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Publication numberUS3561670 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1971
Filing dateFeb 25, 1969
Priority dateApr 30, 1968
Publication numberUS 3561670 A, US 3561670A, US-A-3561670, US3561670 A, US3561670A
InventorsMarcus Segal
Original AssigneeMarcus Segal
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Ashtrays and like smoker{3 s receptacles
US 3561670 A
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United States Patent inventor Marcus Segal Kirkella, near Hull, England (14 Allenhall Way, Kirkella, Hull, East Yorkshire) Appl. No. 802,052 Filed Feb. 25, 1969 Patented Feb. 9, 1971 Priority Apr. 30, 1968 Great Britain 20338/68 ASHTRAYS AND LIKE SMOKER'S RECEPTACLES 1 Claim, 2 Drawing Figs.

U.S. Cl 229/53,

229/55, 229/3.5 Int. Cl 865d 31/04 Field of Search 229/55, 53,

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 488,005 12/1892 Griffith 229/68UX 2,894,675 7/1959 Stein 229/53 2,925,675 2/1960 Lumpkin 206/Ad. 3,122,306 2/1964 Davey 229/53 3,133,690 5/1964 Lui 229/53 Primary ExaminerDavid Mv Bockenek Att0rneyPolachek & Saulsbury ABSTRACT: A throwaway receptacle for cigarette ends, tobacco ash and suchlike comprising a pouch made with at least a lining of noncombustible material and formed with an extension on the back of which is a band of adhesive normally covered with a strip of readily removable material which is removed to adhere the pouch to a support in opened out condition with its mouth uppermost.

' PATENTEUFEB 9|97I 3.661670 Mara/5 Sega/ f/mfafar TTDRNEYE l ASIITRAYS AND LIKE SMOKERS RECEPTACLES BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In halls and other places used for gatherings of people it is difficult to provide adequate numbers of ashtrays, particularly when loose chairs are provided. When there are no tables, the ashtrays or saucers for the reception of cigarette ends and tobacco ash are placed on the floor so that they may be upset and are frequently not used, as many people merely drop ash and cigarette ends on the floor rather than reach for or seek a receptacle if one is not clearly visible and conveniently to hand.

This can be very damaging to carpets and at best requires sweeping out of the hall and like room after use to remove the dirt and cigarette ends. Even the ashtrays which are provided must be emptied and then cleaned ready for further use.

In the belief that smokers will use an ashtray if it is conveniently placed, the object of the invention is to provide a receptacle for cigarette ends, tobacco ash and such like which is inexpensive so that it will not be costly to Provide in adequate numbers; which is normally flat for convenient storage and transport; which is readily mounted on chairs, counters, walls or other support means; and which is'disposable so that it can quickly and easily be collected and thrown away without loss of its contents.

This invention relates to ashtrays and like receptacles of compact form which may be made cheaply and can be readily opened out for convenient use and attached to a support and which is such that they may carry advertising matter visible when in use and are readily disposable when filled or no longer required.

The throwaway receptacle according to the present invention comprises a pouch made of or with a lining of metallic foil or heat resistant plastics material, which may normally be flat and be opened out to be ready for use, provided with a band of adhesive, so that the receptacle may be readily positioned by adherence to a chair, counter, column or other surface, and such band is normally covered by a strip of readily detachable material, which is removed prior to use.

The receptacle may comprise a simple pouch of rectangular shape and comprise front and rear panels with end walls which are folded so that the receptacle may normally be flat but is readily openable out from its original flat state.

The exposed surfaces of the receptacle and at least the outer front surface thereof when positioned for use, may conveniently carry advertising matter so that, in addition to its utility, its inexpensive construction and easy disposability, the receptacle constitutes a useful advertising medium.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the receptacle shown opened out for use, and

FIG. 2 is a rear view of the receptacle showing the band of adhesive and its protective strip.

DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENT OF THE INVENTION As shown in .the drawings, the receptacle comprises a rectangular front panel I and a cooperating rear panel 2 with tapering width end walls 3 and 4 as fold gussets. The rear portion 2 is formed with an extension 5 of diminishing width, substantially as shown, on the back of which near its extremity is a band 6 of adhesive which is normally covered by a protective strip 7 of readily detachable material.

In use the receptacle is opened out from its normal collapsed flat state to the condition shown in FIG. I. The strip 7 is removed and then the receptacle is positioned for use by pressing the adhesive band into a support surface. When full or no longer required the receptacle is pulled off and its flap folded down or the whole rolled or crushed to retain tobacco ash, cigarette ends and such like placed in the receptacle preparatory to it being thrown away without spillage of its contents.

Preferably the receptacle is made of two'ply sheet material in turn integral with portions which are overlapped and joined to form the back panel 2 and its extension 5. A flap 8 may be formed at the bottom of the front panel I and affixed to the rear panel (see FIG. 2) to join the bottom edge of the front panel to the bottom edge of the rear panel. At least one of the outer surfaces of the receptacle, such as the front panel when in use, may carry advertising matter.


l. A throwaway receptacle made from a blank of two-ply sheet material of which one ply is metal foil, noncombustible plastic sheet or the like the other ply is paper and formed, with the first mentioned said one ply on the inside and said other ply on the outside of the receptacle to carry advertising matter, as an open mouth pouch comprising a front panel having a top edge, bottom edge and two end edges, a rear panel having a bottom edge and two end edges matching said front panel and an extension portion extending beyond said top edge of said front panel, flap means joining said bottom edges of said panels, foldable gusset means having tapering width end edges integrally and foldly joining said end edges of said front and rear panels and said real panel and extension being formed of overlapping vertically-extending edge parts, a band of adhesive extending horizontally across the overlapping edge parts of said extension portion of said rear panel and at the top edge thereof, and a strip of readily removable material normally covering said band of adhesive and serving to adhere said receptacle to a support.

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