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Publication numberUS356784 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1887
Publication numberUS 356784 A, US 356784A, US-A-356784, US356784 A, US356784A
InventorsA. Pbitchakd
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US 356784 A
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{N9 Model.)


No. 356 784 Patented. Feb. 1, 1887.

, and Bags; and


JosnPH'A. rnrronano, or FENELON sensor-Tame, CANADA.


srncimca'rron forming part of Letters Patent No. 356,784, deed February'l, 1857.

Application filed September 3, 1885. Serial No. 212,657.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Jossrn A. PRITCHARD, of FenelouFalls, in the county of Victoria, in the Province of O'ntaridin the Dominion of Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cabinets .l'or Paper Sheets I do hereby declare. that the following is'a full, clear, and exact description of the same, relerende being had .to the annexed drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of my Gabi, net. Fig. 2 is a perspective iew ofone of the drawers removed and enlarged.

My invention has forits object to compactly stow sheets of wrapping or other paper, paper bags, and other similar goods,- for use in stores, whereby only one sheet or bag can be removed at a time, and the remainder will be undie tnrbed. The cabinet is adapted to be placed underneath the counter or other, suitable locality. j

My invention consists of a cabinet or case containing aseries of removable storagedrawers open at the front, each drawer provided with a roller journaled in a yoke bearing ona rail at the front of the drawer, apawl attached to the yoke and engaging with theratehet wheel on. the roller, and a spring to return the yoke and roller after being pulled, whereby the roller bearing on the paperv sheets or bags will be locked to' drag and friotionally withdraw the top sheet when the yoke is pulled, and roll back to its former position after the sheet, bag, 8:42., has been removed.

A is the shell of the cabinet, which is snitahly grooved to receive a series of sliding shelves or drawers, B, open at the front, and confined therein by hooks G, or other suitable means. On these shelves or drawers are piled the paper sheets or paper bags 1?, and each shelf may be provided with a series of slots,

D, at the rear, to insert and hold thebent heel of a hook, E, having a point to pierce the sheets or bags near the rear edge. The hook is adjusted in the proper slot, so that the opposite end of the hooked sheets or bags shall be approximately flushwith the front of the drawer. a

F is a horizontal rail secured at its ends 40' the shelf, and said rail has a U-shaped bend,

{No model.)

F, and provided with a spring, G, having a corresponding U shaped bend, G, for the purposes hereinafter described,

H is a roller or wheeled axle ,iournaled ina yoke, 1, terminating in a handle, J, which bears in the bend F of rail F, to glide the hair 1 dle, endwise when being pulled, and the bend the handle, which is ofspring G falls upon provided with a stop, K, to ofi'efresistapee to the spring when the handle is pulled.

L is a pawl on yoke l, to engage'with a ratchet-wheeh'lt, on the roller orwhl-neled'axle H,-whereby the ratchet and pawl will look the roller and cause it to drag to draw frietionally the top sheet or bag out from the shelf or drawer to a sufticient distance to enable it to be, eonveniiitly seized by the fingers; but after handle J has been let go, on seizing the paper,

spring G will return the yoke to its former position, the rollerHthen rotating. Thus the roller alternately drags and rotates at each reciprocation to remove successively the sheets ofpaper, bags, foe.

The roller is preferably provided with rubleer tires Q, to increase its friction on the top sheet or paper, whereby the top sheet will slide on the sheet below, and also prevent the roller slipping on the sheet next to be drawn when the rollcr-frame'is receded by spring G.

The cabinet may contain any number of drawers, and the drawers may be subdivided, asseen in the lower one, Fig. 1, to hold difi'ere'nt sizes of bags or sheets of paper.

I claim as my invention- 7 1. The combination, in a cabinet having one or more shelves or drawers open at the front, of a wheeled frame or roller having a pull-handie accessible from the. open front, and provided wit-ha pawl to engage a ratchet on the axle to preventthe wheels rotating when pulled forward and a spring to automatically 5 ers having a hook, E, adjustable in slots, to I ward on the shelf, and a spring, G, to auto pawl to cause the wheels to frictionally pull matically roll back the frame after being the top sheet of paper or bag from the hook, 1o pulled, substantially as set forth. and a spring to roll back said wheeled frame 3. In a cabinet, a series of shelves or drawto its normal position, asset forth. I

JOSEPH A. PRITCHARD.= hold a pile of paper sheets or bags collectively, lVitnesses: in combination with a. wheeled frame having I -J()HNSTON I. BRANDON, a. pull-handle and provided with a ratchet and O. H. CUNNINGHAM.

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