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Publication numberUS3567063 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1971
Filing dateFeb 19, 1969
Priority dateFeb 19, 1969
Publication numberUS 3567063 A, US 3567063A, US-A-3567063, US3567063 A, US3567063A
InventorsKovach Emil
Original AssigneeKovach Emil
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Split top container
US 3567063 A
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United States Patent Inventor Emil Kovach 3757 Primavera, Los Angeles, Calif. 90065 Appl. No. 800,519

Filed Feb. 19, 1969 Patented Mar. 2, 1971 SPLIT TOPCONTAINER 1 Claim, 2 Drawing Figs.

U.S. Cl. 220/29, 220/31, 220/32, 220/94 Int. Cl B6511 51/18 Field of Search 206/29, 17,

45.23, 45.21, 45.13, 45; 220/29, 34, 32, 31, 94; 217/8, 9; ISO/52.8; 190/16; 229/44; 224/4514, 46, 52

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,329,655 2/1920 OHumy 206/72 1,519,539 12/1924 Grey 229/44 2,405,955 8/1946 Hunt 217/9-X 3,065,308 11/1962 Suyeoka 220/31-X 3,081,807 3/1963 Lightburn.... 150/52 3,362,611 1/1968 Brooks 229/44-X Primary Examiner-Raphae1 H. Schwartz Attorney-Pastoriza & Kelly ABSTRACT: A container for carrying tape cartridges includes an open top box and a pair of hoods pivotally connected near the bases of opposing box ends. By slight finger pressure the hoods can be easily moved between swung-up positions where they cover the box top and swung-down positions where they uncover the box top and may serve as auxiliary receptacles.


ATTORNEYS SPLIT Tor CONTAINER t The present invention relates to containers and more specifically to a container whose top may be quickly uncovered by. splitting apart andpivotingdownwardly a pair of coversectionsorhoods.

BACKGROUND OF THE iNvEuTioN It has become very. popular to install soundmeproducing equipment such as stereophonic tape decks'inm otor vehicles for the entertainment of the driver. Often it is annoying, and even hazardous for the driver to reach into and withdraw different tape cartridges from the cartridge container while he is driving. f T 3 Conventional tape cartridgecontainerswiisually have flapsthat are difficultand time consuming to disconnect and then BRIEF SUMMARYOF THE INVENTION Briefly stated, the'present invention comprehends an inexpensively constructed container capable of being quickly and effortlessly Penedand closed. f"

The container includes an' open top receptacle such as rectangular box with a pair of opposing end sections. A pair of U-shaped hoods is pivotally connected to c o'rresponding box end sections. Each hood may be independently pivoted between a swung-up position where it coversa" box top portion and a. swung-down position where the top portion is uncovered. The hoods are preferably connected adjacent the bases of the box end sections so that when pivoted to their swung-down positions they may operate as auxiliary. receptacles for tape cartridges for example. a '1; i i

The hoods are preferably removably connected to the opposing box end sections by snap couplings. Recessed zones are formed on the box top margins to facilitate; gaining access to the box interior. Since the container can beswiftly opened and closed either partially or entirely, a person need not look at the container while depositing objects into or removing them from the container. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS 1 The numerous benefits and unique aspects of the present invention will. be fully understood when thefollowing detailed description which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view, showing the split top container of the present invention with the hoods positioned to close the container top; and 1 T F IG. 2 is a perspective view, showing the hoods swung to their positions for opening the container topl :1

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT 7 r Referring now to FIG. 1, a split top container 10 is constructed from an open top rectangular box l l having a closed bottom 12 and a pair of opposing end sections and 14. The top of container 10 is constituted by a'pair ofU-shaped hoods 15 and 16. Hood 15 has a pair of spaced sidepanels. l7 and 18 joined by cross panel 19. Similarly, hood l 6 ing :l udes a pair of spaced side panels 20 and 21 joined by a 'crosspanel 22. Hoods l5 and 16 are symmetrically shapedand are pivotally connected to box end sections 13 and 14 byconventional snap couplings 23 and 24 respectively. A carrying strap 25 is secured to box 11 so container 10 can be'easily lifted and moved to different locations by a person.

is studied in conjunction. with the drawings, in

Box 11 isdivided by. a partitio o plural compartments. A

27' and 2 8. Opposinglen'gthwise; top marginsof box 11 are formed with recessed zones29= and 30that permit'aperson to easily slip his hand into thebox 11 in. order to remove stereo.

tapecartridges-or cassettes 33;

Edge-portions 31 and 32.0f hoods 15and arerounded so.

that when one, hoodkis swungdownwardly from abutting alignment with the other hood it will have adequate clearance and thereby be freely pivoted without striking or beingrestrained by the other hood.

The box 11 and hoods. l5and. 16 may be fabricated from leather, imitation leather, plastic such as vinyl, plastic impregnated with paper, cardboard covered selectively with fabric or any. other suitable material. While container 10 is ideal for storing and carrying tape cartridges it may also be employed for containing medical equipment and supplies or various other objects.

OPERATION Keeping the, above, construction in mind, it can be understood how previously described-disadvantages of conventional carrying containers are overcome or substantially eliminatedby the present invention.

In orderto enjoy. the advantages of the present invention, a driver with a tape deck installedinhis car for example initially selects tape cartridges 33 from his collection and loads them into container 10. The hoods 15 and'16 are then swung upwardly to close the top of box 11. and carrying strap 25 is moved from its orientationin F lG. 2 to that of FIG'. I.

The container 10 is positioned on the vehicle seat or vehicle floor either beneath the driver or straddled over the longitudinally extending vehicle hump.- When positioned over the hump, the hoods l5 and lomay be pivoted to their swungdown positionsto help stabilize container 10.

When the driver wishesto insert a. different tape cartridge 33, he may, without diverting his eyes from the normal field of vision, easily swing one or both of the hoods downwardly by exerting slight finger pressure'on the cross panels 19 or 22. Thus, gaining access to a replacement cartridge is swift and effortless and can be accomplished without lookingdirectly at container 10'. The driver has 'theoption, to deposit previously played tape cartridges 33 into. auxiliary receptacles defined by the hoods 15, and 16in their swung-down positions.

From the foregoing it willbe evident thatthe present invention has provided a split top container in. which all of the various advantages are fully realized.


I. A split top container comprising:

a. an open top rectangular box having a pair of opposing end sections with base portions, and, a box top margin;

b. recessed zones formed in thebox top margin to facilitate gaining access to the box interior;

c. a partition in the box to divide: it into plural compartments;

d. a carrying strap attached by its opposite ends to the box end sections; 7 e. a pair of U-shaped hoods pivotally and removably connected to the base portions of the box end sections by snap couplings so that the hoods may be pivoted from.

abutting swung-up positions where the box top portion is entirely covered to swung-down positions where the hoods may serve as auxiliary receptacles, and, when it when the hoods are aligned in its swung-down position without striking or being restrained by the other hood.

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