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Publication numberUS355911 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 11, 1887
Filing dateMay 19, 1886
Publication numberUS 355911 A, US 355911A, US-A-355911, US355911 A, US355911A
InventorsSamuel B. Bartow
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Tray attachment for bedsteads
US 355911 A
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Nrrn STATES TRAY ATTACHMENT Foay BEDsTEAosI SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 355.5511, datedJ'anuary ill, 18,87. T

Application filed may 19. leso.

sensi No. 202,636. No model.)

.To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL B. BARTOW, .T r., of Fitchburg, in the county of Worcester and State of' Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements'in Tray Attachments for Bedsteads, of which the folf i ard adapted tobe supported vertically at various heights and to rotate in Ysaid bracket, and a tray or shelf secured to the upper end of said standard, the4 tray being capable of swingingin Va horizontal plane, so as to project more or less over the bed and stand at `different distances from the head thereof.'

The invention also consists in the means em- ,ployedlto support'the tray or shelf, either horizontally or ,at any desired inclination,- all V of which -I'will now proceed to describe.

.Of the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specil'c'ation, Figure 1 .represents a side elevation of a porton'of a bedsteadhaving my improved attachment: Fig. 2 represents'a section on line :v x, Fig. 1, looking toward the left. Fig. 8 represents asection, the lower part ofwhich istaken on line y y, Fig. 1, and the upper part online z z, Fig. 2, the tray beingi'n a position at right angles to that shown in Figs. l and 2.

The same letters of reference indicate the 4o same parts in all the 'figures In the drawings, c represents one of theside' rails of a bedstead.

b represents a clamp or bracket, composed of two arms, 41 2, andy aconnecting-pieceLS, 45 -formedto bestride said rail and vbear on the upper edge thereof and provided-with a movable plate, 4, located between` said arms andbacked -by a screw, fwhich works in a socket in the arm 1', said screw being adapted to press 5o the plate 4 against the outer surface of the rail, and thus cause the plate and the arm 2 to rmly grasp the rail.r The bracket is provided with lateral arms 6 6,whicl1 bear uponthe up- Q per edge ofthe rail and prevent the bracket 55 from tipping.

If desired, the surfaces of the bracket and plate thatl come in. contact with the vrail a may be paddedto prevent disfigurement ofthe rail.

The bracketis provided with sockets 78, in which is inserted a vertical cylindrical standard, c. Said standard has a collar, d, adjust-'L ably secured to it by a set-screw, f, and this collar, bearing on the upper socket, 7,1dete1- mines the height of thestandard c, aswill be readily seen. The standard is capable of. ro-

tating in the sockets 7 8, so that' the tray, hereinafter described, supported by said standard may beturned or swung horizontally.

Ao represents" the tray, which is rigidly at-A 7o vtached in any suitable manner to an arm, h. Said arm is piv'oted at i to the upper end of the standard c. r j j represents a brace, which is `pivoted at one end to an earon the arrnrh and at the otherend to a split collar, I c, which is adjustable on the standard c, and is clamped upon the standard at any point to which it may be adjusted by a screw, Z. The tray -is thus adapted to` be supported horizontally, as shown in full lines, to support dishes, 8vo., ,or in an inclined position, as shown in dotted lines, for use "inc reading or writing. f f

It will be seen that the tray may be swung horizontally, so as to project either over the bed or away from it, Iand may be raised or lowered, as may be desired. f

The tray may be prevented from swinging horzontallyby clamping the socket 7, which is split, upon the'standardc by means a screw, f90

10, thus preventing the rotation of the stand? ard. I Q

I claim- .The combination of the s ocketed bracket adapted to 'clamp a bedstead-rail, thestandard' 9 5 c, supported thereby, the tray jointed to the j.. l

upper endof said standard, the collar k, verf,

tically adjustable on said standard and prof vided with means whereby it may be held at any point to which it may beadjustedand thearoo brace j, pivotally connected to the tray and collar, `as set forth.

B. 'BARTOW JR." [1.. s]-

In testimony whereof I have signed my name` 1 Y

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