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Publication numberUS355132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1886
Publication numberUS 355132 A, US 355132A, US-A-355132, US355132 A, US355132A
InventorsDavid A. Beown
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David a
US 355132 A
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Y n.(NAoUMoellel.) I l* I 11A. BROWN su J. W. ROLLER.. ADJUSTABLE INSGRIPTIQN FOB.- NAMEl PLATES. No. 355,132. l Patented Deo. 23, 1886.

"IML, i ""l 25 slots.

o largement c.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 355,132, dated December 28, 1886.

` Application filed October 2,1886. Serial No. 215,197. (No model.) I

1o inscription plates; and our invention consists in the slotted plate and the independent separate and movable character and ornament I blocks provided with novel shanks or stems,

whereby they are tted to the plate and adjusted and secured in its slot, all of which we shall hereinafter fully describe.

The object of our invention is to provide for the ready preparation of a plate or sign bearing any name or inscription, and it is designed 2o to take the place of engraving on coin and casket name-plates, door-plates, metal signs, &c.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, Figure lis a plan of the plate, showing the Fig. 2 is a perspective view of one of the adjustable blocks. Fig. 3 is a view of one of the ornament-blocks. Fig. 4 is a plan of the completed name-plate. Fig. 5 is a crosssection on the line .r w, Fig. 4.

3o A is theplate, of any suitable size, shape,

and material. Through it are made slots a in any suitable number, according to the requirements of the inscription. At the end of each slot is made an enlargement, a.

B are the independent separate character- 4o any suitable material, silver or gold, plated,

oxidized, nickel, &c. Each block, as shown in Fig. 2, has on its back a T-shaped stem or shank, b. Thehead of this stem is small enough to pass through the enlargement a at the end 4 5 of the slot a of the plate, but too large for the slot itself.

In fitting the blocks to the plate each is taken in such order as the inscription requires, `and the head of its stem is passed through the en- It is then slipped along the neck of the stem, traveling in the slot a up to its proper place. Each row of blocks is finished,y

commenced, or both commenced and finished by an ornament-block such as is represented in Fig. 3 by C. These blocks are of the same general construction as the others, having similar T-shaped shanks or stems, and they serve several purposes. They provide for a good appearance, giving a finished look to the name or inscription. They serve, also, to adjust or center the Whole row, and they cover the ends ofthe slot; but one lof their chief uses lies in their function as clamps. These blocks, as shown in Fig. 3, have made through the heads of their shanks or stemsahole, c, through which is passed a pin, c', (shown in Fig. 5,) which binds them to their places. Thus, after centering or properly adjusting all the blocks, the whole row is held in place by the binding-pins c in the ornament-blocks C.

lt will readily be seen that by having a number of character or ornament blocks on hand any suitable name or inscription plate may be quickly and easily prepared, adapting the invention particularly for use where there are no yengravers, and providing especially for the exigencies of country and village undertakers and sign-makers.

It is obvious that we need not confine ourselves exclusively to the formation of an enlargement, a', in the end of the slot a of the plate, for we may make these slots with no enlargements whatever, providing for the insertion of the blocks by arranging the heads of their stems in such manner that they will, when the blocks are turned to a given position, passV vided with enlargement c', in combination with the independent separate movable characterblocks B, having T-shaped stems or shanks b, adapted to pass through the enlargement c', whereby the blocks may be moved to position,


the neck of their stems or Shanks sliding in the slot, while the heads of said Sterns or Shanks engage the plate and hold the blocks thereto, substantially as described.

3. The Slotted plate A, in combi nation with the independent separate movableoharac-terblocks B, having T-Shaped stems or Shanks b, engaging the slotted plate and holding the blocks thereto, and the ornament-blocks (l at the end or ends, having similar stems or Shanks similarly engaging the plate, substantially as described.

4. The slotted plate A, in combination With the independent Separate movable characterblocks B, having T-shaped stems or shanks b, engaging the slotted plate and holding the blocks thereto, and the ornainent-blocks C at theend or ends, having T-shaped perforated Shanks or stems engaging the slotted plate,and

plate, substantially as described.

In witness Whereof'we have hereunto set our hands.


S. H. NoURsE, H. C. LEE.

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Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/08