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Publication numberUS3550663 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1970
Filing dateOct 14, 1968
Priority dateOct 14, 1968
Publication numberUS 3550663 A, US 3550663A, US-A-3550663, US3550663 A, US3550663A
InventorsJohnston Laura D
Original AssigneeJohnston Laura D
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Ladies handbag
US 3550663 A
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I United States Patent 1 3,550,663

1 1 Inventor Laura D. Johnston 1.815.106 7/1931 .Iostes 150/1.7X 171911111 Ave.,0wensboro, Ky.42301 2.152.745 4/1939 Klass 150/1 [21 1 Appl. No. 767.368 2,565,076 8/1951 Haubrick... ISO/28X [22] Filed Oct. 14, 1968 3,121,452 2/1964 Hyman 150/28 [45] Patented Dec. 29, 1970 FOREIGN PATENTS 698,167 10/1953 Great Britain ISO/1.7 1 LADIES HANDBAG Primary Examiner- Donald F. Norton 3 Clalllls' 1 Drawing g- AnorneyLaurence R. Brown [52] U.S.Cl. 150/28, 150/1.150/1.7,150/33 [51] lnt.Cl. A45c 3/08 ABSTRACT: A ladies handbag is made of {WO different [50] Field of Search ISO/28.1, f b i in the f f a rectangular bottom panel with plain L7, 50 side panels to which flat fabric strips are sewn to form handles. A single seam extends up the center of each end of the body, [56} Rerem'mcied and a design may be sewn onto one plain side panel. 1f UNITED STATES PATENTS reversed by turning inside out the bag displays a different 1.148.948 8/1915 Benjamin 150/50 fabric design.

PATENTEflniczsms $550,663

INVENTOR LAURA D. JOHNSTON I BY ATTORNEY LADIES HANDBAG This invention relates to ladies handbags and more particularly to handbags constructed solely from fabric materials.

In ladies wear it is desirable to provide styling of accessories such as shoes and handbags to match or mix withother accessories and garments. It is difficult to accomplish appropriate styling and color combinations with the usual handbag made of leather or simulated leather and metallic members, and the cost of maintaining an inventory of such bags may become prohibitive.

Also when metal clasps and closures are provided not only is the cost significant in both materials and construction but such parts generally break down first resulting in less wear. One particular weakness of handbags is the handle structure which is subject to wear and misshaping, and many times is uncomfortable to hold.

It is therefore an object of the invention to provide a ladies handbag construction adaptable to differentstyle and color combinations.

Another object of the invention is to provide ladies handbags of simple inexpensive construction without metallic members.

A further object of the invention is to provide improved handles on a ladies handbag which are comfortable and wear well.

Thus, there is provided by this invention a ladies handbag constructed solely of two different fabric materials of diverse characteristic and presenting plain rectangular side panels which may incorporate a monogrammed design and a generally flat rectangular bottom panel. The handles constitute stiffened flat fabric strips sewn to the top of the-side panels to provide an uppermost section of the flat strip generally parallel with the flat bottom panel.

The foregoing features and objectives together with further aspects of the invention are described in the following text with reference to the accompanying drawing which shows in perspective view, partly broken away, the construction features of the invention.

The body section of the handbag has a generally rectangular interior of suitable height as defined from the substantially flat rectangular bottom panel 11 with elongated sides 12 and narrow ends 14. This panel may be of a separate piece sewn at the seam 15 about the bottom edge of the bag and having a generally triangular end portion 16 folded therein and bent up to extend along the end panels 17 of the bag. This triangular portion 16 is affixed at the apex 18 to the panels 17 of the bag along a single seam 19 extending along the entire height of the end panel 17 and behind triangular portion 16 to join front panel section 20 to a corresponding rear panel section.

This construction produces from one rectangular bottom panel 11 and two rectangular side panel (20) fabric pieces a bag with plain flat rectangular front and back panel sections 20, 21, upon which a monogrammed diagram 22 may be displayed by embroidering or otherwise marking the panel.

The bag has an outer fabric section 23 and an inner fabric section 24 of different materials. The inner fabric 24 may be for example a burlap type material or an upholstery fabric while the outer fabric 23 may be a drapery fabric or the like. A wide range of contrasting or complementary fabrics, designs and colors may thus be chosen to provide styling adapting the bag as a matched accessory to many different costumes. The fabric materials may be chosen to match or complement other accessories or the apparel being worn, since one or both fabrics may be commonly used in the apparel. If the bag is reversed by turning it inside out, the style may be changed radically.

The materials are stitched together at a hemmed top section along seam 30 by folding both the inner and outer fabrics over to form a double folded-overridge to produce a stiffened and hard wearing edge 31 about the open top 32 to the bag. Stitched to the interior of the bag or preferably between the two fabrics at sfaced sitions along the top of the lain side panels 20 and 1 are e ends 33, 3 of the handles 5 which comprise stiffened flat fabric strips of double thickness sewn together at the edge in a manner similar to the top seam 31 of the bag. The handles are disposed to extend from their ends 33, 34 in a plane substantially common with that of the side panels 20, 21 and are curved to present an uppermost portion 36 of the flat strip laterally extending across the top of the bag and generally parallel thereto in a plane substantially parallel with the bottom panel 11. Thus the entire bag including the handles is of fabric construction and is easily and comfortably carried to hold a variety of objects and conform where necessary to odd sizes and shapes such as baby's bottles or newspapers. Furthermore the fabric handle wears well and is strong and supple so that it does not shorten the life of the bag.

The novel features of this handbag believed representative of the spirit and nature of the invention are set forth with particularity in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A ladies handbag comprising in combination, an open topped body section of heavy fabric inner and outer materials with narrow end dimensions and elongated side dimensions with a texture stiff enough to be self-supporting, substantially flat rectangular bottom panel and a corresponding inner volume defined by the bottom panel of substantially said rectangular dimension and two narrow rectangular end panels having a suitable height approximating less then 12 inches, and body section having a single seam down each narrow end thereof to display a plain rectangular front and back panel section, and a liner of said inner heavy fabric materials having a different style from the outer fabric material and affixed to the inside of said body-and stitched thereto by a hem about the open top of said body section to form a ridge at the wearing edge said rectangular bottom panel being a separate panel sewn to said panel sections and comprising a generally triangular end portion extending from each narrow end affixed at its apex on the exterior of and along the side of said body section to coincide with said single seam.

2. A bag as defined in claim 1 constructed to permit the bag to be turned inside out for a reversible bag displaying two dif ferent fabric materials.

3. A bag as defined in claim 1 including a monogrammed design sewn onto the fabric of one of said plain rectangular panel sections.

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