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Publication numberUS3554140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1971
Filing dateSep 24, 1968
Priority dateSep 24, 1968
Publication numberUS 3554140 A, US 3554140A, US-A-3554140, US3554140 A, US3554140A
InventorsHomesberger Joseph L
Original AssigneeHomesberger Joseph L
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Replaceable table top
US 3554140 A
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United States Patent Primary Examiner-Bobby R. Gay Assistant Examiner-Glenn O. Finch AttorneyChristel & Bean ABSTRACT: A replaceable table top for a work table comprising a base member and a panel adhesively bonded to the base member. The panel can be provided with one or more insens having surfaces flush with the planar surface of the panel and formed of abrasion resisting materials such as stainless steel, ceramics, etc. A pair of angle members extend along opposite sides of the replaceable table top, each having a leg engageable with the upper surface of'the base member and a leg secured to a primary table top by fastening means for detachably attaching the replaceable table top to the primary table top of a work table.

REPLACEABLE TABLE TOP BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relatesto work supports and, more particularly, to replaceable table tops detachably secured to work support. a

In factories, workshops and laboratories work tables having supporting surfaces areconventionally employed for support ing various forms of work. The abrasive characteristic of the work often nicks andscores the work surface and the upper edges of the support thereby presenting uneven work surfaces and chipped or deformed edges. The work surface of the table may be fonned of a'relatively soft material so that chips may become imbedded inthe surface thereof thereby abrading the work supported thereon. Obviously, if the work surface and/or the edges become excessively damaged, the entire work table must be replaced. Also, it is sometimes necessary to employ work surfaces of various configurations and compositions for specialized work.

SUMMARY or TI-IEINVENTION Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to provide a table top detachable affixed in bearing relationship to a primary top of a workbench or table. g

' It is another object of this invention to providea replaceable table top having a .flat, planar surface and reinforced table edge protectors. i

It is still another object of the present invention to provide a replaceable table top together with clamping means detachable securing said table top to theprimary top of a table.

It is afurther object of this invention to provide a replaceable table top having inserts therein formedof various materials and having different configurations. v

Generally speaking, the I present invention provides a replaceable table top for the primary top of a work table and comprises a base member having a panel member adhesively bonded thereto. The panel r'nembercan be provided with one .or more inserts formed of abrasion resisting materials for specialized work. Angle members each having right angularly re- The foregoing and other objects, advantages and characterizing features of the present invention will become clearly apparent from the ensuing detaileddescription of certain illustrative embodiments thereof, taken to'gether with the accompanying drawing wherein like reference numerals denote like parts throughout the various views.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIGURES FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a replaceable table top of the present invention shown in relation to a work DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to the drawing, and particularly to the illustrative embodiment of FIG. I, there is shown a worktable, generally designated I0, comprising a conventional top member 12, hereinafter referred to as the primary top having opposite lateral edges 14 and 16. Primary top 12 is supported by a plurality of legs 18 which are braced by a cross bar 20 and a plate member 22. The undersurface of primary-top I2 is securely fixed to the top ends of legs 14 by any suitable means known in the art. It is obvious that supporting structures other than that shown could be used In accordance with the present invention, a supplemental, replaceable table top, generally designated 30, is adapted to be superimposed on primary top 12, with the undersurface of replaceable table top 20 contiguous with and overlying the upper surface of primary top 12. Table top 20 comprises a base member 32 in the form of a hard board formed of wood or tempered masonite by way of example. A panel 34, preferably formed of a high pressure laminate such as formica is adhesively bonded onto the upper surface of base member 32. Panel 34 has opposite lateral edges 36 and 38 which terminate inwardly of the lateral edges of base member 32 defining shoulders and 42.

A significant feature of this invention is the provision of clamp means in the-form of a pair of elongated angle members 44adapted to be seated on shoulders 40 and 42 to detachably secure replaceable table top 30 onto primary top 12. Angle members 44alao form the lateral edges of replaceable table top 30 to provide reinforced, wear resistant rigid edges therefor. Each angle member 44 has a horizontal leg 46 and a vertical leg 48 depending therefrom. Horizontal leg 46 is adapted to be positioned on the exposed upper surface of base member 32 with the free end 50 thereof located in close proximity to the lateral edge of panel 34. Of course, end 50 can abut the lateral edge of panel 34, if desired. Although angle members 44 are preferably formed of a metal, such as stainless steel for example, it will be understood that other materials having similar durable, smooth finished and wear resistantcharacteristics may be used within the purview of this invention.

As shown in FIG. 2, the upper surface of horizontal leg 46 is flush with the planar surface of panel 34 to provide a smooth, substantially continuous surface. Vertical leg 48 is provided with a pluralityof elongated slotted holes 52 spaced longitudinally thereof through which suitable fastening means, such as self-tapping screws 54 for example, can extend to be anchored into the lateral edges of primary top 12. Of course, bolts can be employed in lieu of self-tapping screws 54, if desired, and can be secured to suitable anchoring means mounted on primary top 12. a

Panel 34 can be formed of various abrasion resisting material such as high pressure laminates, stainless steel, ceramics, tempered glass, substantially impervious dense wood and the like. As illustrated in dashed lines in FIG. 1, inserts 60 and 62 can be incorporated in panel 34, as desired, such inserts being formed of any suitable material, such as stainless steel, ceramics, tempered glass,'or high pressurelaminates. It should be understood that any necessary or desired number and combination of these inserts can be employed and that they can take any plan configuration desired within the purview of this invention. For example, panel 34 can be formed of a high pressure laminate such as formica having a single insert therein formed of stainless steel.

As a result of the present invention, a replaceable table top is provided which can be quickly assembled and installed and easily dismantled. To provide a new table top 30 for any reason, it is only necessary to remove screws 54, angle members 44 and replace the existing table top 30 with a new one formed of the desired materials and provided with selected inserts. Any existing threaded apertures or fixtures provided on primary top 12 can remain accessible by means of elongated slots 52 when it is necessary to shift replaceable table top 30 or angle members 44 longitudinally relative to primary top 12.

From the foregoing it is seen that the present invention fully accomplishes its intended objects and provides a novel replaceable table top which can be easily attached to and readily removed from a primary table top. The replaceable table top together with the clamping metal angles and selftapping screws can be provided in a compact kit form for convenient shipping and storage and can be interchangeably used in various factory or workshop facilities as required or desired. The angle members serve to clamp the replaceable table top onto a primary top of a worktable and also provide smooth, reinforced edges for the replaceable top. Inserts of various abrasion resisting materials can be selectively used in the upper panel for specialized work. Thus, low cost worktables or benches can be converted into tables having high quality work surfaced at reduced costs by merely attaching a replaceable table top of the present invention to an existing worktable.

An illustrated embodiment of this invention having been disclosed, it is to be understood that numerous modifications thereof can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of this invention as described in the appended claims.


l. A replaceable table top adapted to overlie a primary table top comprising: a base member having opposite sides; a panel member superimposed on said base member and secured thereto; said panel member having a planar surface and sides terminating inwardly of the sides of said base member along the entire length thereof; clamp means engageable with and extending along said opposite sides of said base member; said clamp means having surface portions flush with said planar surface of said panel member; and means detachably fastening said clamp means to said primary table top.

2. A replaceable table top according to claim 1 wherein said clamp means comprises angle members having right angularly related legs; one of said legs having opposed surfaces; one of said surfaces engaging said base member and the other surface being flush with said planar surface of said panel member.

3. A replaceable table top according to claim 2 wherein the other of said legs has openings for receiving fastening means therethrough.

4. A replaceable table top according to claim 3 wherein said openings are elongated. V

5. A replaceable table top according to claim 1 wherein said panel member is provided with at least one insert having a surface flush with said planar surface of said panel member.

6. A replaceable table top according to claim 5 wherein said insert is formed of an abrasive resistant material.

7. A replaceable table top according to claim 5 wherein said base member is composed of tempered masonite; said panel member is formed of a high pressure laminate and said insert is formed of stainless steel.

8. A replaceable table top according to claim 2 wherein said one of said legs of said clamp means extends along the entire length of said sides of said base member.

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