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Publication numberUS3556140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1971
Filing dateOct 8, 1968
Priority dateOct 8, 1968
Publication numberUS 3556140 A, US 3556140A, US-A-3556140, US3556140 A, US3556140A
InventorsPolitz William E
Original AssigneeYoung Stephen A
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Faucet construction and means for preventing soil accumulation and incrustation thereon
US 3556140 A
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United States Patent Inventor William E. Politz Delphi, Ind.

Appl. No. 765,816

Filed Oct. 8, 1968 Patented Jan. 19, 1971 Assignee Stephen A. Young Monticello, Ind.

FAUCET CONSTRUCTION AND MEANS FOR PREVENTING SOIL ACCUMULATION AND \iiiiiiiii Primary Examiner-I-Ienry T. Klinksiek AttorneyRobb & Robb ABSTRACT: The disclosure of this invention involves the provision of several instrumentalities to prevent the accumulation of soil and incrustation around the control means and openings in shells or the like through which such means pass, in order to provide a cleaner appearance of the faucet in which the means are incorporated without substantially changing the construction thereof by the provision of a plastic member which, in effect, sheds soil and water carrying such soil away from and outwardly from the opening on to broader surfaces of the faucet which may thereby be easily wiped and maintained in clean, neat condition.



FAUCET CONSTRUCTION AND MEANS FOR PREVENTING SOIL ACCUMULATION AND INCRUSTATION THEREON A particular and primary object of the invention is to provide a faucet construction which is ofgenerally conventional form in most aspects, particularly in faucet construction used for deck applications, so-called, wherein the control means for manipulating the faucet to open and close the same and permit water flow therethrough, extend upwardly from a surface, which surface is usually chromium plated so as to provide a pleasing appearance, and prevent soil accumulation around or in the area of the control means. i

A particular object is to provide a construction as heretofore described, in whichthe faucet is provided with a shell for example, which is chromium plated and surrounds a part through which the water flows, the shell being maintained in position on that part by a bonnet,and a stem extending upwardly from the bonnet upon which the usual handle means is provided for operating the control means. lnterrnediate these parts described, and below the handle means is the soil preventing means of this invention, which comprises a plastic member positioned so as to shed the water away from the opening through which such means as the control means pass.

A specific object of the invention is to provide a means of preventing the accumulation of soil or the like which is in the form of a plastic member adapted to be seated upon the bonnet below the handle and of such form and shape as to cause water or other material dropped downwardly thereon to be diverted outwardly away from nooks and crannies and difficult-to-get-at surfaces whereby to prevent unsightly appearance adjacent said control means and make possible the cleaning and maintenance of the faucet in a pleasing, sanitary manner.

A very specific object of the invention is to provide instrumentalities of the nature hereinb'efore described which may be simply formed and emplaced upon and removed from a faucet at will, and in fact placed upon existing faucets so as to obviate the necessary to further direct energy to cleaning places which, by the instrumentalities provided, will be prevented from having soil accumulate therea t.

Other and further objects of the invention will be understood from a consideration of the specification appended hereto and disclosed in the drawing, wherein:

FIG. 1 is a vertical sectional view, disclosing a typical faucet with the instrumentalities hereof applied thereto;

FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the device or instrumentality for shedding the soil; and

F [6. 3 is a top view of the device or instrumentality as shown in FIG. 2.

Referring now to FIG. I, the faucet of this invention which is generally of conventional construction is denoted as to the body thereof at I, such body including an inner casting 2, which has a water inlet at 3 described as a shank having threads 4 thereon by which threads the faucet as a whole is maintained in position in a sink, lavatory or the like, the casting 2 having an upwardly outwardly extending discharge spout section 5, terminating at 6 in an outlet.

The body further includes a shell 7 of any preferred form and shape which surrounds the casting 2 and the spout portion thereof in such a manner as to minimize the finishing problems of such casting and as is well known provide a pleasing external appearance for the shell which in turn may be plated or otherwise finished so as toappeal to a purchaser and user and provide for cleanliness in relation thereto.

Extending upwardly from the body, is the control means including a bonnet 8 which is of a form providing for threading the same into the casting 2 in any preferred manner not specifically shown but well known in the art, which bonnet 8 is equipped with a packing gland nut 9 through which extends a stem 10, the stem 10 usually being provided with suitable serrations at 11 and the stem 10 in turn being adapted to be rotated so as to manipulate the parts within the casting 2 to open and shut a water passage in the well-known conventional manner.

The stem 10 and specifically the serrations ll thereon support a handle designated 12 having a mounting portion at 13, an offstanding lever section at 14 with a suitable screw 15 to maintain the handle in place upon the stem 10.

The handle is usually equipped with a skirt such as 16 extending downwardly and generally intended to at least partially conceal the bonnet 8, although it obviously cannot completely conceal the same and still be maintained in operable rotative position, since clearances are obviously necessary.

In any event, in the conventional faucet such as is herein described, when in use water and other soil whether the same be carried by the water or not usually splash over the top surfaceof the shell 7, and accumulate in the area generally denoted at A or adjacent the area around the bonnet 8 providing an unsightly appearance and being difficult to clean because of limited clearances provided intentionally yet ultimately resulting in a distinctly undesirable condition.

To the foregoing end, the concept hereof is to provide the instrumentalities for shedding the soil and preventing the accumulation thereof in the form of a plastic member generally designated 17, which member as indicated in the various FIGS, is generally conical in shape.Having a central section 78 of cylindrical form with flats such as 79 interiorly thereof, which flats are so formed and adapted to be positioned on the exterior of the packing gland nut 9 whereby to maintain the instrumentality -& in position 17 The upper surface 20 of the member shown is as indicated conically and outwardly downwardly directed, the member being preferably of clear plastic so that it is unobtrusive in appearance and yet effective in its operation.

As indicated in FIG. I, the instrumentalities which have been described as being soil shedding or soil accumulating preventing means, are positioned as indicated resting on the 7 upper surface of the bonnet 8 by the innerconfiguration of such instrumentalities and extending outwardly beyond the opening in the shell which is designated 7a so that when water or soil-bearing matter passes downwardly over the skirt 16 of the handle 12, it will in turn pass downwardly over the upper surface 20 of the plastic part 17, and away from the opening 7a whereby to prevent the accumulation therearound and at the same time make easily effective the wiping and cleaning around the handle which is desirably undertaken at regular intervals in normal use.

It is apparent that the instrumentality 17 may be provided in different forms, but preferably of the nature herein described and of plastic so that it is not affected by various types of water and soil and also so that the same is not obvious in place, but performs its function in a manner which would not normally be noticed.


1. In a faucet of the class described, a body, a shell surrounding said body, said shell having an opening therein, control means extending upwardly from the body through said opening, handle means for said control means, and soil shedding instrumentalities intermediate the handle and the body to divert soil outwardly away from the control means to prevent accumulation of soil therearound, said control means comprising a bonnet and a stem extending through the opening, the handle means being mounted on a stem above the bonnet, the instrumentalities are carried by the bonnet and slope outwardly and downwardly away from said bonnet whereby to shed soil away from the opening aforesaid, said instrumentalities comprising a plastic, flattened, conically,

, shaped member having a central opening therein to engage relatively large diameter to extend beyond the shell opening far enough to prevent soil and moisture from entering therein.

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