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Publication numberUS3557856 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 26, 1971
Filing dateNov 26, 1968
Priority dateNov 26, 1968
Publication numberUS 3557856 A, US 3557856A, US-A-3557856, US3557856 A, US3557856A
InventorsBertha F Berman
Original AssigneeBertha F Berman
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Table cover
US 3557856 A
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United States. Patent i 721 inventor Bertha F. Berman 99-06 67th Road, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 [211 App]. No. 779,186 [22] Filed Nov. 26, 1968 [45] Patented Jan. 26, 1971 [54] TABLE COVER 2 Claims, 3 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl 150/52, 108/26 [51 Int. Cl A47b 97/00 [50] Field of Search..... 150/52; 108/25, 26, 90

[56] References Cited UNlTED STATES PATENTS 1,708,318 4/1929 Mellen 150/52UX 2,586,153 2/1952 Eisman 150/52 2,637,136 5/1953 Mark 2,772,886 12/1956 Parmele 1.

Primary ExaminerDonald F. Norton Attorney-Richards & Geier ABSTRACT: A table cover which is particularly suitable for card tables is provided with pockets located adjacent the corners of the cover and attached to the cover, so that the pockets extend downwardly when the cover is placed on the table. Each cover section of the cover has an angular portion carrying a snap fastener element which may be connected to one of several complementary shaped fastener elements, so that a single cover may be arranged to fit tables of different sizes. The pockets can be permanently sewn t0 the cover or removably connected to the cover.

PATENTED m2 61971 INVENTOR BERI'HA E BERMA/v 6LLJ-JJ4 vjuir ATTORNEYS TABLE COVER This invention relates to a table cover and refers more particularly to a cover suitable for card tables.

It is a matter of general experience that players seated at a card table are often inconvenienced by lack of space upon the table. A card table which is usually square so as to accommodate four players cannot be made too large since the players should not be located too far away from each other. On the other hand, many players have the unfortunate habit of cluttering the table, not only with the playing cards, but also with cigarettes, money, pocketbooks, toiletry articles and various other items, thereby making card playing inconvenient not only for other players but for themselves as well.

An object of the present invention is to eliminate these inconveniences through the provision of a table cover which can be kept free from cluttering articles.

Another object is the provision of a table cover of the described type which can be readily adapted for use upon card tables of different sizes.

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent in the course of the following specification.

In the accomplishment of the objectives of the present invention it was found desirable to provide a table cover having pockets suspended from the edges of the cover. Since card t ables are usually square and intended for use by four players, there are preferably four pockets located adjacent the four corners of the table cover. Obviously, the number and location of the pockets maybe varied. Each pocket is preferably rectangular in shape and has a back consisting of a fabric and a transparent front portion. Preferably, there are two superposed transparent front parts of different heights which are attached to the back along their side and bottom edges, thereby providing two enclosures of different sizes. The pockets may be permanently attached by sewing to the lower edges of the table cover. However, it is also possible to provide separate pockets carrying snappers or other connections by means of which the pockets can be readily attached to the lower edges of a card table at any location desired by the user and can be removed whenever their use is not required any more. According to another feature of the present invention, the table cover can be adjusted to tables of different sizes by providing uniform angular projections upon the four corners of the cover. A snap fastener element is located upon the inner surface of each angular projection. The outer surface of an adjacent edge of the cover has a row of uniformly spaced complementary snap fastener elements. Their location and arrangement are the same on all four corners. The user by connecting the snap fastener element upon each angular projection to any complementary snap fastener elements of the row can vary the effective length of the lower edges of the cover, thereby adapting it to tables of different sizes.

The invention will appear more clearly. from the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, showing by way of example only, a preferred embodiment of the inventive idea.

In the drawing:

FIG. I is a perspective view of a card table provided with a cover constituting the subject of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is an enlarged view illustrating a corner portion of a cover with one of pockets.

FIG. 3 illustrates a separate pocket.

FIG. 1 of the drawing shows a card table provided with a table cover 11. The cover 11 has a central portion 12 extending over the flat surface of the table and edge portions 13 extending around the edges of the table. The bottom edges of the cover are strengthened by being folded over and provided with a stitching 14.

Several pockets 15 are suspended from the edges of the cover. The illustrated embodiment refer to a square table the cover of which has four pockets located adjacent the four corners of the table. The perspective view of FIG. I shows three of the four pockets. It is apparent, however, that the number of the pockets and their location may be varied.

As best shown in FIG. 2, each pocket 15 is rectangular in shape and has a back portion 16 which is preferably made ofthe same material as the cover. The top of the portion 16 is attached to an edge of the cover by the stitching 14. The front of the pocket is preferably formed of two sheets I7 and 18 of different heights consisting of a transparent plastic material. The rear portion 16 has folded edges extending over the side and bottom edges of the sheets 17 and 18 and provided with a stitching which firmly attaches the sheets 17 and 18. The top edges of the sheets 17 and 18 are provided with narrow strips 20 and 21, respectively, which are stitched to the sheets and which have the purpose of making the two enclosures clearly visible to the user.

It is apparent that the pockets 15 are conveniently located close to each card player, so that the card players can place their various belongings into the pockets without clogging up the table surface. The transparency of the pockets will promote the general goodwill of the players.

The table cover II of the present invention is so constructed that it can conveniently fit over tables of different sizes. By way of example, the illustrated table cover can fit table sizes 30 X 30, 31 X l and 32 X 32. For that purpose, the table cover is provided with adjustable snap comers, one of which is illustrated in FIG. 2. Each corner of the cover has an angular portion 22 one side of which is a continuation of one of the edges of the cover. The other side of the angular portion 22 is separated by an angular recess 23 from the adjacent cover edge. A snap fastener element is located upon the rear surface (not shown in the drawing) and has a top portion 24 upon the front surface of the angular part 22. A row of complementary snap fastener elements 25 is located beyond the recess 23 close to the edge of the cover upon the front surface of the cover. The snap fastener elements 25 are uniformly spaced. The snap fastener element 24 can be snapped into any one of the snap fastener elements 25. The other three corners of the cover Ill have the same construction. Thus by snapping the fastener elements 24 into different snap fastener elements 25, the effective area of the edges of the cover 11 can be varied, thereby making it possible to adapt the cover 11 to tables of different sizes.

Obviously, the number of snap fastener elements 25 and their locations can be varied, depending upon the selected adjustment range of the cover.

In the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 the pockets 15 are permanently attached to the table cover 11. However, it is also possible to provide separate pockets 26 one of which is shown in FIG. 3. The pockets 26 can be attached to the table cover It to supplement the pockets 15, or they can be attached to any existing table cover which does not have any pockets. The construction of the pocket 26 is substantially similar to that of the pocket 15, namely, the pocket 26 has a rear portion 27 consisting of a fabric and two transparent front sheets 28 and 29 attached to the edges of the rear portion 27 and forming two enclosures. The sheets 28 and 29 carry top strips 30 and 31 respectively.

The pocket 26 is attached to the table cover by two pin-carrying snappers 32 which can pierce the edge of the cover and which can be held in place by pin holders (not shown) which engage the tips of the pins and fit upon the rear surface of the cover.

Obviously, other suitable means I may be provided to removably attach the pockets 26 to table covers.

I claim:

1. A table cover having edges adapted to enclose the edges of a table, and at least one pocket suspended from an edge of the cover, said pocket having a back consisting of a fabric and at least one front sheet consisting of a transparent material and having an open top edge and side and bottom edges attached to said back.

2. A table cover in accordance with claim 1, having a a plurality of corners, said pocket being suspended close to but spaced from one of said corners: said cover having at least one recess consisting of two edges extending at an acute angle to the other one of the last-mentioned edges; the first-mentioned snap fastener element being adapted to engage any one of said complementary snap fastener elements; said angular projec tion will extend along a vertical edge of the table and whereby the effective size of the table cover may be varied.

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