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Publication numberUS3556187 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1971
Filing dateSep 25, 1968
Priority dateSep 25, 1968
Publication numberUS 3556187 A, US 3556187A, US-A-3556187, US3556187 A, US3556187A
InventorsSpeakes Elizabeth J
Original AssigneeSpeakes Elizabeth J
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Ladies handbags
US 3556187 A
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United States Patent 50 Fieldorsemii...........................;...;1...........' 150728,

[72} Inventor Elizabeth J. Speakes 4901 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Va. 2231 l [2]] App]. No. 762,577

References Cited FOREIGN PATENTS 7/1964 CzechoslovakiaJ........... 1,131,228 10/1956 France..........................

ISO/28.1 150/28 [22] Filed Sept.25,1968 [45] Patented Jan. 19,1971

Primary Examiner-Donald F. Norton LADIES HANDBAGS lClaim, 2 Drawing Figs.

[51 lnt.Cl

ABSTRACT: A ladies handbag having a transparent covering and removabl 150/28 e decorative panels inserted between the cover- A45e 3/06 ing and sides of the handbag.

LADIES HANDBAGS The disclosed ladies handbag is convertible and complete with interchangeable panels which can be colored, covered etc., to the ladies desire.

OBJECTIVES AND ADvAN rAoEs The ladies handbag is for the fashion-conscious, budgetwise woman, who enjoys todays color-coordinated fashion.

The ladies handbag is, one of the most important accessories in a womans wardrobe, that she cancolor to match her shoes, or cover to match the dress that she has just created.

CONSTRUCTION 3 The basic handbag is constructed to' any size or shape, as the lady desires, or as the days fashion dictates.

FIG. 1, of the accompanying drawings, shows the basic bag constructed with a transparent plastic (or like material) covering, which extends l /iinches to 2 inches below the base of the bag, la, and is attached (sewed, glued, heat sealed, etc.) or permanently affixed to the sides and top of the bag, (front and back) leaving the bottom free for. easy insertion of a lightweight plastic (or like material) panel, lb, to be inserted at will.

FIG. 2 shows the side view of the hand bag with the panel, 2a partially inserted. 5 After insertion of the panel; snap, or fasten in any conventional manner, the extension, la, (front and back) of the transparent covering, to the bottom of the bag.

For the color coordinated look of the day, simply untasten the covering from the bottom of the bag, insert the panel, which has been colored, covered, etc., and fasten back in place.

I claim: 1. In combination with a handbag; having a base and front and back sides, a transparent covering attached to the side edges and top edge of each side of said bag and being free of attachment to the bottom edges of said sides, said covering having extensions extending below said base of said bag on each side, a removable, light weight decorative panel inserted between said covering and said bag on each side, thereof, and means for securing said extensions to said bottom of said bag.

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International ClassificationA45C13/08, A45C13/00
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European ClassificationA45C13/08