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Publication numberUS3556453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1971
Filing dateNov 12, 1968
Priority dateNov 12, 1968
Publication numberUS 3556453 A, US 3556453A, US-A-3556453, US3556453 A, US3556453A
InventorsHall Mitchell A
Original AssigneeMonarch Tool And Mfg Co
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Beverage cup holder for nautical use
US 3556453 A
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United States Patent 120,259 10 1 71 Gee Inventor Mitchell A. Hall Fort Thomas, Ky. Appl. No. 775,005 Filed Nov. 12, 1968 Patented Jan. 19, 1971 Assignee Monarch Tool and Manufacturing Company Covington, Ky. a corporation of Ohio BEVERAGE CUP HOLDER FOR NAUTICAL USE 3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl 248/311,

248/318 Int. Cl A471 1/08 Field of Search 248/ 300,

ReferencesCited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,217,334 2/1917 Nelson 2 18/ 137 7 2,075,080 3/1937 Baker 248/226.5 2,565,315 8/1951 Lieberman 248/318 3,045,962 7/1962 Paulus 211/81 3,341,163 9/1967 Honig 248/311 FOREIGN PATENTS 521,890 8/1953 Belgium 248/318 Primary Examiner-Marion Parsons, Jr. Attorney-J. Warren l(i nney, Jr.

ABSTRACT: The beverage cup holder for nautical use comprises a ring-shaped carrier for a tapered beverage cup, having universal movement laterally from a vertical line, whereby to minimize likelihood of spillage of the liquid contents of the cup in the presence of rocking or pitching movements such as may be experienced in watercraft. The carrier for the cup assures a constant leveling of liquid within the cup, and furnishes no interference with the normal use of the cup in drinking therefrom.

Pmamwumwn 315561,453


\MITCHE LL A. H ALL z fffiiw BEVERAGE CUP HOLDER FOR NAUTICAL USE This invention relates to a beverage cup holder for nautical use, and involves means for preventing spilling of liquid from a cup due to rocking or pitching movements of a boat. The cup holder is adapted to be suspended from different kinds of supporting structures usually found on boats or furnishings therefor, whereby a beverage cup embraced by the holder remains always in an upright position with its contents level, regardless of rocking movements of the boat in any direction.

An object of the invention therefore, is to provide means of a simple, inexpensive, though effective nature, for supporting a beverage cup or' the like in upright position with its fluid content level, to avoid spillage under conditions such as the rocking movements of a boat.

Another object of the invention is to provide means of the character stated, in the form of a cup holder constructed of inexpensive wire and strip material, which does not interfere with nonnal use of the cup in drinking therefrom.

A further object of the invention is to provide a beverage cup holder for nautical use, which permits a full universal compensatory movement of thecup to avoid spillage of its fluid content, under all conditions of boat rocking and pitching in every direction.

Still a further object of the invention is to provide a cup holder having the hereinabove described characteristics which will automatically rigify and reinforce inexpensive, disposable beverage cups fabricated from paper and/or various plastic materials.

Another object is to provide bracket means for support of the cup holder, which bracket means can readily be attached either temporarily or permanently to various structural elements of a boat, or to the boat furnishings or accessories.

The foregoing and other objects are attained by the means described herein and illustrated upon the accompanying drawing, in which: a

FIG. 1 is a side elevation view of the cup holder, shown embracing a beverage cup, and associated with a support bracket formed of wire.

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a beverage cup holder embodying the present invention.

FIG. 3 is a top plan view of the wire support bracket shown in FIG. 2. 4 I

FIG. 4 is a side plan view of a flat strip type of support bracket.

The cup holder comprises a carrier 6 which may be in the fonn of a substantially circular band or ring of proper size to accommodate and embrace a beverage cup 8 or the like, at a location close to the open top of the cup. At opposite ends of a diameter of the band or ring, there is pivoted a bail or hanger means 10 that may be swung freely between the upright position shown in full lines upon FIG. 1, to a displaced position at either side of the cup, for example as indicated by broken lines upon FIG. 1. The bail or hanger means when so displaced permits unobstructed use of the cup in drinking therefrom.

The carrier, band or ring 6 may be formed of any suitable material, such as stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metal in strip form bent to a substantially circular ring shape. It is possible, of course, to form the ring of other materials such as plastics, wood, reeds or the like. The ring may be perforated at opposite ends of a diameter, to pivotally receive the inwardly turned free ends 12 of bail 10. The ring 6, instead of being tapped and welded, or riveted, as at 14, may be formed as a oorlinuous or endless band without a joint, if desired, or the carrier may be part ring approximating in shape the contour of a horseshoe, for example. In any case, the carrier 6 embraces and supports cup 8 near its upper end, with the cup upright.

The bail 10 may be formed of wire by preference, and may comprise a pair of arcuate arms 16,18 each terminating in a free end 12 pivotally supporting the carrier 6. As before mentioned, the free endsl2 may be intumed for loose reception in holes provided in carrier 6 at opposite ends of a diameter of the latter. Arms 16 and 18 are to be so shaped and proportioned as to permit swinging of the bail between the full line and broken line positions of FIG. 2, when cup 8 is in place upon the carrier. 1

At a point midway between the free ends of the bail, there is formed an upwardly extended loop or socket 20, whereby the bail may be suspended from a bracket or support such as 22 or 24. The loop or socket 20 preferably though not necessarily, is open in the downward direction as shown, for easy application to and displacement from, a bracket such as 22 or 24.

The bracket or support member 22 (FIG. 4) may be simply a thin strip of metal, plastic, or other suitable material, having a hook 26 formed at one end to receive and retain the loop 20 of bail l0.'The opposite end 28 of the member, if desired, may be perforated as at 30, to receive mounting screws or equivalent fasteners whereby the bracket or support member may be fixed in substantially horizontal position upon any structural part of a boat or its furnishings. I

An alternative bracket or support member 24, formed preferably of stiff wire, has at one end a pendent hook 32 into which the bail loop 20 may be easily introduced for suspending the carrier with its cup 8. The mouth 34 of the hook may be limited in width, if desired, to minimize inadvertent disassociation of the bail loop from hook 32, and yet facilitate its deliberate disconnection. It is noteworthy that hook 32 includes a straight upright elongate portion 36 depending from I the body of support member 24, to serve as a track for guiding the loop 20 of the bail into the mouth 34 incident to hanging of the cup assembly upon bracket 24. The track portion 36 extends above and below the level of mouth 34, as shown.

Theend of member 24 opposite the hook 32, may be turned uponitself to form a bend 36 and a stabilizing arm 38, said arm being spaced from the body of member .24 to rest in a plane with the body member, which plane is substantially at right angles to the plane of hook 32. Said plane which includes the "arm 38 and the body of member 24, may include also a turned end 40 of arm 38, which end projects toward body member 24. The resultant structure constitutes a planar end of the body member which might be introduced into any horizontal space of crack, such as that usually existing between the top of a door and its frame header, or between a drawer and a horizontal rail on which the drawer slides in closing, said space serving to receive, and act as a mount for the bracket or support member. In or upon a boat or its furnishings, there are many convenient locations at which a support member such as 22 or 24 may be mounted, for suspending the cup holder in a mannersuch as to avoid spilling of the cup contents when the boat rocks or pitches.

If desired, the wire end 40 may be wrapped upon or other wise connected to the body of member 24, intermediate the hook 32 and bend 36.

As FIG. 1 clearly indicates, the carrier 6 with its bail 10 may quickly and easily be hooked onto bracket 24, at 20, 32, or removed therefrom with little effort. The loop at 20 is of ample width, to permit swinging of the carrier and its cup in ali lateral directions from the vertical, while suspended from the hook portion of bracket 24. The bail pivots at l2, 12 not only permit automatic leveling of the cup 8 during rocking of boat, but enable the bail to be readily displaced to one side'oii' the cup when the cup is used in drinking therefrom.

The cup 8 preferably is tapered as shown, and may be a commercial article formed usually of .paper or an insulating: material such as styrofoam or the like.


l. A beverage cup holder and support for suspending saiv; beverage cup for free universal movement to prevent spillage of the contents of said cup, comprising: v

a. a carrier for embracing and supporting a beverage cup at a location near the open top of the cup, the cup being suspended in the carrier;

b. a support member adapted to be mounted upon a struc tural unit of a boat or its furnishings, said support member comprising a stiff wire elongate body portion, one end or said elongate body portion bent at substantially ariglm angle to said elongate body portion to define a relatively shortstraigh t guide portion, a hook on the free end of said relatively short straight portion, the other end of said elongate body portion reversely bent to define a stabilizing arm spaced from the elongate body portion but lying in a plane with said elongate body portion substantially perpendicular to the plane of said hook, said elongate bodyportion and said stabilizing arm defining a planar supporttobe introduced into a horizontal space or crack to support the hook in a substantially vertical position;


c. a hanger means swingably connected to said carrier and including means thereon for cooperative association with said hook to support said cup.

' 2. A beverage cup holder and support as in claim 1, wherein saidcarrier comprises a ring-shaped band for engaging and holding'a cup near the open top of the cup, said carrier band axially tapered from one edge to the other edge to define a generally frustoconical configuration so that substantially the entire width of the band engages jlEhQ surface of a tapered cup placed in the carrier. v

3. A beverage cup holder and support as in claim 1, wherein said'hanger means comprises a wire bail having opposite ends and an intermediate portion, th ejop posite, ends of said bail pivoted on diametrically opposite portions of said carrier band for movement of the hail from an upright position above the carrier band to a downwardly inclined position at either side of the carrier, the height of the intermediate portion of the bail being gauged to pass the upper edge of a cup embraced by said carrier band when the bail is moved from the upright position to the downwardly inclined position aforesaid, and a loop in the apex of the intermediate portion of the bail for cooperative engagement with the hook on said support member.

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