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Publication numberUS3553911 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1971
Filing dateOct 17, 1968
Priority dateOct 17, 1968
Publication numberUS 3553911 A, US 3553911A, US-A-3553911, US3553911 A, US3553911A
InventorsMorrow Robert C, Seigfried Robert B
Original AssigneeSeigfried Robert B, Morrow Robert C
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Compartment for the temporary use of travelers
US 3553911 A
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Jan. 12, 1971 R. c. MORROW ETAL 3,553, 911 COMPARIMENT FOR THE TEMPORARY USE OF TRAVELERS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed 'Oct. 17. 1968 Mini/2 mm m m TRG N E E V .w N08 5 TT/ Y RR #E mum Wm FIG4 3,553,911 l COMPARTMENT FOR THE TEMPORARY USE OF TRAVELERS Robert C. Morrow, 725 S. 21st St., Paducah, Ky. 42001, and Robert B. Seigfried, 666 Elm St., Box 544, Calvert City, Ky. 42029 Filed Oct. 17, 1968, Ser. No. 768,313 Int. Cl. E04h 1/12; F24f 7/00 US. Cl. 52--28 1 Claim ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a diagrammatic view;

FIG. 2. is a front elevation of a cubicle;

.FIG. 3 is a rear elevation thereof;

FIG. 4 is a vertical sectional view, upon line 44 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 5 is a view partly in plan and partly in horizontal section; and

FIG. 6 is a horizontal sectional view with the reclining chair removed.

Like numerals designate corresponding parts in all the figures of the drawings.

In FIG. 1 it is shown that a plurality of the cubicles 5 may be placed within a much larger room 6, which may be the waiting room of an airport, a bus terminal or like place. Or, for quiteness, it may be placed away from such waiting room. In either case, the space 7 within room 6 is air conditioned so that conditioned air may be supplied to all of the cubicles therein. Each cubicle h s a front wall 8, a rear wall 9, a top 10, a bottom 11, and side walls 11a, the whole being movably supported upon casters 12. These walls may be constructed in any desired manner, but a preferred construction comprises a light-weight metal frame 13, and a covering therefor of metal or Fiberglas 14.

The rear wall may be provided with an access panel 15, and the top may carry an access panel 16 that is hinged at 17 and has a lock 18.

The means for circulating conditioned air from the space 7 consists of a fan 19. This fan draws air into its intake 20 through a louver 21 in the rear wall, and discharges said air into the cubicle from its outlet 22. The direction of air flow is shown by arrows 23 to be from louver 21 through fan 19 and from fan outlet to louver 24, as indicated by arrow 25.

The principal article of use within each cubicle is a reclining lounge 26 comprising a back rest 27 that is pivoted at 28 to be adjusted from the full line position 29 to the dotted line position 30. The top of the back rest is preferably cushioned. A leg rest 31 may be swung from a vertical, out-ofathe-way position 32 to the horizontal position 33, indicated in dotted lines.

The reclining lounge 26 is secured to the floor 11 by United States Patent Oflice 3,553,911 Patented Jan. 12, 1971 2 bolts 34, and the floor is preferably covered with carpet 34a in FIG. 5.

Other articles of comfort and convenience carried by the several cubicles include an electric clock-radio combination 35, an overhead light 36, a reading lamp 37 mounted upon a flexible arm for easy adjustment with respect to a person reading while lying upon the reclining lounge, a clothes hook 38, an open top receptacle for luggage 39, which may be placed behind the lounge, a mirror 40 and an ashtray 41 which is supported upon a shelf 42, and a television set 43. A coin slot 44 is shown upon the side of the television set, to indicate that this unit may be coin-controlled.

Entry into the cubicles may be had through a door 45 in front wall 8. The lock of this door is controlled by a coin box and timer clock 46, the coin slot being indicated at 46a (FIG. 2). Upon the .insertion of the proper coins in the coin slot the door lock is actuated to permit entry of a user, and the timer acts to set the clock for a given period of time, which begins when the user closes the door upon entering the cubicle. Upon expiration of the allotted time, the clock will sound an alarm and release the door lock. The time and coin-controlled lock may be actuated by the user at any time from the interior of the cubicle, whether the time for which the lock was set has expired or not.

A numbered plate 48 upon the door of each cubicle serves to identify that particular compartment. The door may also carry a manufacturers name plate 49. The control switch for the fan is indicated at 50 and the control switch for the overhead light is located at 51, both of these being within reach of the user while he is occupying the reclining lounge.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that each cubicle may have conditioned air circulated through it, without the necessity of having a separate air conditioning unit for each cubicle. This advantage arises from the fact that the complete assemblage illustrated in FIG. 1 places all of the cubicles in a large enclosed space, all of which is air conditioned.

The capability of the back rest 27 to be swung upon the pivot 28, as described, and the placing of the television set 43 in the inclined position shown, permits the user to view the screen of the television set While in a reclining position.

It is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the precise construction set forth, but that it includes within its i purview whatever changes fairly fa l within either the terms or the spirit of the appended claim.

'We claim:

1. A cubicle constructed for the temporary occupancy of travelers,=having rear, front, top and bottom walls, casters upon which the cubicle is mounted for ready shifting, a door in said front wall providing entrance to the cubicle, a louver in the rear wall, a louver adjacent the upper front corner of the cubicle, a fan positioned to draw air from the cubicle from the last-named louver, a reclining lounge having a back rest movable from a substantially upright to a substantially horizontal position, and a footrest for said reclining lounge, the lounge as a whole extending longitudinally of the cubicle from the rear toward the front wall, a reading lamp, a clocradio assembly, an overhead light and control switches for the fan and the overhead light, said switches and the clock and radio assembly all being located within reach of a person occupying the lounge, while such person is in a reclined position, a mirror and a support for an ashtray disposed adjacent the lounge, and a luggage receiv- 2,120,883 6/1938 Brace 98--33R ing receptacle disposed between the head end of the 3,118,187 1/1964 Alimanestiano 52-36 lounge and the rear Wall. 3,242,334 3/1966 Hansen 5236 2,752,641 7/1956 Robertson 52143 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 5 JOHN E. MURTAGH, Primary Examiner 1,857,189 5/1932 Gillespie 52234 CL 2,1 7 9/1938 R gg 98 3R 52 3 .,143,234; 3 33

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U.S. Classification52/28, 52/36.2, 52/234, 52/143, 454/251
International ClassificationE04H1/12
Cooperative ClassificationE04H1/12
European ClassificationE04H1/12