FIG. 2, in a cross-sectional view, the invention which includes'an adjustable wrist strap having an attached pouch 12 and an attached strand retractor means 14 with a strand 36 extending from the retractor means M'through an'opening 55 in flap 18 of pouch to a key 60.

The strap 10 and pouch 12 are 'preferablymanufactured from the same material, for example a vinyl material or leather. Alternatively, the strap it) may be a continuous, expanding, elastic or metal band with a complimentary vinylor' leather pouch 12. The strap 10 illustrated in the FIGS. includes first and second ends 24 and 26 respectively. A'buckle 253 is attached to the first end ZAand is adopted to cngage'with holes 30 defined in the second end 26 in order to secure the strap about the users wrist.

The pouch l2'includes a key receiving portion 16 with a flap 18. A' snap 20 on flap 18 allows closure of the pouch 12.. Alternative closure means'such as a clip or button may be utilized to fasten flap 18. Moreover, the flap 18 may be eliminated entirely. However, flap 18 is preferred since it cooperates with the key 60 to retain the key 60 within the pouch 12. The key 60 is thereby maintained in a protected position, safe from loss, should the supporting strand 36 break.

An alternative construction of the pouch 12 provides for an enclosed pouch with a slit opening in the exposed side adapted to receive keys. The enclosed pouch is biased by a spring so that the slit is normally closed. To open the pouch, the wearer manually applies pressure to the sides of the pouch thereby causing the slit to open exposing the keys.

The pouch 12 is slidably attached to the strap 10 by the strip of=material 22 whichpas ses around the strap 10 and is stitched to the backside of the pouch 12. Alternatively the pouch 12 may be stitched directly onto the strap 10. However, the illustrated construction is preferred because variously sized, shaped or colored pouches 12 may be substituted depending upon the size and shape of the key 12 or keys. Moreover, a

'pouch'12 may be substituted for holdingmaterial other than for keys or in addition to keys.

The'retractor means 14 is also attached to the strap 10. The

. 'retractor means 14 is attached by means of binder tabs32 and 34 cooperating with pins 4l2and respectively. The binder tabs 32 and 34 are fabricated from the same material as the strap 10 andipouch' 12 and are stitched or otherwise attached to-the strap 10. For example the tabs 32 and 3.4 may cooperate with openings (not shown) perforated on a line along the longitudinal axis of the band. Thus the tabs 32 and 34 are adjustable and may be replaced or repaired. The strand 36, for'exam- -'ple nylonthr'ead, is attached to the key 60 and extends into the r'etractor means 14. The retractor means 14 holds the strand "'36taut. When the key 60 is removed from the pouch t2, the

"strand36may be extended by pulling on the key 60.

Referring now especially to FIG. 2 there is shown, in a cross-sectional view, the construction of the retractor means 14. The retractor means 14 includes a housing 38 which has pins-40 and 42 inserted in its opposite ends. Rigidly affixed in the center of the housing is a vertical, axial rod 44 perpendicular to the'plane of the strap 10. Rotatably fixed on the rod 44 is adrum' 46. The drum 46 is spring biased by means of a spring 48 torevolve in a clockwise direction about the rod 44.

' Thus, the nylon strand or thread 36 extending through an opening 50 in a housing cap 52 winds about the drum 46 in a channel 54 of that drum as. The end 56 of the thread 36 -passes through an opening defined in the channel 54 and is knotted and held in a locked position by a drum cap 58. Thus,

' the thread 36 is continuously biased to be wound around the drum 46 in thechanne'l 54, but may be distended until the thread 36 is entirely unwound from the drum 46.

The biased strand or thread 36 continually places tension on the key'60 in the pouch 12. If the flap 18 'is removed or if the s'littedembodiment o f'the pouch described above issued, the

head or top 62 of the key 64) acts as a stop means to prevent the nylon thread from passing through the opening 50 in the -ho'us'ingcap52. Alternatively, a stop or ring (not shown) may be attached to the nylon thread 36 between the retractor 'meansil l'and-p'ouch 12 to insure that the thread 36 will not be 2. The bracelet of claim 1 wherein said strand retractor to bias said drum about said axis; and wherein said strand H comprises a nylon cord attached to said drum and extending through an opening in said housing.

4. The bracelet of claim 3 wherein said strand includes stop means external said housing attached to said strand to prevent withdrawal of said strand through said opening into said housing.

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