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Publication numberUS3554871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1971
Filing dateMay 16, 1969
Priority dateMay 16, 1969
Publication numberUS 3554871 A, US 3554871A, US-A-3554871, US3554871 A, US3554871A
InventorsAnthony H Lariccia
Original AssigneeAmerican Sterilizer Co
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Strip for staining bacteria
US 3554871 A
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tInited States Patent 3,ss4,871 STRIP FoR STAoIING BACTERIA Anfhony ff. Loffoofo, ffIfo, 1 o., oSSfgnof fo AIneffcon sferiHzef coInpaoy, Efio, 1,., o oofpofoffoo of 1 eno sylvoofa Coonooffon-fn-poff of appHcafion sof. No. S34,78o,

Maf. 1o, 19oo. Thfs appHooffon May 16, 19o9, Sef.

No. 8Z5,379

Inf. CL C1zk 1/Z0 U.S. CL 19s1Z7 1 cloim ABSTRACT oE THE DISCLoSURE A pfoceSS of Staining bactefia xed on a Sl ide and de vice fof Caffying oot the pTocess. The device iS made out of a non-absofbent Inatefia1 suppofting an abSorbont nlateTial which has been treated With stain and thon dried. To Stain the bactefia, eiffler a drop of solvent iS placed on the SHde of Solvent iS dfopped thToogh a hole of holeS in the non-absoTbent ITlateTial. The solvent TediSSolveS the stain 'vvhich is then carried down onto the bacteria. The Stain iS ke t on ffle bacteffa for as long aS is neceSSary to coInplete stoining. The stTuctuTe doeS not dTy out doring Staining becauSe of the pfeSence of the watef-onpef vious TnatefiaL CROSS-REFERENCE To RELATED APPLICATION This application iS a continuationinpaft of patent application, SeT. No. 34 786, filed Maf. 16, 1966, and now abandoned.

STATEMENT OF INVENTION This invention felateS to n1atefialS fof biologica1 1abofa tofy pfocouToS and, Inofe pafticolarly, to stripS fol Staining bacteTia in o1icfoScopic Wofk and the like.

one of the IneSSieSt pfocedufes in biologica1 1aboTa toTies iS the staining of bactefia on glaSS slides. This pfoce dufe uSuaHy fesults in stained handS, clothes, counteTS, and oofS Inffequent uSe of Stain bottles and Stock dye Solution leads to evaporation of solventS, such as wateT, and fesults in SottHng of the Stain. ThiS leadS to an impfopef staining Solution.

The pfesent invention pfovideS a papef Stfip contain ing the propef aII1oont of dTied stain foT use in slide Staining.

The device disdoSed hefoin pfovideS a meanS wheTeby Stain for Staining is appHed to a watef absofbent type of Inatefial and dried, leaving mateTial impregnated with stain and attached to one side of a nonWatef absorbent holding device. A hole of holes aTe foTIned in tho non absofbent holding device on the oppoSite side of the holding device to which the stained Inaterial iS attached. Thus, the abSoTbent InateTial is exposed and a dTop of Solvent Which may be vvater is a11OWed to paSs throngh the hole of holeS and thos applied to the suTface of the holding device. when the absofbent matefial with dffed Stain theTe in comeS in contact With the Solvent, the solvent Win be unifoTInly distfiboted thTo11ghout the InateTia1. The stain Win disSolve in Watef and llpon feaching the saturation P ce oint, a li Ilid containing the stain WiH be Teleasod to the SuTface of slide upon Which the stained nlaterial TeSting.

REFERENCE To PRIOR ART PfeVious typical Staining procedufes in common uSe are deScribed in the Manual of Micfobiological MethodS, McGfaW-Hin Book Co. Inc., New York, N.Y. (197).

0BIECTS oF THE INVENTION It is, accofdingly, an obiect of the invention to pfovide an impfoved device foT Staining bactefia.

Another obiect of the invention is to Tovide an im pfoved o1ethod of staining bacteTia on SHdes.

Yet anothef object of the invention iS to pfovide an ab Sofbent sheet of InateTial having dfied Stain impfegnated thefein SI1ppofted on a holding sheet of nonwateT abSofb ent InateriaL GENERAL DESCRIPTION oF DRAvvINGS FIG. 1 is a to vfew of the device accofding to the invention.

FIG. Z is an fSoIneffic view of the device shown in combination With the SHde. FIG. 3 is a bottom vievv of the device accofding to the 1nvention.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAvVINGS Now With mofe pafticular Teference to the dfawing, Stain device 10 iS shoWn Which may be made of a Inatefia1 in1pefviouS fo water of non-vvateT abSorbent and, fof example, approximately oneSixteenth inch thick. The holding nlatefial 10 is Inade of a Sheet of non-vvatef abSoTbent InateTial that haS a hole 11 therein. The Watef absorbent mateTial 1Z iS attached to the holding mateTial and the stained mateTial iS expoSed through the hole and indicated at 11. Stained nlatefial nlay be Suppofted on an absofbent paper. A handle 13 may be made integral with the holding nlaterial lo, and the nlateTial lZ may be, for exam le, of the ofdef of 0.2 inch thick. The device 1" iS Shown dis poSed on a Slide 15 With bactefia 1o on if. The SHde may be pfepared in a conventional vvay diSclosed in tho pubHca tion Tefeffed to in fhe Statement of prioT aft hefein.

In carfying out the invention, the strip Inay be nlade as foHows= Example 1 Placing a drop of stain containing the pTopef concen tfation of dye on a stTip of paper and evaporating the vvatef. A depoSit of dye iS left on the papeT. To USe, a dmp of Watef iS laced on a SHde containing the Hxed bactefia and the papef stTip containing the dye Spot iS placed face down on the dTop of Water. The dye diSSolves and StainS the bacteTia.

EXample II A Sfnall an1ount of gloe iS added to the end sorface of a papef st1ip. A Staining dye (powdered foTm) iS Spfinkled on the glued sufface. (Same procedure used for staining bacteTia on glaSS aS in EXample I).

Example III The stain powdef is mixed With a Water soluble vehicle, With the viScoSity of peffoleum ieny and capable of hard ening when air d1'ied. ThiS iS then appHed to a papeT Hke surface b S uee in foHowed b air dT i11 to harden, (same proceduTe uSed fo1 Staining bacteria on glaSS aS in Example I.)

The foTegoing methods wiH eHminate the meSSy problemS in providing stain Strips.

Exam les of stainS Which are in common Usa e are aS foHows: Meth lene Blue, CaTbofuchsin, Malachite Green, Meth l Red, Cr stal violet, Gentian Violet, AniHne Blue and SafTanine.

Exam les of common solvents are: vater, alcohoL acetone, Xylene, phenol and forn1aldehyde.

The embodimentS of the invention in which an exdu- Sive fo eTt or pTiVHe e is claimed is denned aS foHows:

1. A device foT stainin bacteria nxed on a Inicrosco e sHdo com risin a dr vvatef absoTbent stri havin a dried bacteTial stain im Te nated therein and a la er of water iInpeTViouS materia1 With a hole theTein attached to and coverin one Surface of said Stf Said im ervious Inateial having a lateTany extending poItion dening a handle.

Refetences Cifed UNITED STATES PATENTS OTHER REFERENCES ManUal of MicrobiologicaI Methods, McGfaW-Hin Book Co. In New York, p. 21 (19S7).

ALVIN E. TANENHoLT Primar Examiner U.S. CL X.R. 19103.5

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U.S. Classification118/264, 435/805
International ClassificationC12M1/16, G01N1/30, G01N1/31
Cooperative ClassificationY10S435/805, G01N1/312, G01N1/30
European ClassificationG01N1/30, G01N1/31B, C12M1/16
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Jan 31, 1991ASAssignment
Effective date: 19910130
Sep 1, 1987ASAssignment
Effective date: 19870827