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Publication numberUS3559995 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1971
Filing dateApr 29, 1968
Priority dateApr 29, 1968
Publication numberUS 3559995 A, US 3559995A, US-A-3559995, US3559995 A, US3559995A
InventorsSteadman Rufus F
Original AssigneePsychomantic Game Co
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Question answering gameboard and spinner
US 3559995 A
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United States Patent [72] lnventor Rufus F. Steadman Austin, Tex.

[21 Appl. No. 724,993

[22] Filed Apr. 29, 1968 [45] Patented Feb. 2, 1971 [73] Assignee Psychomantic Game Company Austin, Tex. a corporation of Texas [54] QUESTION ANSWERING GAMEBOARD AND SPINNER 5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figs.

[52] U.S.C1 273/141, 273/161 [51] Int.Cl A63f 5/04 [50] Field otSearch 273/141,

14l(A),161,130(A),131(A),134(A),l35(A), 136(3), 137(A); 46/236; 35/44, 35(6), 7(3) FOREIGN PATENTS 41,881 5/1887 Germany 273/161 958,975 5/1964 Great Britain 273/141 Primary ExaminerAnton O. Oechsle Assistant Examiner-- Arnold W. Kramer Attorney--Gustave Miller ABSTRACT: This invention is a question answering gameboard and spinner. The gameboard has a plurality of concentric circles of answers, including Zodiac connotations, positive and negative answers, alphabet, months, several sets of numbers, one set referring to a key chart of answers that also appears on the board, and areas on the edge of the board for receiving the hands of the player that he may concentrate on his questions, and thus influence the correct answers thereto, possibly by Extra Sensory Perception or otherwise. It is intended as a game for entertainment, but is capable of Ouija game usage, depending on the individual playing therewith.

At the center of the question answering playing area, a spinner receiving area is provided in the form of a magnet disc having a boss at its center, and a spinner having a pivot aperture at its center point provided with a minimum friction shaft having a base in which is mounted a magnet with spaced apart magnetic poles to be held on the disc by magnetic attraction, and be held against shifting by the boss extending between the spaced apart poles of the magnet.


PATENTEU FEB 21% 3.659.995

ATTORNEY QUESTION ANSWERING GAMEBOARD AND SPINNER OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION It is an object of this invention to provide a question answering gameboard and spinner of novel construction, wherein the spinner is detachably secured at the center of the gameboard by a magnetic pivot, which pivot is held firmly in position during play, but which is readily detachable for storage when the board is stored between usage.

A further object of this invention is to provide a question answering gameboard having mystical indicia thereon, which is capable of being used for entertainment and answering questions.

A further object of this invention is to provide a question answering gameboard having mystical indicia capable of being used for Extra Sensory Perception, (E.S.P.), Clairvoyance, and Insight. To those who have belief that they have such abilities, this game will provide an opportunity to exercise such abilities. To others, it will provide entertainment.

A further object of this invention is to provide a gameboard and spinner combination wherein the spinner is pivoted to the gameboard by a magnetic pivot, for ready attachment and detachment, and wherein the gameboard is provided with a magnetic disc at its center of rotation, with a pimple at the center of the disc cooperating with a dimple in the bottom of the magnet pivot, thus preventing slipping of the pivot on the disc in a horizontal direction.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF FIGURES With the above and related objects in view, this invention consists in the details of construction and combination of parts, as will be more fully understood from the following description, when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, in which:

FIG. 1 is an elevational view of the question answering gameboard.

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a spinner and magnetic pivot attachable to the center of the gameboard of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view on line 3-3 of FIG. 2.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF INVENTION There is shown at 10 the gameboard of this invention. As shown, the gameboard 10 is rectangular in shape, and for convenience in handling and storing, the board 10 may be hinged transversely of its long sides so as to be placed in a suitable sized box (not shown) in a conventional manner. Located at the center of the playing surface 12 is a circular disc 14 of magnetic metal, such as iron or steel, and at the center of this disc 14 is an upstanding pimple 16. This pimple 16 fits into a dimple 18 of a two pole magnet 20 secured within a cap 22 of suitable minimum friction plastic material. Upstanding from this cap 22 is a pivot stem 24 of the same material terminating in a slightly compressible flange 26 which is readily pushed through a pivoting aperture 28 of a spinner 30, thus readily securing the spinner 30 for rotating about the pivot 24 over the cap 22 and magnet 20.

The spinner 30 has a pointer 32 at one end, and is made of a nonmagnetic material, such as aluminum, magnesium, rigid plastic or other suitable material. The spinner 30 also has a curved indicating recess 34 and 36 on the two opposite long edges of the spinner equally distant from the pivot aperture 28 and cooperating with a circle of small encircled numbers 38 which are located within an intermediate annulus or circle No. 2. This set of numbers 38, which are not in numerical order, correspond with the same set of numbers 44 on the answers in the Key Card" 46 which appears on the gameboard. While the answers in the key card 46 may be whatever desired, a set of answers on the gameboard may be as follows:

1. Stars with you.

2. Get matters in order.

3. Say what you mean.

4. Keep eye on competitors.

5. Dont dramatize problems.

6. Follow your own intuition.

7. Keep smiling.

8. Beware of the number 13. Unlucky for you. 9. Prayer is your only salvation.

l0. Set dial on 7 and spin again.

1 1. Good time for writing letters.

12 Expect bad news by mail.

13. Take nothing for granted.

14. You are a creature of destiny.

15. Good sign, Good health in future.

16. Avoid undue haste, rumors, and gossip. 17. Pay no heed to guess work.

18. Make no important promises today.

. Faith and courage will be rewarded.

. Chance favors you.

. Postpone letter writing today.

. Be thoughtful and wise.

. Romance looks shaky.

. Be independent and original.

. Consult those near and dear.

. Go ahead with plans. All clear.

. Share interest, concentrate on self improvement. I-Iave patience and sympathy.

. Bad sign. Beware of false friend.

. Look into your health soon.

. Set dial on number 1 and spin again.

. Aid and comfort the deserving.

. Check closely with caution.

. Remember, patience rewards.

. Don t take recent good luck for granted. New romance in store soon.

. A time for restraint.

. Take care not to lose your temper.

. Unexpected jolt may occur.

. Invest now, but moderately.

. Make no statements in anger.

. Attend to duties yourself.

. Set dial on 8 and spin again.

. Others see you as a shining star.

. Be careful.

. Stalwart efforts, stars favored.

. No hasty decision today, investigate thoroughly.

48. Reevaluate your values.

The trademarked name (not shown) of the game, and the following discussion of the game appears across the head of the gameboard:

This question answering game is a device to aid you in your daily life thru the use of Astrology and Numerology. The question answering game can provide you with advice and give you confidence and a feeling of well being by the answers it may offer concerning all questions.

There is much unexplained concerning Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.), Clairvoyance and Insight. Whether these forces are gifts from beyond, from within us, or from the individuals own sensitive nature, we can make no claims. However, we like to believe it may be a combination of all of these, for the purpose of human guidance thru these influences.

At any rate, your questions answering game will be of great interest to you and your family. Because of its unusual nature and method, we make no claim beyond this; but your feelings and personal belief in Astrology and Numerology plus the forces that work around us when combined with your question answering game may offer some solutions and answers in your daily life."

Then, below the above discussion, and to the right of the key card 46 there is printed the instructions 50 for playing the game, as follows:

Before consulting this question answering game, place the magnet over the metallic center of the gameboard and slip the arrow over the pin in the center of the magnet.

Always start your spinner from the month of your birth in circle three (3). Place both hands as indicated on the board and concentrate on the question while the arrow is turning. Always concentrate as strongly as possible while the arrow is spinning.

NOTE: Ask each question only once daily.

This question answering game has three (3) rings or circles and an outer rim containing the alphabet. In operating within circle number one l wishing an answer as to the month when an important event may occur, merely set the spinner on your Zodiacal sign and spin in the designated direction.

Circle number two (2) includes twelve (12) yes or no circles giving direct answers to any question. On either side of each of these circles are smaller numbered dots giving you a related answer to your question should the spinner miss-the larger circles. The smaller numbered dots refer to the numbers on your key card. You can use the an swers off both ends of the spinner, since quite often both ends of the spinner rest on a number.

In circle number three (3) you ask questions of such as ages,

game scores, and dates of important events; lucky numbers for the day, week or month or any combinations your imagination evokes. If your answer requires more than one number (as game scores) spin it again. You can use numbers from both ends of spinner; they can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. In that manner, you can check all possibilities for a more accurate answer.

Number four (4) is the outside alphabet surrounding circle number three. Your concentration will bring letters together to spell out words, places and names. After continued use, your question answering game combined with your own extra sensory perceptions, your subconscious and personal vibrations, will offer you many possibilities.

There is much to be learned about the forces that work within and around us. This question answering game may help you become more familiar with them and aid you in many ways. At any rate, the question answering game will give hours of relaxation and entertainment while alone, with your loved ones, or with a group of friends.

OPERATION OF INVENTION In operation, the player follows the instructions on the board, after first placing the spinner 30 with its magnetically anchored pivot on the pimple 16 of the magnetic disc 14. He then formulates the question in his mind, rotates the spinner and places his hands on the board as indicated at 52 and 54, concentrates and awaits the answer. As a game, this is very entertaining. How serious the player may accept the answers depends on him.

ABSTRACT OF DRAWING In the drawing, like numbers refer to like parts, and for the purposes of explication, marshalled below are the numbered parts of the improved Question Answering Gameboard and Spinner:

1 Circle No. l

2 Circle No. 2

3 Circle No. 3

4 Circle No. 4

gameboard 12 question answering playing surface 14 magnetic disc at center of 12 16 upstanding pimple in 14 18 dimple in 20 20 two pole magnet with dimple 18 between poles 22 plastic cap on 20 24 pivot stern on 22 26 compressible flange on 24 28 pivot aperture of 30 30 nonmagnetic spinner 32 pointer at one end of 30 34 curved indicator recess on one long edge of 30 36 curved indicator recess on other long edge of 30 38 circle of enclosednumbers in 2 44 uestion numerals on Key Card 46 46 Rey Card 48 discussion of game on gameboard 10 50 Instruction for game on gameboard 10 52. place on 10 for left hand 54 place on 10 for right hand Although this invention has been described in considerable detail, such description is intended as being illustrative rather than limiting, since the invention may be variously embodied, and the scope of the invention is to be determined as claimed.

1 claim:

1. A question answering gameboard and spinner device comprising a gameboard, said question answering gameboard having a plurality of concentric circles of answer data, said answer data includinga circle of alphabet letters, a circle of Zodiac indications, a circle of alternate positive and negative answers, and a circle of numbers, hand receiving areas designated on the board along one edge thereof adjacent opposite sides of the board, a spinner receiving area at the common center of said circles, a spinner pivotally mounted on said spinner receiving area, said spinner receiving area comprising a disc of magnetic metal, said spinner comprising an elongated pointer, said pointer having a pivot aperture at approximately its midpoint, a pivot member comprising a minimumfriction shaft extendable through said spinner aperture, said shaft having an enlarged base, a magnet mounted in said shaft base for removably pivotally mounting said spinner on said spinner receiving magnetic disc of said board, said magnet having a pair of horizontally spaced apart magnetic poles thereon defining a recess in the lower surface of said magnet, and a boss on said magnetic disc extendingbetweensaid magnetic poles when said spinner shaft is mounted thereover preventing accidental horizontal movement of said spinner shaft pivot magnet over said magnet disc on said gameboard.

2. The device of claim 1, a numbered key chart for said board having a plurality of answers, and a circle of numbers concentric with said other circles corresponding to said numbered answers, said latter circle of numbers being substantially more numerous than said first mentioned circle of numbers, said spinner having a number indicating recess located on opposite sides of said spinner aperture, said number indicating recesses having the same radius as said latter mentioned more numerous circle of numbers.

3. The device of claim 2, said circle of Zodiac indications also containing the names of the months appropriate thereto, and also including a trio of numbers adjacent each Zodiac indication.

4. The device of claim 3, said positive and negative answer circle including direction arrows directing the rotation of said spinner in one direction, said Zodiac indication circle including arrows directing the rotation of said spinner in the opposite direction.

5. A gameboard and spinner device, said gameboard having a plurality of game indicia thereon, a spinner for said gameboard, said gameboard having a spinner receiving area thereon comprising a disc of magnetic metal, said spinner comprising an elongated pointer, said pointer having a pivot aperture at approximately its midpoint, a pivot member com--

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